We are Inspired by Spirits

inspirationThe spirit Zabdiel in his messages to the Rev. G Vale Owen, reveals to us that we are inspired by spirits. And inspiration is given to our hearts, to fortify our strength, to increase our wisdom, and our will to carry out our trials on earth. Other Spiritist authors have documented the same, that we are assisted by the loving presence of good spirits.

Allan Kardec, the Codifier of Spiritism, presented to the world the communications from the Spirit of Truth and other high spirits that we are immortal souls who live life after life to better ourselves; and to one day become pure spirits. Our path to ascension is to fortify our hearts with love, charity, and fraternity for all humankind. And to rid ourselves of the baser emotions of hate, envy, pride, and selfishness.

According to Allan Kardec’s book, The Book on Mediums, written in the 1850s, we are all “Inspirational Mediums”.[i] All of us are influenced by the good and bad spirits around us. Allan Kardec explains:

“Inspiration comes to us all, from Spirits who influence, for good or evil, in every circumstance of our lives, and in every resolution we make, and it may therefore be truly said that, in this respect, every-one is a medium, for there is no one who has not about him his familiar spirits, who do their utmost to suggest salutary or pernicious counsels to those with whom they are connected; aChico_Psicografia_Emmanuel truth which, were we duly penetrated with its reality and importance, would frequently lead us to oppose a more effectual resistance to the suggestions of evil, by seeking the inspiration of our guardian-angel in our moments of uncertainty as to what we should say or do. At such times, we should invoke that watchful guardian with fervor and confidence, as a Providentially-appointed friend; and, if we did so, we should often be astonished at the new ideas which would arise in our minds, as though by enchantment, whether for the taking of an important decision, or for the accomplishing of our special work.”[ii]

We all have had moments of inspiration, flashes of brilliance, which provides some key piece of knowledge that we have been searching for; these sparks are caused by spirits, who chose to influence us. Kardec recommends that we use the gems given to us, but first filter the idea through your conscience and instinct (see how your conscience and instinct are the accumulation of your past lives) to determine the validity of the suggestion.

Allan Kardec goes on to say that people of genius are mediums without being aware of it. These people have the innate sense to call superior spirits to provide the assistance they seek. Allan Kardec completes the section on inspirational mediums with this communication from the Spirit world:

What is the primal cause of inspiration?

“The communication of his thoughts by a spirit”

Is inspiration confined to the revelation of great things?

“No; it often has reference to the most commonplace circumstances of your daily life. for instance, you may have thought of going somewhere, but a secret voice tells you not to go, because there is danger in the way; or it tells you to do something which you have not thought of doing; this is inspiration. There are very few people who are not more or less ‘inspired’ in this way, at certain moment.”[iii]

Through the time and effort Allan Kardec spent with many mediums throughout Europe to codify mind-reading2Spiritism, the act of inspiration by spirits was documented. Although many religions have known this to be a fact for thousands of years, Spiritism gave context and reason for spirits, good and ignorant, to send us thoughts and feelings.

In the 1920s, Zabdiel, a spirit who lives on the tenth level of heaven, added to the discourse of how spirits inspire men and women in Book Two of the book The Life Beyond the Veil called The Highlands of Heaven. He explained to Rev. G. Vale Owen what inspiration from spirit to incarnate really entails; first he spoke about the word inspiration:

 “Now, this is a word very expressive if understood aright; and very misleading if not so understood. For, that we inbreathe into the hearts of men knowledge of the truth of God is true. But it is only a very little of the truth. For more than this we do give to them and, with other things, strength to progress and to work God’s will, love to work that will from high motive, and wisdom (which is knowledge blended with love) to work God’s will aright. And if a man be said to be inspired, this is not a singular case, nor one exceptional. For all who try to live well, and few do not in some degree, are by us inspired, and so helped.”[iv]

Zabdiel went on to explain that breathing in the suggestions from a spirit may not be adequate, it is more like a person absorbs a wave of vibrating energy. Which flows into the body and the mind of the recipient. It may be a feeling of peace or of renewed vitality. Zabdiel supplied us the types of inspirations we receive:

“But we would not limit the meaning of the word to those alone in elegant words tell out to the world some new truth of God, or some old truth refurbished and made as new. The mother tending her child in sickness, the driver of the engine along the railway, the navigator guiding the ship, all, and others, do their work of their peculiar powers self-contained, but, as occasion and circumstances require, modified and supplemented by our own. This is so even when the receiver of our help is unaware of our presence; and this more often than not. We give gladly while we are able; and we are able so long as no barrier is opposed to us by him we would help.”[v]

We may never realize the exact time and circumstances when we are touched and aided by a divine spark. The important point to keep in mind is to open yourself up to let the light in; not to erect fences whereby good intentions are blocked. Zabdiel tells us factors that can cut-off help from on high:

“This barrier may be raised in many ways. If he be of obstinate mind, then we may not impose on him our counsel; for he is free to will and to do. And sometimes when we see great need of our help being given, the barrier of sin is interposed and we cannot get through it. Then those who counsel wrongly do their work, and grievous is the plight of those to whom they minister.”[vi]

Zabdiel, as did Allan Kardec, warns of the advice given by ignorant or inferior spirits. Once we open our gates to hate, envy, selfishness, and pride … we shall be visited by spirits who wish to encourage us in our base behavior. Demonstrating our human weaknesses gives pleasure and entertainment to poor souls who haven’t risen above enjoying other people’s mistakes and pain.

guardian_angelSpirits who mean us harm, do so out of spite, they wish to see and feel the same acts they committed accomplished by others. Temporarily unable to allow love inside themselves, they cling to what they know best and wish the world to do likewise.

To combat unwarranted interference by low spirits cultivate love and caring in everyday life. Zabdiel said, “Kind words later beget kind deeds. And so is love multiplied, and with love, joy and peace. And they who love to give, and give for love’s own sake are shooting golden darts which fall into the streets of the Heavenly City, and are gathered up and carefully stored away till they who sent them come and receive their treasures once again with increase.”[vii]

Hence, love and assistance is everywhere, we merely have to tap into it. We have to make it part of our being and a daily habit. We are told a simple process:

“So do every one these two things – see that your light is kept burning as they who wait for their Lord, for it is His will we do in this matter, and it is His strength we bring. Prayers are allotted us to answer, and His answer is sent by us His servants. So be watchful and wakeful for our coming,charity2 who are of those who came to Him in the wilderness, and in Gethsemane (albeit I think they would be of much higher degree than I).

And the other to bear in your mind is this: See you keep your motive high and noble, and seek not selfishly, but for others’ welfare. We minister best to the progress of those who seek our help for the benefit of their brethren rather than their own. In giving we ourselves receive, and so do you. But the larger part of motive must be to give, as He said, and that way the greater blessing lies, and that for all.”[viii]

We are constantly guided on our path by the spirit world – we just need to keep our heart and mind open. The signs will come to light the way, to select the right option, to find the right person. The 7Tenets-Front-smallmore you expend yourself on others, the greater will be your reward in the afterlife.

To see how we are enveloped by the spirit realm read my book about my personal experiences, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. You will be surprised at the involvement into the smallest details in our lives by our spirit guardians.



Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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