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Episode 3 – Education in the Higher Levels of Heaven – YouTube

Understand what is waiting for you as you ascend the levels of heaven. Learn what is taught to advance spirits. Click here for the YouTube video. Please subscribe to the channel to be notified of any new videos posted.

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Live Stream on Kardec Radio FaceBook page – 7 pm est, 4 pm pst – Sunday 2/25

Live Streaming on Sunday night at 7 pm est, 4 pm pst – Heaven and Below – Book 1 Part 3 – Appearances of Christ in the Spirit Realm – See us live on Face Book.
There will be a live streaming with comment capability on Kardec Radio Face Book and our program on Kardec Radio every Sunday night at 7pm est, 4 pm pst, hosted by Brian Foster. Please set your calendars and contribute to the discussion.

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