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How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism – Now out in Paperback!

In the book Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, by J. Herculano Pires and Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, there is a poem dictated to Chico by the spirit Andre Luiz. It is revelatory.

The poem has twenty-four verses which pertain with how we should place ourselves in a mental state to achieve inner peace. Inner peace isn’t a condition to enjoy for a moment or two on the beach after a few drinks – it is a life quest … a multiple life quest.

In the spirit world thought is action. As a spirit, our mind creates the environment in which we live. Hence the more control we have over our own thoughts, the more calm, the more reasoning, the more loving we become … all contribute to a true paradise awaiting us when we are scheduled to pass back to the real world – the spirit realm.

The poem is essentially a list for advancement and serenity.

Each chapter will explore one aspect of attaining inner peace. I shall attempt to describe the end state of what was envisioned in the specific verse and why this state is vital for your spiritual growth.

Inner Peace is more than a poem or a list of spiritual conquests – it is what should be the result of full integration into the Spiritist Doctrine. Inner Peace is the result, the summit of attainment possible in our short earth lives. The climb is worth the effort and upon reaching the summit you shall view more mountains to scale and ever increasing rewards to attain in your quest.

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The book is now out out in paperback – Click here.

Perseverance in Goodness – A Tall Order from the Spirit Realm

Perseverance is the secret to a fulfilled life. We all know this, for we learned it as a child, and we have mostly ignored it since. Our culture of rapid gratification – internet pages must load within two seconds – movies must have action before the opening credits – all promote the abandonment of any pursuit that encounters the smallest obstacle or delay. Read More.

The Spirit Andre Luiz Tells Us that We Should Have the Courage to Place Ourselves Second to Serving

The spirit Andre Luiz states that to achieve harmony and inner peace within yourself, you must possess the fortitude to sacrifice your own desires in pursuit of helping others. The messages from high spirits, via Spiritist mediums, don’t demand life in a hair shirt while exclusively tending to the needs of unfortunate people, only that we examine the situation and at times, think about serving first and ourselves second. Read More.

Spirits Have Told Us – We Should Work on Fostering Tolerance

Tolerance – it sounds so easy. Love all, smile upon everyone, and be kind to those you meet. Simple in theory and harder in practice. Not difficult as far as controlling your speech or gestures, but the challenging part is your emotions welling up inside you. The spirit Andre Luiz specifically mentioned this because he knows full well, that as a human we have built up within our instincts a predilection to strongly desire conformity. Read More.

The Spirit Andre Luiz says we should have – A Spirit of Renovation

Renovation, renewal, and transformation are all words to describe our life on earth. Many have said that life is one of constant re-invention of oneself. We travel through life learning, changing, resetting our priorities, and improving our character. In fact, Spiritism presents a greater arc to this story – that of the process of renovation occurring over multiple life times. And Spiritism supplies the purpose of our journey … the goal of perfection. Read More.

To Ascend Spiritually We Should Strive for Simplicity of Habits

To live simply is to exist within the basic needs we all have. Food and shelter is required. Spirit messengers add to this list – family and study. Family, because we are born into the world with support. A structure that is usually designed to mold us into better people, before the character of our past lives begin to intrude during our late teens. And study, because we are put on earth to acquire the attributes we sorely need and to break down the flaws in our personality. Read More.

Happiness in Your Commitments – Advice from Andre Luiz – YouTube

Happiness in Your Commitments – (verse 14) – How to Live with Brian Foster of– from the book How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism.

Happiness in your commitments is natural in heaven. In the higher spheres, where we return after a life of struggle, victorious in our quest to improve and do more good than the mistakes we regret, being happy is the normal state. You are surrounded by positive people, there are no worries about money or your job, while it may be challenging, it itsn’t in danger of disappearing. Sickness only exists on the physical plane and your age and appearance is whatever you want it to be.

But to prepare ourselves for life in heaven, we should cultivate how to welcome and prosper in our relationships and careers while on earth. With the knowledge that almost nothing happens to us by chance on this planet, we need to sit through our classes attentive and serene. Happy in the prospect of what awaits us when the final bell rings. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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My book to teach you how to ascend in your current life, so you next life will be fashioned more to help you with experiences, instead of harsh lessons: How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism

High Spirits Tell Us We Should have Spontaneity to Assist Others

Spontaneity – some have it in abundance and others lack it. Spontaneity is required to spot opportunities to assist others. The spirit Andre Luiz says we should have the gift to recognize those who need our help as we go about our natural daily lives. Read More.

The Spirit Andre Luiz tells us to have an Encouraging Smile

“My friend, if you have embraced the Christian Spiritist task in the name of the sublime faith, thirsting for a more uplifting spiritual life, remember that the Master has sent your renewed soul to the vast field of the world in order to serve Him.” – Spirit Emmanuel –  Read More.

We are Told by our Spirit Benefactors to Exhibit a Gesture of Kindness

Some of our fondest memories are of little acts of kindness shown toward us. I remember when I was about five years-old and was stung by a bee. I was crying, then a policeman came up and put some cold mud on it and made it feel better. I have never forgotten that small gesture. The spirit world asks us to replicate that moment, on a worldwide basis, every day. Imagine if each person could give and receive tiny offerings of gratitude on a daily or weekly basis. It would truly change the earth. Read More.

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