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Episode 3 – Education in the Higher Levels of Heaven – YouTube

Understand what is waiting for you as you ascend the levels of heaven. Learn what is taught to advance spirits. Click here for the YouTube video. Please subscribe to the channel to be notified of any new videos posted.

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Reincarnation – Families and Difficult People – vlog

Reincarnation – Families and Difficult People – Reincarnation with Brian Foster of nwspiritism.com– from the book “The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection”

You have lived multiple lives. At times you have been rich, poor, a servant and a slave. Maybe even a King or a Queen, at the least a member of the minor nobility.

You are interested in this topic because you know, in your heart, that we are not merely chemical elements that dissolve with death. There must be something more, you know this, because of your own intuition, experiences and beliefs.

To learn more about reincarnation, your life and place in the spirit realm, read this book

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My book to teach you how to ascend in your current life, so you next life will be fashioned more to help you with experiences, instead of harsh lessons: How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism

Spiritism on Spotify!

We now have our shows uploaded to Spotify. Click here to listen to nwspiritism.com’s programs on Spotify.

Spiritist Podcast – Now on Spotify

Our first podcast is now loaded onto Spotify. I have upload the first of the Spiritism 101 broadcasts. I will be uploading the episodes from the Sunday and Wednesday night FaceBook Live Streamings, so you can catch the Spiritist discussion on Spotify, or coming soon Apple Podcasts.


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