Lawrence’s OBE and His Trip to the Universal Library


library1Lawrence, after reading about Jesus’ last night at the Garden of Gethsemane, spent hours trying to imagine how Jesus felt. The certainty of the upcoming crucifixion. His abandonment by all of his disciples. All of this pushed Lawrence to an emotional state, where one night the spirit realm took him on a journey that would change his outlook and life forever. A peek at the fundamental building blocks of the universe, a treasure trove of knowledge, and a lesson in humility – transformed him. And led him to try to explain exactly who and what we are.

Meeting Lawrence

Explore-Small-front-coverI first met Lawrence when he e-mailed me, after he started reading my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.  He wrote to me that he enjoyed my book immensely and that it had answered many questions concerning the spirit world. In a subsequent e-mail he asked me to listen to a YouTube video titled, “A Brief Preview – On a Five Part Series Entitled “Exploring the Geography of the Mind”.[i]

Lawrence had embarked on a mission to map out how our belief systems (belief applications), directly controls each individual, our society and culture. He desired to teach the world how we fit into, what he named; the Conscious Operating System of the Universe (C-OS). I was fascinated by what must have happened to him to begin such an ambitious undertaking.

I knew what caused my initial exploration of how my life was and is predestined, after my future was revealed in specific detail, from a near death experience of my wife, more than fifteen years before we met. Did Lawrence experience something similar?

I was fascinated and wanted to learn his complete story. After talking on the phone a few times, I asked him if he could tell me about himself and his experience. We had a long conversation, in which I took copious notes. Afterwards, I asked him if I could interview him for my Sunday night radio program. I have a live show, every Sunday, starting at seven p.m. Eastern Time, four p.m. Pacific Time exploring different aspects of Spiritism and the spirit world around us. I thought it may prove interesting to many people. You can access the recording of the show here.

Lawrence’s Background

“I was always very curious.”[ii]

During his childhood, Lawrence was an inquisitive child. Once, at the age of four, in Yakima, Washington, he spotted a can wired to a tree. He climbed to discover what could it contain. He put his hand in and withdrew nothing but a sticky mess, the can was designed to trap insects. His curiosity got the better of him. The spirit world knew this and would use his inborn desire to explore every puzzle to bring him to his discovery.

Lawrence was not born a spiritual person. He thought of religion skeptically, that it was a tool to use people. Organized religion was usually corrupted by its leaders to help themselves, instead of helping others.

This is what the spirit realm felt too. In fact, they sent Allan Kardec to earth to reveal what Jesus couldn’t tell us, since at the time of His stay on earth, people weren’t culturally or technologically advanced enough to completely understand the full reason of why we are on this planet. The spirit realm, watched the progress of the Catholic Church and determine they had evolved into an organization that believed the people were meant to serve the church, not the church to serve the people. Hence, Spiritism, was codified by Allan Kardec, who documented communications from many spirits from multiple mediums to explain that we are immortal souls, who live life after life in a quest to become a pure spirit.

Lawrence was in the U.S. Navy, serving on submarines, he had a roommate, who had a sister. Lawrence married her, and while he served below the seas, she flew as a stewardess in the skies. When they were ready to have children, his wife desired to return to attending the Mormon Church.

Lawrence was hesitant to have his wife join, what he thought could be cult-like, so he decided to also attend. They both went to the first session where the teacher was explaining the theology of Mormonism. Lawrence, wishing to get straight to the point, asked the teacher – “Does God have a sense of humor?”[iii] This brought an abrupt elbow from his embarrassed wife, but to the delight of Lawrence, the teacher answered that this would be the topic of the next class.

His question wasn’t born as a challenge to the teacher or Mormons in general, his question was rooted in his conviction that with wisdom comes a sense of humor. That no one is actually wise without deriving the humorous from all aspects of life.

After his stint in the Navy, Lawrence worked in accounting and was asked to work in American Samoa, to reform their pension system. While there, the local Mormon Bishop asked Lawrence to teach a class for other Mormons. Lawrence told the Bishop that he didn’t think he should because he had not yet been baptized. The Bishop wisely told Lawrence, he understood his reservations, but to go ahead and teach the class. At the end of the class, overwhelmed by what he had delivered, he felt intense emotion and cried. He decided to be baptized.

After that experience, he became more spiritually awake. When he and his family returned to the United States, and he looked at the Mormon Temple, he noticed the architecture and the symbolism in every detail.

No Detail is Too Small for the Spirit World

Unbeknownst to Lawrence, the detail of any Church, Temple, or other religious building is meant to be noticed. Maybe not on a conscious level but in a deeper level.

The depth of the spirit realm’s intrusion into our life is revealed in the book, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section. The book is a series of messages sent to an Anglican Reverend in the decade of 1910 to 1920. It was a communication to the Rev G. Vale Owen from Astriel in the spirit world that explains the care in which our lives are directed.

The machinations undertaken when the Rev. G. Vale Owen began to build his church begins innocently enough with a question from Astriel. The bold text is the answer from Vale Owen:

“On the top of your church tower there is a weather-vane in the form of a cock. You will call to mind that you yourself decided the form that this should take. Is that not so?

I had entirely forgotten it until you called it to mind. You are quite correct, however. The architect asked me about it, and I hesitated between a fish and a cock, and eventually decided on the latter. I am wondering, however, whatever you have to say of it.”[iv]

Astriel is reminding Vale Owen of a decision that he automatically assumed he made. In fact, he believed he deliberated between putting a rooster or a fish as the weather vane on top of his church. Now he learns what really occurred:

“No doubt. You see, these things are trifles to you; but there are few things which are trifles to us. Now, the fact that the likeness of a cock stands above your tower is the direct consequence of certain activities which took place in your mind five years ago. That is a case of creation. Many would smile at this, but we do not mind that, for we, too, are able to smile, and some of our smiles would perplex you, I assure you.

The meaning you had in your mind when your apparently not very important decision was made was that all might be reminded that St. Peter denied his Lord. I suppose you meant it as a caution against the repetition of such offense today. But you did not realize that that apparently trivial decision was registered here and dealt with quite seriously.”[v]

“There are few things which are trifles to us.” reflect on these words. What we consider to be inconsequential decisions in our lives may, in fact, be vital. They may be the fulcrum upon which our life turns. When it is said the butterfly flaps their wings, from there a hurricane is born, it is meant that through seemingly trivial events large alterations in our lives may occur.

guardian_angelWhen a child is told that God watches over you, little does the parents or the child realizes the true extent of the words. Not only are our actions, but our thoughts, our innermost desires are an open book to the spirits that guide us. Our life and by extension everyone’s life around us are on tracks. While we have free-will to respond to the events and scenery on both side of the tracks, we are monitored to make sure we don’t derail. That we keep moving forward, because only by traveling ahead can we experience the life courses that have been assigned to us.

Astriel explains that not only is Vale Owen directed in certain actions, but a wider net is cast:

“I must tell you that the building of a new church is an event which is the cause of much activity here. There are officers to be appointed to attend the services and guard the building, and a whole host of ministering spirits to be allotted to the different departments of duty in connection with a new place of worship. Your clairvoyant friends have seen some of these already, but only a very few comparatively. Every detail is considered, not only in respect of the character of the minister and congregation and choir and so on; and the best among us, that is, the most suitable, chosen to help you according to the traits we observe; not only these things but the structure and all structural details are considered minutely, especially where symbolism enters in, for that has an importance not realized among you as it is with us. So it came about the weather vane was also considered, and I have chosen that because of its seemingly triviality in order to show you that nothing is missed.”[vi]

The last words of the paragraph stand out, “nothing is missed”, all minutiae painstakingly reviewed, re-reviewed, and passed on to higher-ups for modification and approval. Spirits who have attained a celestial level are part of the immense army that serves to regulate and direct all life on earth. They ascend to heaven because of their attributes, their capacity for love and their selflessness. Hence, the battalions which surround us are an army driven by love. Motivated by their desire to supply the lessons we all so sorely need.

Spirits not only direct but they add to our lives. Astriel tells the Rev. G. Vale Owen how the bell for the church was paid for:

“It was decided that, as the cock had been chosen in preference to other symbols, we would answer that choice, according to our custom, by giving to the church some appropriate offering in response. And that offering was the church bell, for which a choir-boy collected the money. You had no bell when first your church was consecrated. The bird stood aloft, but could not utter his warning as his original had done to St. Peter. And so we gave him voice, and your bell today gives tongue – as it did tonight at evensong.”[vii]

Actions and events, great and small, are planned and directed by the spirit world. Individually andBookCover-Reincarnation collectively we are being pushed to become better spirits. The history of the world is like an upward spiral, where conditions motivate us, either through times of prosperity or cataclysms brought to mold our character. All designed to elicit particular responses to promote our advancement.

To learn more about predestination and how we are part of the planning for our next life, read my book The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

The Reason for Lawrence’s Revelation

The book, Jesus the Christ, by James E. Talmage, was the catalyst for Lawrence’s journey. As I wrote in the beginning, Lawrence deeply desired to experience and understand the emotions of Jesus as He waited in the Garden of Gethsemane for the last chapter of His life to be played out. Lawrence tells us in his own words:

“One day, I was thinking when Christ was all alone and he selects twelve men, and they all leave him at a vital moment, what Christ would feel, so I cried when I thought of how Christ must have felt, Christ must have felt he failed. I cried, then I went to bed that night.”[viii]

Lawrence believes he had placed himself in a state without thought, only awareness – he was on an emotional frequency which could be accessed by the spirit world. That night a high spirit came to him and said, “Larry, do you want to see something really cool?”

Something Really Cool

Larry attributes his quest to understand people and the emotions which drive them – to his wife’s sweet disposition. His wife’s angelic nature, she was more diplomatic and kinder to people, caused him to research what made people think, act, and believe what they do. He became NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certified, to understand how people thought. He wanted to know how people felt emotions and what triggered them. Lawrence believes that our emotions are live things, and our emotions want love too, they want to be noticed and loved. We are the collection of our emotions.

Therefore, asleep, or in a trance state, when a high spirit came and asked, “Larry, do you want to see something really cool?” he didn’t hesitate. Like the four-year-old, with an insatiable curiosity, but now armed with years of accumulated learning and experience, he was off to an adventure. An escapade which would change his life forever.

In an isolated space, Lawrence could detect a white light coming at him, far in the distance. As it came nearer, he could make out a high spirit, a man. When the high spirit came next to him, instantly, Lawrence was in a scene (created by the high spirit) of a college campus. A pleasant, leafy, and expansive campus. They were walking along the sidewalk, heading to the library. As they turned to climb the steps outside the library building, Lawrence noticed that the handrail, had been blacken with frequent use. As his left foot hit the stepping stone, he discerned that it was concave, that granite steeping stone was concave after eons of students walking those steps.

The sun was over your his shoulder, behind him and the rays shone on the mica, in the granite and the light reflecting on the polished stone came back and diffuse into Lawrence’s right eye. The light beam acted as a transporter of Lawrence’s identity and awareness. He went down into that light and watched the String theory singing a concert.

Imagine a bead curtain, about four feet high, a concentric circle, three feet in diameter and three to mobiusSpherefour feet tall, when one of the string vibrates, its vibration is picked up by the other strings, the other strings reflects that vibration, in a harmonic resonance. Together their collective amplitude increases, the strings cannot contain the energy and the beads absorb the energy. As the energy goes into the battery (the beads) its starts transforming the auditory frequency, the beads started glowing, giving off frequencies of various colors. The colors of one beads talk to the colors of another bead, they create a harmonic. An unbelievable rainbow of vibratory frequencies that we don’t have words for are spawned. When that happens it calls up another set of strings in the center that raises up higher than four feet and creates another set of harmonics. These two harmonics communicated with each other, then a third, then all the harmonics engulfed the whole. At that time Lawrence could feel the whole. At one with the vibratory frequency.

In a different account of a NDE, I discussed what is Universal Fluid and its relation to String Theory. In essence, in the 1850s, Spiritism, revealed to the world, that the universe(s) – spiritual and physical – are composed of fluids which are compacted and set with different vibrations to create all matter and energy. Spiritism told us that the universe is full, there are no truly empty spaces, as string theory also postulates.

As Lawrence soaked in the divine orchestra, he felt the intelligence surround him and he knew (totally) he was at one with awareness. What Lawrence witnessed, wasn’t just a light show, it was force, it was the foundation of all, directed by will. It was an aspect of the Supreme Intelligence.

This is the secret that is open to all, but seen by few. A mystery that is right in front of our faces, but our current thinking blinds us … all matter and energy, everything harks back to God and God’s will, and the will of His high spirits. Nothing is put into place or sustained in place without a force (composed of faith and will) assigning it there.

Energy is Controlled by Will

Spirits create by thought. God created the spirit and physical universes by thought. High spirits carried on the work of God, by forming solar systems, planets, and life on earth. How does thought transform into concrete action? How does an idea guide a planet or change the destiny of a single human?

Zabdiel presents how the spark of an idea affects matter in a chapter titled, The Science of Heaven. Zabdiel is the spirit who sent a stream of communications to the Rev. G. Vale Owen from November 3, 1913 to January 8, 1914. All were published in a book, which was first serialized in the English papers in the 1920’s. Ultimately a book was published, The Life Beyond the Veil; which was a compilation of four previously published books. The messages from Zabdiel are found in book two, titled The Highlands of Heaven.

Energy = Universal Fluid

First Zabdiel defines what he means by the use of the word “energy”:

“Energy, as I now employ the word, is to be understood as that intermediary which couples up the motion of will with the effect as displayed in the minds of men. We here are trained to this end that we may, by the motion of our wills, transmit, by what we may call vibration, our thoughts through the intervening spheres, or states, into the earth plane. It is this movement in vibration which I call energy.”[ix]

The spirit universe rests upon a cosmic energy platform, called, by Spiritism, universal fluid. From this, flows all forms of matter. The will of a spirit is able to modify the vibrational states and structure of universal fluid. Zabdiel explains further, “When I use the term vibration I do not speak merely of oscillation to and fro alone, but of movements which are sometimes elliptical, sometimes spiral, and sometimes a combination of these and other qualities.”[x]

Allan Kardec, in The Spirits Book, supplies the definition of matter; “Matter is the element which enchains spirit, the instrument which serves it, and upon which, at the same time, it exerts its action.”[xi] Hence, the force of mind of a spirit controls and directs matter. And that which facilitates the command of matter by a spirit is universal fluid or energy as Zabdiel defines it.

Allan Kardec places universal fluid in the same context as Zabdiel, when he reported that spirits told him:

“The material element must be added the universal fluid which plays the intermediary between spirit and matter, the nature of the latter being too gross for spirit to be able to act directly uponetheralatom it. Although, from another point of view, this fluid may be classed as forming part of the material element, it is, nevertheless, distinguished from that element by certain special properties of its own … It is intermediary between spirit and matter, under the directing action of spirit, to produce the infinite variety of things of which you know as yet but a very small portion. This universal, primitive, or elementary fluid, being the agent employed by spirit in acting upon matter is the principle without matter would remain forever in a state of division, and would never acquire the properties given to it by the state of ponderability.”[xii]

Ponderability being the state upon which matter rests as directed by the thoughts of a spirit. Although, as our science understands today, matter is never at rest, it is constantly in motion, vibrating, but to our eyes it holds a constant form and is endowed with certain physical characteristics.

Our current level of scientific discovery would agree with Zabdiel, when he states:

“From this point of view the atomic system of vibration, which has but of late been revealed to men of science, is to us one with the movement of the planets of this solar sphere, and of other systems far away in space. The motion of earth round the sun, the motion of the molecules of the atom are vibrations. It matters not by what degree you measure them, or what the diameter of the orbit, they are of one in kind, and in degree only do they differ each from other.”[xiii]

Picture a rectangular piece of wood. Unseen by our sight, it is a mass of vibrating atoms and mindwavesmolecules. To us, it has weight and it is dense. It is wood and it is square because of the motions within and the composition of the universal fluid that directs it. Now, picture what would happen if the atomic elements were commanded to vibrate more rapidly, to alter their shape; the rectangle would no longer be a rectangle and the wood would transform into another substance.

As water changes to steam when heated, matter changes when the energy directed at it by the thoughts of a spirit into something slightly or radically different from whence it began.

Zabdiel explains what matter really is:

“Matter itself is the result of the transmutation of spiritual vibration into those of the grosser sort, and these later are now being analyzed by scientists who have come to the knowledge that matter is indeed the result of vibration, and that no article of matter is still, but in ceaseless movement. That is correct, but not conclusive, for it does not pursue the matter to the end of it. It were truer to say, not that matter is in vibration, but that matter is vibration, the results of vibration of a quality more refined, which is found, not in the phenomenon of material things, but in those spheres proper to its quality.”[xiv]

Hence, matter is material waiting to be transformed by spiritual directed energy. Zabdiel describes the process of the alteration:

“But transmutation brings into any such system a change of movement, and the quality of movement being changed, there is also, and of necessity, a change of result. Thus we, acting always in perfect obedience to laws laid down by those higher and wiser than ourselves, concentrate our wills on the movement of certain vibrations, which become deflected and transmuted into other qualities of vibration, and thus change is wrought.”[xv]

The modification is usually accomplished gradually and deliberately. Step by step until the desired end state is attained. Matter in one state is now in another state.


From the beginning of slight alterations, brought on by the intended plan of a spirit or group of spirits, all is created and guided. Zabdiel tells us that from this one process, this singular talent for focusing energy on an object and transforming it, all else follows:

“It is by this method that we deal with the actions of men, and the course of nature in all its parts. There are manifold classes and companies who have in charge the various departments of creation – mineral, vegetable, animal, human, terrestrial, solar, and stellar. Beyond this, also, thePSYCHIC-readings stars are grouped together and dealt with by hierarchies qualified for that great task.

It is by this same method, then, of the transmutation of energy that systems are gradually developed into worlds, and these worlds furnished with form, and then enabled to produce vegetation and animal life. But, this being so, you will note that all life, and all development, is consequent on the operation of spiritual energy obeying the dictates of the will of spiritual beings. This once grasped, blind force disappears, and intention takes its place – intention of intelligent and powerful spiritual workers of various grades operating according to certain fixed laws, but, within the bounds of laws free and mighty.”[xvi]

Hence, look up at the night sky and see not random stars, built within the confines of chaotic motion of matter spawned by the big bang. Instead see creation as planned, creation as willed by High Lords and carried out by a phalanx of lessor spirits. Everything we live upon and are, to the very curvature of our skull and the capabilities of our sight has been carefully planned.

We are the direct result of deliberate objectives directed from on high. Our lives, in the same manner in which our physical form was molded, are guided by the desires of spirits (who may include ourselves, while in the spirit world) in the trials and obstacles we face on earth. Always, with our free will intact, to make choices and to suffer, either gladly or with remorse, the lessons offered to us, so we too, may be part of the cohort of spirits managing all life in the universe.

The knowledge that we live in a world of malleable clay which alters form and structure upon command should give us strength … inner fortitude to understand that the vicissitudes of our life are all to a purpose. Everything we experience is not without meaning – for all is aimed with love and kindness. Worlds, nations, and races are born, forged by heat, and deteriorate all for a designed cause. Zabdiel, reinforces this point:

“Thus you will see how little it matters that, when the time comes for you to cast off the body of earth, you stand discarnate. Your earth body was a body of vibrations and no more. Very well, you now have a body of vibrations more substantial and enduring, because of a higher quality, and nearer to the energizing Will which brought it into existence, and so sustains it. That body will serve you while you sojourn in the lower spheres and, when you have progress, that body will be transmuted into one still more permanent, and of quality more sublime. This process will be repeated as the ages go by and you proceed from glory to higher glory in the infinite reaches of progress before you.”[xvii]

We are on earth for a short period in disposable suits, designed to enhance our educational opportunities. Make the most of what comes our way and learn what is presented. Only by suffering through the stressful days and putting the good days in perspective can we cultivate the calm and wisdom to ascend.

Into the Universal Library

Lawrence, in total awe, while inside the small fragment of mica, within a block of granite, which had been shaped throughout centuries by the steps of students – enraptured, surrounded, and at one with the Supreme Intelligence – was transported back into his body, so he could complete his forward motion of his legs and climb the steps to the library.

He continues climbing up the stairs to the library, the doors are massive, twelve feet tall, they go in and begin walking to the back. Still, the high spirit has only said that first sentence to Lawrence, nothing else.

Together, they see the librarian, turn right and walk a further fifty feet, then turn left and saunter another one hundred and twenty feet. Lawrence sits at a table on a chair.

At this point, Lawrence decides to call the high spirit George – he stands next to Lawrence. George asked Larry, “Would you like to read a book?”[xviii] Lawrence, ever ready, says “Yes.”

Picture Lawrence, sitting at a table, made of wood, for it seems everything in the library is made of library10wood. The table is in the middle of a rather large space. The book shelves are at least twelve feet away from the table and chairs. Since George told him to read a book, he does what is natural to him and grabs a book. All normal, except he doesn’t get up from the chair – his arm extended twelve feet and he selected a book. As if he was in a science fiction movie, where one of the characters could elongate his limbs at will, Lawrence did the same. Upon retrieving the book, his arm returned to normal. It all seemed commonplace at the time.

Throughout all of this, George stood mute. Lawrence opened the book and turned pages faster than a blur, and he understood everything! Everything, not just the written content, but the author’s original intention and emotional state at the time the book was written.

edgar-cayce-2One may believe that this phenomena was just a figment of Lawrence’s imagination, but there are two examples of people who have lived on earth who have had similar abilities. First, the American Christian Mystic Edgar Cayce, who could put a book underneath his pillow, wake up the next morning and know theChicoXavier contents. Second, the great Brazilian Spiritist medium, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, who could lay his hands on a book or magazine and understand the contents and the state of the author.[xix] Chico didn’t understand how he could do it, but he could.

Chico Xavier psychographed more than 450 books from spirits telling us about the spirit realm. In one of his books, In the Greater World, the spirit Andre Luiz, who was the spirit author of the book, is talking about a medium’s frontal lobes and how they are awashed with light to Andre’s spiritual eyes. His mentor tells him something interesting;

“In the frontal lobes, Andre, the physical exteriorization of important perispiritual centers, there are millions of cells waiting for human effort in the area of spiritualization in order to become operative. Not one of the most daring thinkers of humankind from ancient times up till now has ever managed to use a tenth of them. They are energies of a virgin field, which the soul will gain not only through evolutionary continuity but also through self-education, moral improvement and sublime elevation. My friend, only a living and revealing faith can initiate such an endeavor as an indispensable trailblazing light for individual progress.”[xx]

The spirit world doesn’t equip us with facilities without a purpose. My guess is that at some future regenerativeWorldstate of our planet, when we become a regenerative or happy world the power of our minds will be unlocked. Then we shall, like Lawrence, be able to absorb a book, or any data at lightning speed.

After finishing the book – the word reading isn’t correct to use, since Lawrence practically ingested the book – he felt his awareness state was even more elevated. Lawrence has no memory of what the book said, since the spirit realm did not allow him to retain its contents. This is a common theme in near death experiences, the spirit world will let you recall what you need, no more and no less.

Next, Lawrence, looked up to George, who didn’t seem as stoic and unreadable as before. Lawrence sensed a bit more openness, but still no emotion. He thought he saw a hidden smile. Then this happened:

“George said to me, ‘Are you ready to go?’

I start to push the chair back, the calves of my legs push against the chair. Against the wood of the rungs of the bottom of the chair, the vibrations flows to the wall about 30-40 feet away. The wall is wood, the vibrations come back. My left ear hears the return of the vibrations before the right ear. Then I realize my head is cocked a little bit to the left, in relation to the wall. Therefore I should hear one vibration before the other.”[xxi]

An infinitesimal angle of the head, which translated into a minute difference in distance between the left and the right ears and the wooden wall is fully realized by Lawrence’s new sensitivity. This is how you shall be when you return to your real life – your life as an immortal spirit.

A Valuable Lesson

After Lawrence experienced his new heightened sensitivity, he rose and walked out the left door, of the double doors of the library. This time George opens the door. Both George and Lawrence stand onhumility the landing.

Lawrence is outside once again, enjoying the vast college campus. Its greenery, the clear paths and trails, with closely cut lawns. Lawrence spots a woman who is walking up the sidewalk and is slowly turning to walk up the steps. Whereupon, George thinks (Lawrence hears George thoughts in his mind):

“’Larry, do you think she read that book?’

I reply, ‘Probably not.’

Then George says, in a neutral manner, ‘Do you think you are better than she, because you have read that book?’

Then I said, ‘No’”[xxii]

When Lawrence told me this, I smiled, and realized immediately that before I fully understood Spiritism, I too would have said “no”, but only because it was the correct thing to say, not that I believed it. For in my mind, I would have thought, “Of course I am better, after all I took the trouble to read the book, she didn’t. Therefore, I am better!”

I believe the same sort of thinking went through Lawrence’s mind, but then – after he said “no” – he truly realized that was the right answer. Not just the correct answer, but the right, the absolute true response.

Right after Lawrence said, “no”, he felt no sense of judgement, no sense of George pondering the answer. Instead he felt lighter. He felt a burden that was lifted. Because before his “no” was not really true before, but now it became true. Lawrence, for the first time felt it in every fiber of his body.

No greater gift could have been bestowed upon Lawrence. Then George said:

“Larry there will be a time when your curiosity will gain you access to the infinite library of the universe.”[xxiii]

Lawrence told me, “Words are more than words, they are a map for you to a place of understanding. As I listened to George, each word brought me to a place. As he spoke to me I went to the Universal Library. Then I came back, and noticed that George had another hidden smile. I came back lighter, less dense, I couldn’t remember a thing from my visit.”[xxiv]

Then George disappeared, Lawrence woke up and cried.


Lawrence witnessed the inner workings of the universal elements (called Universal Fluid by Spiritism), he felt the immense power and capability that life as a spirit provided, he inhaled knowledge at an astounding rate and lastly, most importantly of all … he was taught a lesson.

Our physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists all are trying to figure out the basic building blocks of the universe. The theory of everything is still elusive. While I don’t pretend to understand the math behind their theories, I do believe as we become more adept at understanding computers, data, storage, transmission, and artificial intelligence; all of this in combination with knowledge of our physical universe – will begin to expose the truth. We (the physical and spiritual universes) are the logical constructs of God. First there existed a timeless dimension, then to better prepare and train intelligent servitors, a physical plane was created to provide the required environment to mold our character. From the beads, the vibrations, the orbs of energy come everything, including us. We are, at the base, self-improving programs, who learn through stimuli.

Lawrence came away with a similar conclusion; we are the sum total of what we believe and we can only see and reason through the prisms that we think we have. To truly modify ourselves, to alter our programming at the most root level, we need to discern the truth. Hence, Lawrence has worked at explaining what he saw – C-OS – the Conscious Operating System.

Lawrence explained to me, what he discovered:

“There is a universal operating system by which we all live, in with, and because of. We need to discern the difference between the belief systems that we create and the true reality. Do we listen to what we want to believe or do we search out the real truth, as uncomfortable as it may be.”[xxv]

I will leave the reader with a poem that Lawrence read during my interview with him.


Deception Pass to Paradise Lost

Humanity pays … an identity cost.

Fact or fiction … Truth or lies

These are the beliefs that filter our eyes.

Change your beliefs … within your brain

To create what your heart does yearn to gain.

Beliefs are illusions … of the truths they’ve hid

While truth is the reality … of what truth actually did.

Change your lenses … and you will change what you see.

Paradise is Found … Man’s to be free.

Lawrence Carson – © 2014

7Tenets-Front-smallYou can find your paradise. And you don’t have to do it alone, each one of us has a spiritual mentor watching over us and sending usPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] encouragement and signals. We need to be able to recognize when we are on the wrong path by being alert to what the spirit world is communicating to us. I explore how I had been guided by the spirit world, for years without my realizing it, until an event forced me to reconsider everything I thought I knew. I write about my experiences in my book 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

You can read more accounts of near death and other experiences in my book – The Spirit World Talks to Us. Learn that we are immortal souls, who travel life after life in our journey toward perfection.

Learn about the spirit realm, your place in it and how we are guided to the path of learning. Read my series of three books.


Heaven and Below

Spirits and the Spirit Universe

How we are Guided by Spirits




Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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