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YouTube – Ep. 2 – Spirit Assistance – How Spirits help Incarnate and Discarnate Spirits

Episode 2 of Spirit Assistance from the book How we are Guided by Spirits. Learn how the spirit in heaven strive to help spirits in the Lower Zone and spirits who are in physical bodies while on earth. Click here to watch the YouTube video.

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Jesus Appears at the Temple in the 10th Level of Heaven

portrait-of-jesusAll spiritual power is based on love. Zabdiel describes the power of love when he tells about Jesus coming to a temple in the tenth level of heaven. The event was important and dramatic. It affected everyone who was present. Zabdiel describes a Jesus we don’t see in the New Testament … a Jesus in charge, a powerful spirit, yet not in brute force, but grand in love. Read More.

YouTube – Ep 1 – Spirit Assistance – How Spirits Help Us Pass Over to the Spirit Realm

Episode 1 – Spirit Assistance – How Spirits Help Us Pass Over to the Spirit Realm. Learn how the spirit realm sends our guardian angels and other spirits to help us from our death-bed to be reborn in the spirit realm – back to the real world. Click here to watch the video.


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Jesus Christ – Composed of Untold Pure Energy

On New Year’s Day, the first day of 1920, the spirit Arnel told the Rev G. Vale Owen about his encounter with one of the manifestations of Christ during Christmas Eve in the spirit realm. Arnel was in a great hall, in a high level of heaven, with other spirits, who had earned the right to live there. They resided in that sphere only after years of toil and hardships they toiled through as they ascended stage after stage of heaven. Read More.

YouTube – Ep. 4 – How Spirits Guide Us – Sex and Marriage – Spirits Explain Why These are Important

We are on Earth for a reason. High spirits have revealed to Spiritist Mediums our purpose on this planet. Find out why we have been divided into different sexes and how that enables us to learn about our own nature and how to ascend in the spirit world. Watch the video on YouTube – Click here.

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Capital City on the 5th Level of Heaven

heaven-city“The Great Gate of this Palace is of liquid stone. That is quite literally to be read. The stone was not solid, but in flux; and the colors of the gate changed from moment to moment, affected both by what went forward within the House, and also by what was agait upon the Plain before it. It also was affected from the Watchtowers on the Plain; but only by those on this side, not by others on the other side of the City, which were in touch with stations on the other sides of the Palace. It was very beautiful to look at, that gateway, massive on either side and blending into the wall of the main structure, solid above the square arch, and changing in beauty as the colors changed. One part only was constant, and that was the great keystone, in the middle above, which always and ever shone red for love.” Read More.

In the Spirit Realm Appointments to Positions of Responsibility Comes with More Internal Power

The spirit world is organized. It has a governing and command process, just like we do on earth. The largest difference is that the people in charge are appointed for their piety, love, kindness, competence, and selflessness. But assignments of increased responsibility aren’t just accomplished with an order – no, in the spirit realm, something else is given: Read More.

Your Spirit Brain Dwarfs Your Human Brain

The Doctrine of Spiritism, and some religions, tell us that we are immortal souls. Spiritism reveals that we live forever and we incarnate on earth, and other planets, as part of a learning process to improve … to become pure spirits. But if that is so, how and where do we retain all of our past memories and knowledge about life in a physical body and life during the times we were errant spirits? Read More.

YouTube – Episode 2 – How we are Guided by Spirits – Dreams

Learn how we, locked in our dense bodies on earth are guided by spirits. In this episode I discuss how they assist us in our dreams. Click here to watch the video.

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The Future of Earth

The earth will transition – from a planet of humans paying off debts from previous lives – to a planet of learning and peace. It has all been planned out by the spirit realm. The future is absolutely certain … the timing is not. That is up to us. Read More.

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