What is Spiritism and how it affects you.

The Spirits’ Book – Book 2 – Chapter 10 – Occupations and Missions of Spirits – Questions 558-584

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

The Spirits’ Book was codified by Allan Kardec in the 1850’s. Spirits have suggested that I narrate this book. I will load each section onto my YouTube and BitChute Channels, and when I finish recording all 1019 questions, I will compile them into one audio book.

Allan Kardec reveals the spirit realm to us. Subsequent Spiritist mediums have pulled back the curtain even further. High spirits tell us that we are on earth to learn and to improve ourselves. This isn’t done in one lifetime but over the course of multiple lives. We are essentially young immature spirits who are traveling through pre-planned trials and tribulations to replace our primitive emotions with advanced feelings – Love, Charity, Fraternity, and Honesty.

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Sex – Marriage – It’s All Part of the Spirit World’s Plan

spiritA group of spirits, with the spirit Kathleen, who is the main connection between the group and the Rev. G. Vale Owen, discussed the role of sex and marriage. They presented that we all must combine four aspects of sex roles and characteristics: Read More.

Who and What is God – According to Spiritism

Find out how Spiritism defines the Supreme Intelligence. How should we look at the first cause of everything? Read More.

Your Spirit Brain Dwarfs Your Human Brain

The Doctrine of Spiritism, and many religions, tell us that we are immortal souls. Spiritism reveals that we live forever and we incarnate on earth, and other planets, as part of a learning process to improve … to become pure spirits. But if that is so, how and where do we retain all of our past memories and knowledge about life in a physical body and life during the times we were errant spirits?

This is one of many videos on different aspects of Spiritism, which I hope will be helpful for people interested in learning about the spirit realm and its relationship to us on earth. Below are links to my blog and books.

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A Child’s NDE – A Date with Destiny

guardian_angelA five-year-old child drifted off in a coma and journeyed to the spirit world. Years later the little girl grew up and wrote about her episode. What she brought back with her changed her and her family. Read More.

French Translation – How to Live – Bien vivre sa vie: Atteindre la paix intérieure grâce au spiritisme – now in Kindle format

The French translation of my book “How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism” is now available in French.

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Dans le livre Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope , de J. Herculano Pires et Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, on trouve un poème dicté à Chico par l’esprit André Luiz. Ce poème est révélateur.

Il compte vingt-quatre vers indiquant dans quel état d’esprit nous devons nous placer pour atteindre la paix intérieure. Cette paix intérieure n’est pas un état auquel nous devrions aspirer pour un bref moment sur la plage après quelques verres; c’est une quête pour la vie… de multiples vies, en fait.

Dans le monde spirituel, la pensée devient action. En tant qu’esprit, notre pensée crée l’environnement dans lequel nous vivons. Par conséquent, plus nous contrôlons nos pensées, plus nous devenons calmes, raisonnés et aimables. Tout cela contribue à rejoindre un véritable paradis lorsque vient notre heure de retourner dans le monde réel : le monde spirituel.
Ce poème constitue un parcours pour guider notre avancement et assurer notre sérénité.

Dans chaque chapitre, j’explorerai un aspect des étapes permettant d’atteindre la paix intérieure. Je tenterai de décrire la condition ultime à laquelle chaque vers fait référence et d’expliquer pourquoi cette condition est essentielle pour votre croissance spirituelle.

La paix intérieure, c’est plus qu’un poème ou une liste de conquêtes spirituelles. C’est le résultat que nous devrions atteindre après avoir complètement assimilé la doctrine spirite. La paix intérieure est le sommet des réalisations possibles pendant nos courtes vies sur Terre. L’ascension vaut l’effort, et rendus au sommet, nous verrons d’autres montagnes à escalader et des récompenses toujours plus grandes à amasser au fil de notre quête.

Spiritists: When You Sleep You are Being Assisted in Your Quest to Become a Better Spiritist

(* – you also are given some work to do)

In the book, In the Greater World, by the spirit Andre Luiz and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, Andre Luiz documents some of the assistance which is provided for people who are trying to learn and evangelize Spiritism. This article summarizes what was revealed and how we can profit from this knowledge.

Read More

How Spirits are Created – We Start from a Primitive Beginning

Druids-and-Oak-Tree How Spirits are Created – We Start from a Primitive Beginning

The question of the origin of the human spirit, our soul, the beginning of our immortality has been in the forefront of introspective questioning by humankind since the beginning of time. While some may believe that we are mere material beings who disappear forever upon physical death, many of us understand the presence of God, the Supreme Intelligence of the universe. We have faith that we have a soul. How did we arrive at being a distinct soul, a spirit is the question explored in this article. Read More.

A Serene Conscience

Nothing is more important in learning to live well than to follow our conscience. Our conscience is one of the gifts we are given that ties us back to our previous lives. At its simplest, our conscience is the set of Divine Laws. Each human and human-like soul on whatever planet in the universe contains this same collection of universal behavior. Read More.

Now Published! – The Spirit Realm – Spiritism has Revealed the Reality of Our Existence


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This book is a survey of what I have learned via reading books psychographed by Spiritist mediums, other mediums, observing during Spiritist medium’s meetings, receiving messages from spirits and talking to other Spiritists. This book is not meant as a documented exhaustive study of all available materials from the other side. In my other books, I quote from spirit sources and explain what was told to us via Spiritist mediums. In my accumulation of fourteen books, I have written to date, I have usually adopted the process of quoting a pertinent message and then expounding and expanding upon it, with other spirit sources and my analysis. All with a bibliography and footnotes.

In this book I shall take a more informal approach. It shall be more of a survey and explanation about the spirit realm I place before you. A conversation backed by years of study and research, but nevertheless, largely my own opinion, after sifting through a myriad of sources and experiences.

The Spirit Realm – Spiritism has Revealed the Reality of Our Existence is divided into four sections:

  1. The Organization of the Universes
  2. The Residents of the Universes
  3. Spiritual Ascension
  4. The Future

I do not pretend that I am accurate. I believe I am directionally correct, and only that. We are so immature, spiritually young, and generally ungifted that we are incapable of real understanding of the spirit realm. But this does not stop me from offering my own thoughts of what I believe is the certainty of our existence.

The true reality in which we live, die, and live again for eternity, until we no longer need to incarnate in a physical body, is far beyond what most of us can imagine. The laws of physics mostly do not apply. The concept of time and distance are altered, and the landscape itself reacts to directives from high spirits and collective thoughts. Spirits are logical constructs, who for training purposes inhabit temporary physical bodies in order to learn required and valuable lessons to alter their personalities for the better.

All of this sounds beyond the realm of plausibility. But, as the spirit universes unfold, the logic becomes apparent and our place within it fully explains the chaos and inequalities of our planet and of our ups and downs of our life.

With understanding and knowledge comes wisdom and tranquility. Once you start the journey of discovery of who you truly are and the real worlds you shall exist in, a doorway of light opens and begs you to step in to feel the love that surrounds you during your ascent to become a pure spirit.

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