Rome – The Fall and Consequences

dark-agesThe Romans had brought much advancement, the concept of the family, active citizen participation, the importance of education, honor in business dealing, and organizational structure of institutions and in building infrastructure, to the ancient world. The Spirit world wished to save these gifts; therefore they attempted to rectify the errors of Rome with the coming of Christ, during Augustus’s reign. The advent of Christ and his followers could not right the ship, Emmanuel comments about the fall of Rome;
“The weakness and impenitence of human beings did not allow them to understand that Christianity had been called to the role of governance solely to educate the sentiments of those who governed, preparing them to take enlightenment and fraternity to the other people’s of the earth, who, at the time were regarded as barbarians by the culture of the Empire” (On the Way to the Light, 2011, p. 138).

The Reason for the Dark Ages

On the Way to the Light

On the Way to the Light

“ The spiritual authorities, under Christ’s aegis, renewed the educational processes of the European world – at the time just starting today’s civilization – by calling all human beings to life in the field so that, by tilling the soil and being in contact with nature, they could learn more effectively” (On the Way to the Light, 2011, p. 149).

As with people who sin, the payment comes due at some future time. The Dark Ages was payback for the cruelty of the Roman Empire.

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