A Spiritist is a person who believes in Spiritism.

Governments on Earth – A just society is not possible at this stage

futureCityWe all desire to live in a perfect society, where people are treated with respect and justice is handed out equitably. A home in which we live securely, unafraid of crime or the government taking what is rightfully ours. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen on a planet of atonement. Read More.

Have You Been Told you are Unique? We really are!

telepathyA favorite saying is that “we are all unique”. Sounds like an empty expression that is supposed to make us feel good about ourselves. But according to the Spirit world, we really are unique; we each have a radiation signature that is not the same of anyone else in the universe.

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YouTube Presentation – How the Spirit World Guides the Destiny of the Earth

YouTube-DestinyThere is now posted on YouTube the presentation on How the Spirit World Guides the Destiny of the Earth.

Beginning in the remotest ages with primitive tribes there has been a recurring theme of our destiny being guided by supreme powers. The Old and New Testaments actually tell of events being managed by God. Allan Kardec published the Spirits Book which for the first time started to reveal the extent the Hand of God plays into our past, present, and future activities. The books psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier expose some of the exact processes by which we are directed.

This presentation collects together and describes the tools by which the Spirit world pushes and pulls the levers and sets the dials to manipulate the human race to achieve their desired results.

See the presentation on YouTube.

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How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism – Now in Audio format!

How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism is now available in audio book format! I wrote the book, and now I have narrated it. I hope you enjoy the audio format of the book which presents to you the path to ascension suggested by the spirit Andre Luiz. Order your copy here!



8 Things to Keep in Mind Concerning Spirits – from Allan Kardec

Spirits_of_December_by_KatjaFaithAllan Kardec wrote about a young medium who was fooled by an inferior spirit. He listed eight salient points to keep in the front of your mind when dealing with the “Other Side”. Allan Kardec knew that spirits come in many levels, hence we should all be weary when dealing with the unknown. Read more.

We Have Support Above and Around Us

OurDailyBreadIn the book Our Daily Bread, Chapter 76, we are told by the spirit Emmanuel of how we are nurtured and watched:


“Therefore, since we too are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us leave behind everything that hinders. – Paul (Heb. 12:1)

This concept of Paul of Tarsus deserves special consideration by students of the Gospel.

Each human existence is always an invaluable day of struggle – a generous step toward an infinite ascension – and whatever their situation may be, people will always be surrounded by an enormous legion of witnesses. We are not only referring to those who are part of our own family circle, but above all, the friends and benefactors of each individual, who watch over him or her in different situations of life from the lofty realms of higher spirituality.

All over the world, disciples are surrounded by a large cloud of spirit witnesses, who follow their every step, taking note of their attitudes, for no one has come to the earthly experience by chance, without solid reasons based on love or justice.

Generous spirits endorsed the requests of the repentant soul prior to its reincarnation; judges took part in the processes related to it, and friends interceded in the service of assistance, guardian_angelcontributing to organizing the particulars of the redemptive struggle… These friends and guides steadfastly watch over their ward throughout the new task and speak to him or her without words in the innermost reaches of the conscience. Parents and children, husbands and wives, siblings and blood relatives of the world are protagonists of the evolutionary drama, whereas these watchful observers usually remain on the other side of life.

This very day, do as much good as possible for your partners in the struggle, and do not forget those who, full of concern and love, watch over you in spirit.”[i]

7Tenets-Front-smallNothing could be plainer. We are supported by an army of loving spirits. All who have our best interests at heart. While it may not seem so, in the middle of our daily dramas, we have the capacity to grow and make them proud of us by our actions every day.

Learn how to read the signs of help and guidance by reading my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

[i] Xavier, Francisco C., Our Daily Bread, EDICEI, pp. 165-166

Spirit Reality. The spirit world is the real world – vlog

Spirit Reality. The spirit world is the real world. When we pass over, we expect a fantasy land with clouds and sparking halos and wings. Instead we are still who we are and everything looks extremely real, only nicer or worse, depending on what level you ascended or descended to.  Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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James’ NDE – A Life Review and a Decision

James had a full life review, with a council determining if he should stay or return. He also found out that indeed, he did have a life plan. Read More.

Medical problems which change intellect or personality – Are you still YOU?

death-risingOne of the questions I have seen asked by people; does a change of personality caused by an accident or illness also change who you are in the spirit world.

 For example, a person has a head injury during a car or bicycle accident and they experience severe brain damage, or a person has Alzheimer and no longer recognizes anyone, all types which irreparably alter the character of an individual.

The answer is no, because these are damages to the person’s physical brain and not to their spirit. The perispirit connects the spirit to the physical body.  The spirit itself is unharmed, the perispirit is unharmed, but the physical brain is now no longer capable of interpreting the information flow sent to it. Our brain is a temporary organ, with built-in limitations, meant to make our life on earth more conducive to modifying our behavior.

All of this is quite logical, after all, most of us are mature spirits in the spirit world before we incarnate on thishuman-chip-implant planet. During childhood, the immature brain is only capable of a small range of ratiocination compared to the adult brain. The spirit is the same, but the output is regulated by the design at the end of the connection. For example, put a cheap speaker on a high-definition output of music and you get a poor listening experience. Besides, during childhood, our brains are configured so we are more malleable and thus able to acquire experiences to change our character to the right path.

Another corollary to this is that we should not think of those who are disabled from birth as they seem to us here on earth. While, in their spirit form, they may be quite intelligent and engaging, due to the trials they have volunteered for or have been assigned, they suffer handicaps. In the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, by Explore-Small-front-coverYolanda Pereira, she put a foot note about this very subject. She asked all of us, that when we see a disabled person, say a small prayer to them, giving them encouragement for the trial they must suffer through.

If you wish to learn more about how the spirit world is organized and where you live when you are a spirit and how you still learn and advance, read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.  


Reincarnation – The Trials of the Middle Class

HappyFamilyThe spirit world promoted the rise and spread of Western Civilization for many reasons, but one of them was the creation of the middle class. Those warriors, who willingly show up to work every day, fulfill their tasks, attempting to live a decent life, not complaining and contributing their all, treating each other honestly and participating in the civil and spiritual lives of their community is a significant example presented to us by the spirit world. Why is this important? Because this is the future. When humanity is a collection of more good than evil, social divisions will gradually fade. Leaders will be in their position for merit only and nations will be at peace. We shall all be middle class. Read More.

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