Bronwen’s Two NDE’s and her discoveries

By Brian Foster


couple-hikeBronwen experienced two distinct near death experiences (NDE), separated by approximately three months. The first was the result of a head injury and the second was a spontaneous occurrence at a New Year’s Eve party. Her feeling of joy and love during those episodes was remarkable.

Bronwen’s story is posted on the web site. The link to her complete posting is here.

Her First Experience

While Bronwen was using a tree for climbing, a branch gave away and plunged her, headfirst, onto a sandstone rock. A fall of several meters. Next she felt;

“I found myself traveling rapidly upwards into the sky. I had an immensely joyous feeling of lightness. I remember looking back at my crumpled body on the rock below and observing that “I” was not my body. I could see everything below me very clearly. Below was the Hawkesbury river, and the beautiful bush surrounding it. I was heading towards some very beautiful cumulus shaped clouds. I had no fear, only joy.”[1]

Rising upwards, Bronwen looked back and saw the love of her life looking at her still body. Feeling a rush of emotion for her boyfriend, she returned.

Like others, an overwhelming bath of love and joy enveloped her. Words do not do justice to the warm light and soothing radiation which permeates our whole being.

Once a person experiences that sensation, they know nothing can compare to it. This is why the spirit world allows only a peak at the enormity of what awaits us when we return.

Many people ask, why can’t we retain our past memories? Part of the answer lies in the difference between the two worlds. Time and time again, we hear accounts of people who didn’t wish to return to our brutal planet. Where we exist to learn, pay our debts, and assist others. No, unanimously, everyone wished to stay, only the reminder of their loved ones and unfulfilled tasks on earth cause them to return.

Imagine the constant longing and sorrow at being separated from perfection. Worse than any effect of being spurned from your ideal mate. The person who you thought would have been the love of your life. That pain took months to years to dissipate. The loss of swimming in a bath of love would be a thousand times worse. With our regret at losing that which we so long for, our effectiveness on earth would be greatly diminished.

Her Second Experience

The spirit world wasn’t finished with Bronwen. My feeling is that they wished to speak more with Bronwen during her flight up from the earth, but her desire to return was too strong. Hence, the spirit realm manufactured a second rendezvous.

Bronwen describes the circumstances;

“My (same) boyfriend and I were visiting a friends New Year’s Eve party. The party was in the main room of a small house, and was packed with people. It was before midnight. Iseattle-new-years-parties remember feeling vaguely discontent, as if I wasn’t where I really wanted to be. I was standing about one meter from the only door into the room, looking across the room at my boyfriend. Suddenly I was no longer in this room, but facing an enormously tall angel. Surrounding both of us was radiant light.”[2]

Out of nowhere, with no physical act that could be responsible for her encounter, Bronwen was transported to a different dimension. The spirit realm wished to meet with her one more time.

“I knew this angel, and he knew me. I felt no fear, only joy and immense happiness. We communicated non verbally. The angel was ‘reminding’ me of the power of LOVE that was actually THE power of the universe. It seemed that I already knew this, but ‘he’ was just reminding me. We communicated for what I would have estimated to be about 20 minutes, then with no warning I was abruptly back on earth, in the same place I had been standing when the experience first happened. The astonishing thing was that it was obviously hours later as there was no-one in the room other than a sleeping body crashed on the couch.”[3]

With this re-statement, a reminder of the existence of the other world and its power, Bronwen’s mind was now truly focused. While the first trip to the clouds made her think, the second encounter cemented the knowledge of the reality of the spirit world into her very being.

Her thinking changed:

mind-reading2“The effect of these experiences on my life was profound. Overnight I had become intensely empathetic. I could feel any pain or suffering and sense of isolation of people passing me in the street. I had an overwhelming sense of needing to Do something… my search for what this something is, has dominated the rest of my entire life.”[4]

Searching for Her Task

The “need to do something”; that is the faint recollection of a task, or a series of achievements, that she had signed up for before she was born.

At the time she wrote of her NDE, Bronwen have not yet discovered her mission. She had the sense of a goal ahead, but through the fog caused by her encapsulation on earth, the exact target is unknown.

The Messengers

The Messengers

In the book, The Messengers, Andre Luiz, the spirit who has dictated books to Chico Xavier, about his work in the spirit realm, learns about the importance of the missions that are meant to foster the spread of Spiritism on earth. Andre is curious about the success rate of the missions, he speaks with a knowledgeable person who explains the problems associated with their tasks, “Any constructive task has difficulties, barriers to be overcome. Very few workers have the willpower to fight the battles inherent in the challenge. An enormous percentage will balk at the first firewall they encounter and will retreat when the opportunities become threatening”.[5]

“An enormous percentage”, is a startling statement. This serves to disabuse ourselves of the belief of the smooth inevitable march to a higher plane. The war in the trenches is hard-fought and is met with failure more often than success. One example of a failed mission by a spirit who is sent to earth is described by Octavio, a person that regretfully explains his unsuccessful mission to Andre;

“After having acquired great debts by committing crimes and injustices on Earth in former lifetimes, I eventually found my way to Nossa Lar and was helped by wonderful, tirelessNossaLar-city friends. In order to eventually return to Earth with a mission of service in the area of extrasensory communication, I underwent an intense thirty-year preparation. I was eager to pay off my debts and make something good out of myself. I could count on so much help! The Ministry of Communication gave me all the assistance and guidance it could; in addition, six friends also helped me immensely. Technicians from the Ministry of Assistance went with me to Earth and helped in my transition process. My life, exercising my well-developed mediumistic capabilities, was to make me part of a great team of spirit workers assigned to Brazil. Marriage was not in my program; not because the duties of a husband could be incompatible with those of a medium, but because, for my particular case, it was deemed advisable to exclude it”.[6]

Octavio speaks about preparing for his mission for thirty years. The spirit world invested a great deal in Octavio, much more than is spent training people on earth for even the most complex tasks. Octavio goes on to describe that he had a wonderful mother who brought him up in the Spiritist doctrine, while his father was a more materialistic, but still a good person. Octavio lost his mother at fifteen and his father re-married. His step-mother had three children and his father and step-mother together had three more. They were the six friends who had assisted him in the spirit world. Octavio was to nurture the small children after his father passed away. Octavio continues his story detailing how he treated his step-mother, who was always good to Octavio, “Not having anyone to turn to, she asked me for help again and again – and to my shame, I ignored her. Two years after my father’s death, my stepmother, was diagnosed with a devastating skin illness and was confined to a clinic. By this time, my heartlessness had reached such a level that I was totally disgusted by her and the kids, and just walked away from it all – not realizing that I was abandoning my six best friends from Nosso Lar to an uncertain fate”.[7]

Not only did Octavio fail individually, but he certainly must have adversely affected the mission of his six friends. This is just one of the many examples of failure in The Messengers. Octavio is just one of many sent on missions, again in the book The Messengers, we learn from a trusted source;

“Since the very beginning of the spread of the Spiritist precepts on Earth, Nosso Lar has sent teams to the planet with the job of teaching moral values. Hundreds of workers leave here annually with the goal of helping others and making amends for their past faults. But this has not brought about the desired results. A few have achieved some success, but the majority of workers have failed altogether. We have provided assistance on numerous occasions, but have seen little success. Very few achieve their goal in the arduous realms of mediumship and spiritual teaching”.[8]

Failures for individuals had many causes, pride, quest for material goods, bad marriages, sexual temptations and others factors that daily affect our lives and lead us to different choices. Not only do the reincarnated spirits have to contend with their own human weaknesses, but our materialistic society in general supplies hurdles to those who are actively striving to spread Spiritism.

Bronwen is young and she is actively seeking her path in life. The spirit world didn’t leave her without an added boost. She wrote about her heightened empathy and her ability to sense the emotional state of people who even just passed by on the street.

Somehow, someway signs and hints will arise to guide Bronwen on her path. Think about your own life, what coincidences, random encounters occurred to you. How did you marry the spouse you are with now? What sequences of events led you to your current vocation? All seemly innocent events brought on by chance. Don’t be fooled. We are prodded into circumstances where we will have the opportunity to either pass or fail our challenge.

Bronwen will be given the same consideration. At some point in time in the not so distant future, the scene will be set to use her knowledge and new found talents. She has the free-will to either accept or decline the invitation.

Explore-Small-front-coverYour life has more meaning and complexities than you realize. There are levels of the spirit world that helps us and hinders us. To understand how your individual fate is determined, tracked, and evaluated please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

New Attitude toward Religion

With her sum of experiences, Bronwen sees the world differently. Her previous religious beliefs are now reset. She describes her metamorphosis.

“Yes. A complete change from being a disillusioned agnostic, to someone who sees the evidence of “God”, of Love, everywhere and in everyone.

I remain disillusioned about the motives and practices of religion…. ALL religions!”[9]

One can well understand her point of view. History is replete with examples of religions that evolve toward their flock serving the priesthood, not the other way around.

episcopal-churchThe spirit world realizes the failures of human. Wherever wealth and power materializes the unscrupulous appear and take advantage of the situation.

When we sleep our spirits are able to travel. The spirit world uses this to bring selected people to lectures, so they may be reminded of their responsibilities.

A group of incarnate Catholics and Protestants are invited to hear a lecture, by the spirit Eusebio, to a mixed group of Catholics and Protestant, albeit a less dogmatic and more likely to be persuaded types of persons. Andre Luiz was surprised that the lecture was being held, he was told, “It’s important to understand that Divine Protection shows no privileges. Heavenly grace is like the fruit that always results from earthly effort: wherever there is human cooperation, there too will be Divine support.”[10]

Eusebio opens with what it meant to be a Christian in ancient times and reviewed the sacrifices they underwent. Next, Eusebio offers a challenge, “However, as heir to those nameless heroes who lived in affliction, of minds built up in the promises of Christ, what have you done with transforming hope, with unwavering trust? What have you done with the living faith that your forbearers acquired at the price of blood and tears?”[11]

Eusebio then delves into his opinion of exactly what these institutions of faith have actually accomplished;

“You have erected barriers against each other that are difficult to cross. Dogmatism poisons you; schism corrupts you. Narrow interpretations of the divine plan darken your mental horizons.”

“What delirium has taken you as you involve yourselves in a mutual competition for the imaginary obtainment of divine privileges?”

“In times of old, Christ’s disciples competed for opportunities to serve, whereas today, you look for every little opportunity to be served.”[12]

After a devastating review of their faults, Eusebio arrives at his request, “Therefore, do not limit your demonstration of trust in the Most High to the ceremonies of outward worship. Get rid of the indifference that chills your ornate cathedrals. Let us make ourselves each other’s true brothers and sisters. Let is transform the church into the sweet home of the Christian family, whatever our interpretations might be.”[13] This is it? A plea for a less bureaucratic and more involved practice of their religious principles, and an appeal for less infighting and more focus on the fraternal family under Christ?

Whereas, the goal for Spiritists is the change the world, the request for the souls at the lecture is to return to their Christian roots and stop fighting each other. The Spirit world is not expecting Spirit-of-Truth_200pxthe audience to change the world, but to outwardly demonstrate the teaching of Christ as revealed in the New Testament. The Spirit world is first attempting to steer the ship of the large religious organizations back onto a truly fraternal course. Without this correction, the ability and the required openness to accept the Spiritist doctrine would be absent.

Hence, our failures to create a true and loving religious experience for many is apparent, and this is why the advent of Allan Kardec, who brought us the Doctrine of Spiritism and Chico Xavier, who psychographed more than four hundred books, has started.

Now, with our present technological and cultural state, the human race is in a state to receive the divine message. We are being notified via the documentation of daily revelations through NDEsPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] spread across the globe that there is indeed a spirit world. A dimension in which we were created and live the vast majority of our lives.

Each of us has had previous lives. In which we had made mistakes and accumulated capabilities and new knowledge. All important to our next adventure on earth. As we mature and build a firm spiritual foundation, the spirit world expects us to respond. To acknowledge that we must create a balance between our material and spiritual life. That living without a goal, with no absolute morals is not a path to become a perfected spirit. Only by extending our hands and love to others, all others, without BookCover-Reincarnationdistinction can we ascend to our goal.

To fully comprehend the process and planning of your reincarnations, read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

To read more stories about near death experiences and what the spirit realm is telling us, read my book The Spirit World Talks to Us – 12 Near Death and Other Experiences.

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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