Look Farther Ahead – (because your thoughts dictate where you will end up)

OurDailyBreadSpiritism tells us that when we pass over to the “other side”, as the Druids called the spirit realm, we still are who we were during our physical life. Therefore, if we were criminals we still are in the afterlife, if we were kind and considerate we still are in the afterlife. Our character and our thoughts dictate where we shall travel to when we shed our physical bodies.

In the book Our Daily Bread, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier and written by the spirit Emmanuel there is a chapter which explains that we shall experience what we believe. The chapter is titled “Look Farther Ahead”:

“For with the same measure with which you measure others, you yourself shall be measured.” – Jesus (Luke 6:38)

To Eskimos, the sky is a continent made of ice, supported by seals.

To primitive peoples in the forest, there is no paradise greater than abundant game.

To persons of sectarian religion, the glory beyond the grave belongs exclusively to them and those who are of the same mind.

To the erudite, this world and the heavenly spheres that surround it are but a small corner of theJesus-greatLord universe.

Transfer this observation to your own field of daily activities and do not forget that external situations will be registered in your inner realm according to the elements of reflection harbored in your conscience.

If you persevere in anger, all the energies around you will appear enraged.

If you prefer sadness, you will see discouragement on every step of the road.

If you doubt yourself, no one will have confidence in your efforts.

You will live either tormented or peaceful within a lower or higher realm, where you choose to place your mind. And within the atmosphere that suits you, you will live with the spirits you call upon. If you dwell on idleness, you will experience idleness in all its tones and hues; and if you involve yourself in work, you will find a thousand different ways of being useful.

The scenery that surrounds your steps will always be what you deem it to be, for with the same measure that you apply to Nature, the living work of God, Nature will measure you.”[i]

We determine where we journey at the end of our lives, we go exactly where we should, to the very place we have dwelt upon for years, decades, before our physical death. This is why it is vital that we work on ourselves while on earth. This is our chance to transform our character. To change our way of thinking, to emerge from this life a more loving, caring, honorable, and compassionate soul. When we change and then pass over, we shall be with people who are like us.

7Tenets-Front-smallWho would you want to be with?

Learn how we are guided by the spirit realm in our daily lives by reading 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

[i] Xavier, Francisco C., Our Daily Bread, EDICEI, pp. 157-158

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