Alien Communications – Majestic 12 – Interesting Concepts which Parallel Spiritism

I listened to a YouTube video by “Majic Eyes Only” ( who was reviewing messages from Majestic-12. Media reports that Majestic-12 is an organization that was formed by President Truman to investigate and recover technology from alien spacecraft, but that any information about being created by the U.S. Government is false.

Therefore, make what you wish of the Majestic-12 organization. I found what they were presenting to be extremely interesting. They were revealing some major aspects of what Spiritism brought us in the 1850s.

They may be channeling from aliens; in which case their knowledge of the Divine Laws is easily explainable. Any advanced civilization will know of the spirit realm and their relationship to the physical realm. This does not signify that they are all benevolent and compassionate. Some may know, but do not follow the path to the light.

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