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Jealously – Covering the White Light with a Dark Gray Cloud

jealousy_965822In the book Liberation, by Chico Xavier, our beloved spirit author Andre Luiz, was impressed by the work of a medium, Dona Isaura Silva. When she was working, she displayed beautiful radiations. After she finished the sessions, she was surrounded by a dark gray substance. Read More.

Faith – Not Just for Moving Mountains but to Create Them

mountain-moving-faithThe Rev G. Vale Owen wrote a series of four books in the early 1900’s. Unbeknownst to many at the time, he added to the revelations about Spiritism, which commenced in the 1850’s by Allan Kardec. In the compilation of four books, The Life Beyond the Veil, more of the fantastic world that we shall, as spirits, return to was presented to us. One of the most startling aspects of the book is the role of faith. Not faith as we know it, but faith as a real power, the ability to conjure. Far beyond any of our earthly fantasies. Read More.

Success Rate of Spirits Modifying their Negative Tendencies

sex+destinyIn the book, Sex and Destiny, by the spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is an institute, Almas Irmas, “Fraternal Souls” in English, which assists spirits which have spent time in their own purgatory. Almas Irmas specializes helping spirits with criminal and obsessive history concerning their sexual behavior. At any one time, the institute will have between five and six thousand souls in residence.[2013, p. 289]

Just to be clear, the Spirit world is not a prude, they advocate equality for all humans, whether heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, or transgender. What you must not do, is hurt people with your sexual behavior. The interesting point to consider; I have read about this attitude from the 1850’s, when The Spirits Book was published to 1963, when Sex and Destiny was first published. Well before our present day mode of thinking.

Therefore, the spirits attending the institute, must have performed deeds they were extremely ashamed of and diligently desired to change their conduct.

Here are their success rates (in %’s)

  • 18% – Successfully conquered their tendencies.
  • 22% – Grew spiritually, but did not completely change their behavior.
  • 26% – Barely grew spiritually or changed their behavior.
  • 34% – Actually grew worse and incurred more spiritual debts, which must be repaid.

An illustration of the difficultly of coping with physical life and modifying your underlying instincts, even after years of training in the spirit world.

Why We are Born with Certain Limitations

infidelity2Is any of us completely happy with our physical body or our mental capacity? We sometimes curse our plight when we can’t seem to reach beyond the boundaries set by our birth. There is a reason for this. Learn why we require living with certain limitations. Read More.

Courageous Thinking

Spirit-101-Front-smallThe world is full of religious and political intellectuals who work full time convincing us to stay within certain ideological boundaries. For example, we are told the Bible must be interpreted literately, therefore the world must have been created in six days. Even though, all evidence points to the contrary.

Messages and books from spirits, brought to us by Spiritist mediums, tell us that the messages of the Bible were fashioned for the level of comprehension and society for the time in which the communications were delivered. Hence, the idea of a time span of billions of years and our planetary evolution would not have been remotely understandable to even the most sophisticated individual in ancient times.

Jesus, during his time on earth, preached love and respect for all, but many today still cling to the passages citing reasons to make certain groups outcasts. Again, Spiritism tells us that the messages of universal love and fraternity are eternal, while other passages were meant for the time in which they were delivered.

The spirit Zadbiel, in his communications with the Rev. G Vale Owen, talks about the narrowGVOwen parameters that Christian orthodoxy imposes. Rev. G. Vale Owen was a Church of England minister who was later thrown out of the church for publishing his messages from high spirits. Zabdiel opens with telling G. Vale Owen that even after all things visible were created, what was left incomplete was mankind.

Humans are meant to evolve mentally, to find their spiritual path toward God. To accomplish this takes courageous thinking. Zabdiel expands:

“Nor doing this am I able to constrain myself within the limits of doctrinal theology as understood by you. For it is indeed constrained and straitened so greatly that one who has lived so long in wider room would fear to stretch himself lest he foul his elbows against the confining walls of that narrow channel; and hesitates to go at any pace ahead, fain as he is to travel, lest worse than this be his lot.

No, my friend, shocking and startling as it be to those whose orthodoxy is as the breath of their body to them, more saddening is it to us to see them so much afraid to use what freedom of will and reason they have lest they go astray, mistaking rigid obedience to code and table for loyalty to Him Whose Truth is free.”[1]

We are being told not to let the artificial boundaries of our society constrain us. Granted this is difficult, where any perceived transgression unleashes a barrage of criticism from the left and the vaticanright if any deviation of political orthodoxy is detected. In some countries, even the attempt to question religious dogma can lead to torture and death.

Against this background, breaking free of past constraints is truly courageous thinking. Zabdiel isn’t asking us to be martyrs. He is requesting that we internally free ourselves and determine what the message of living by the Golden Rule, love, fraternity, and charity really mean. We should ask ourselves what is the logical conclusion to loving everyone like a brother or sister.

Zabdiel exhorts us:

“Think you for a moment. What manner of Master-Friend is He to them who tremble so at His displeasure? Is it that He is, waiting and watching, with sinister smile, to catch them in His net who dare to think and think in error sincerely? Or is this He Who said, “Because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will reject you”? Move and live and use what powers are given prayerfully and reverently and then, if you do chance to err, it will not be of obduracy and willfulness but of good intent. Shoot with strong arm and feet well and firmly set, and if you miss the mark by once or twice, your feet shall still be firm and the word “Well done!” for you shot amiss, yet in His good service, and as you were able to do so, so you did. Be not afraid. It is not those who strike and shoot and sometimes miss the mark whom He rejects, but the craven who fear to fight for Him at all. This I say boldly for I know it is true, having seen the outcome of both manner of lives when those who have lived them issue forth among us here, and seek their proper place and the gate by which they may pass onward this way.”[2]

Study Spiritism and you shall soon see the path to the light. The road is not easy. To take the pathtruth one must shed old preconceptions, rid themselves of hate and envy, and begin to learn to not only control their actions and speech, but thought as well.

No one is asking anyone to join a monastery or divest yourself of all worldly goods. No, a tougher task is requested, to change your character and attitude. To actually live by the Golden Rule and to stay 7Tenets-Front-smallhonorable in all circumstances. To accomplish this takes effort and study. Start today.

The first place is to learn what the basic tenets of Spiritism are and how your life is planned so you can improve. You can begin by reading The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, or you can read my book, based upon how Spiritism has affected my life, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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[1] Owen R. G. Life Beyond the Veil, Squares Circles Publishing, p. 174

[2] Owen R. G. Life Beyond the Veil, Squares Circles Publishing, pp. 174-175

Family Problems? There is a Reason

familyproblemsAre you experiencing problems with some of your family and have no reason why? You have tried everything and they still just don’t like you? Or worse, are they are nice to you and you can’t help yourself but to reject them? There is a reason, and as part of your trials on earth, you have been reborn with past adversaries, it may have been a rival, a person who assaulted you, or a myriad of reasons for that indistinct feeling of revulsion.

Read more.

How to Respond – To Even the Most Disagreeable Persons

OurDailyBreadIn the book Our Daily Bread, there is a wonderful chapter (77), titled “To Respond”, which tells us how we should react to even the most vile character.

To Respond

Let your conversation always be gracious, seasoned with salt so that you may know how to answer everyone. – Paul (Col. 4:6)

The act of responding beneficially to heterogeneous minds require superior qualities that the individual should make an effort to acquire.

Points of view cannot be directed indiscriminately at fellow humans as they struggle with one another in evolutionary and redemptive tasks. It is necessary to address each one judiciously. One Jesus-greatLordshould not respond to someone working in the countryside by mentioning circumstances in the city. One should not use highly scientific remarks with someone complaining about the harshness of his or her individual path.

First of all, one must not be disagreeable to the listener; one should moderate the verbal attitude with a true grasp of life’s problems. It is our duty to make our contribution so that those who have strayed away from simplicity and usefulness may realign themselves.

Every response in an important matter is like medicine: one must apply the dose with its effects in mind. Each individual will tolerate and benefit from the proper dosage. Even the solutions of truth and love must not be administered without this criterion. Applied in inappropriate doses, even the truth could destroy, just as love can cause damage…

Even if questioned by the greatest evildoer in the world, you should maintain a pleasant and dignified manner to inform or to enlighten. Knowing how to respond is a virtue from the sphere of celestial wisdom. For your own sake, do not forget the best way of caring for each individual. [pp. 167-168]

I agree completely with what I have read above, but I fully realize that I will have difficulty in adhering to it. I shall try my best and will castigate myself when I fail, hopefully over time I may improve and capture a bit of the wisdom from the celestial sphere.

The spirit world sends us people to test us in these types of situations. This is why we are constantlyThe Problem is the Solution paired with adversaries, people to try our patience and to help us improve. We should actually thank God for the training we receive. I cover this topic more in my book The Problem is the Solution: 7 Life Complications Sent to Test and Teach You.

Let Us Be at Peace – A Message from the Spirit Emmanuel

OurDailyBreadIn a book written by the spirit Emmanuel, and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, he tells us how to achieve peace. And it starts with ourselves, educating ourselves to calmly approach every difficult trial:


Let Us Be at Peace

Live in peace with one another – Paul (1 Thess. 5:13)

If it is impossible to live in a climate of perfect peace due to the ignorance and hostility that dominate the human pathway, it is logical for disciples to seek inner serenity when faced with the conflicts that seek to envelop them at every moment.

Each incarnate mind is an extensive center of spiritual government, subordinate for the time being to appropriate limitations while served by various abilities expressed in the senses and perceptions.

Once all the individual power centers become self controlled and are geared toward the real good, then wars will be banished from the planet.

To achieve this, however, those of humankind’s brothers and sisters who are older in experience and knowledge must learn to live in peace with one another.

Educating the sight, hearing, taste and impulses represents the primordial foundation for constructive peacefulness.

We usually hear, see and feel according to our inclinations and not according to what is real. WeAngels-christ interpret certain pieces of information according to our inner disharmony rather tan the good intentions in which they were initially sent. We observe situation and events with the light or darkness that infuses our mind. We feel with the reflection or chaos we have instilled in our own understanding.

For this reason, serenity must envelop our steps as much as possible as we face the conflicts that surround us in our present circumstance.

Without calmness, it is impossible to discern and to work for the good.

Without peace inside of us, we will never reach the realms of true peace.

[Our Daily Bread, Francisco Candido Xavier, EDICEI, pp. 143-144]

Changing the planet earth takes one step at a time. Spiritism states that we are on a planet of atonement where we learn to become civilized beings through trials, some extremely hard and Explore-Small-front-coverpainful, to erase our spiritual blemishes. We all must accomplish this to reach the next stage, to become a planet of regeneration. Where there are no more wars, hate  and envy.

If your would like to learn about your and the planet’s destiny, I suggest you read Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined, to find out how we are guided by the spirit world to achieve that what has been assigned to us.




Look Farther Ahead – (because your thoughts dictate where you will end up)

OurDailyBreadSpiritism tells us that when we pass over to the “other side”, as the Druids called the spirit realm, we still are who we were during our physical life. Therefore, if we were criminals we still are in the afterlife, if we were kind and considerate we still are in the afterlife. Our character and our thoughts dictate where we shall travel to when we shed our physical bodies.

In the book Our Daily Bread, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier and written by the spirit Emmanuel there is a chapter which explains that we shall experience what we believe. The chapter is titled “Look Farther Ahead”:

“For with the same measure with which you measure others, you yourself shall be measured.” – Jesus (Luke 6:38)

To Eskimos, the sky is a continent made of ice, supported by seals.

To primitive peoples in the forest, there is no paradise greater than abundant game.

To persons of sectarian religion, the glory beyond the grave belongs exclusively to them and those who are of the same mind.

To the erudite, this world and the heavenly spheres that surround it are but a small corner of theJesus-greatLord universe.

Transfer this observation to your own field of daily activities and do not forget that external situations will be registered in your inner realm according to the elements of reflection harbored in your conscience.

If you persevere in anger, all the energies around you will appear enraged.

If you prefer sadness, you will see discouragement on every step of the road.

If you doubt yourself, no one will have confidence in your efforts.

You will live either tormented or peaceful within a lower or higher realm, where you choose to place your mind. And within the atmosphere that suits you, you will live with the spirits you call upon. If you dwell on idleness, you will experience idleness in all its tones and hues; and if you involve yourself in work, you will find a thousand different ways of being useful.

The scenery that surrounds your steps will always be what you deem it to be, for with the same measure that you apply to Nature, the living work of God, Nature will measure you.”[i]

We determine where we journey at the end of our lives, we go exactly where we should, to the very place we have dwelt upon for years, decades, before our physical death. This is why it is vital that we work on ourselves while on earth. This is our chance to transform our character. To change our way of thinking, to emerge from this life a more loving, caring, honorable, and compassionate soul. When we change and then pass over, we shall be with people who are like us.

7Tenets-Front-smallWho would you want to be with?

Learn how we are guided by the spirit realm in our daily lives by reading 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

[i] Xavier, Francisco C., Our Daily Bread, EDICEI, pp. 157-158

Obsession – How Unkind Spirits Can Use Our Own Thoughts Against Us

There must be many ways for a person to be obsessed, in the book, Action and Reaction, by Francisco C. Xavier, dictated by the spirit Andre Luiz, there is an example of one method used to cause an innocent person to become obsessed. Read More.

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