The Reality of Heaven

Heaven-City-onHillZabdiel, a resident of the tenth level of heaven (levels are concepts specifically for our comprehension), writes about a city in heaven. He doesn’t tell us what level the city is located in. He tells us about the city for one purpose only: That our life on earth is but an interlude, and to become distracted in the pursuit of ill-gotten material goods or to be side tracked by rationalizing away the presence of God means that our ability to enter a city, such as the one he defines will be delayed for yet another stay in the regions below heaven and another incarnation to learn the true path. Thus he begins:

“Far away a light is rising in the sky which overlaps the horizon like a violet-tinted veil, and seems to drop behind it, curtaining the further distance from my sight. Between that horizon and the high rock on which I stand to view is a wide stretching plain. Here at my feet, far down below, I see a temple which, in its turn, is still high above the City which stretches round the base of mountain.

Domes and halls and mansions surrounded by lawns of emerald, and flowers flashing and sparkling like gems of many colors I see, and squares and statues and fountains; and many people, whose robes outshine the flower beds and outnumber their colors, move about in groups. One color is seen to be dominant over the rest, however, and that is gold, for that color is the principal of this City.”[i]

Spiritism has brought communications from many spirits, all revealing different aspects of heaven. While many religions and messages from individual spirits attempt to describe heaven to humans on earth, Spiritism supplies us with details from many spirit sources. All with common themes and all exposing slightly different aspects of life in the spirit realm.

Zabdiel, adds to the accumulated expositions describing heaven. In Book Two of the book The Life Beyond the Veil called The Highlands of Heaven. He explained to Rev. G. Vale Owen how heaven isn’t some mirage or fantasy, but real … in fact it is the reality. Heaven is where all souls aspire to and where there is constant activity to learn in order to rise up in the hierarchy of heaven.

The City by the Lake

Zabdiel begins to provide details about the city:

“High walls stretch, crescent-wise, along the outer part and embrace the City as the horns bendNossa-lar-topview in towards the mountain on either side. On these walls are watchers – not against foe, but to give tidings of what is forwards out on the vast plain from time to time, and to welcome friends who journey hither from regions far away.

The walls are lapped by the waters of a lake which is in extent as a sea or ocean on earth would be measured. But yet it is possible for those who are trained to watch to see, beyond it, the land on the farther shore where light is growing, and is seen kissing the sails and flashing oars of the ships as they go, some in one direction and some in another, upon the bosom of the gently swelling sea.”[ii]

Sails moving ships and other boats being propelled by oars sounds more like a passage from a fantasy novel, where magic is mixed with the idealized pageantry of the Renaissance. Other accounts from different authors mention the use of wagons, horses, and other animals as working beside spirits. Different levels of heaven correspond to the power of the resident spirits. The higher the level the more ability for the spirit to create from their mind.

Therefore, life is idealized, where wind is conjured from the will of a spirit to move the ship, or oars are used by some mechanism, to not only provide motion, but beauty too. For that is the theme of heaven, everything is based upon the beatitude of the object. It must be functional and pleasing to the senses.

Zabdiel next recounts an event that he has witnessed:

“And now I descend and stand on the walls to watch what is enacting. Presently I hear a rumbling as of thunder coming from the direction of that violet cloud of light. This grows in volume and rhythm, and gains in pleasurable tone, until it has become one sustained chord of music.

Then from the temple above me I see merge a great throng who wear white glistering robes, with golden bands about their middles, and each a filet of gold upon his head. These take hands upon the platform of rock before the Temple and, looking upward, seem to be lost in adoration. They celestrial-cityare really gathering to answer the salutation of the party who are traveling towards us beyond the horizon yonder.

Then another man comes forth and stands before them, looking towards the violet cloud of light. He is of larger build than the rest, clothed like them of white and gold, but more beautiful and bright of face, and whose eyes are like a flame of quivering light.

Presently, as they stand thus, a cloud begins to gather around them and, as it thickens, we see it in movement revolving, until it takes the shape of a sphere, and is in color golden, but full of many-colored lights. It enlarges until at length it hides the Temple from view. And then a very notable thing ensues.

The sphere, revolving and sending out flash after flash of light-gold, crimson, purple, blue, green and other, slowly rises into the air, and higher still it goes until it is level with the topmost peak of the mountain behind and above the Temple, Higher still it rises, and its light radiates far afield. And I notice that the platform where stood the party of Temple dwellers is bare of them. They have ascended in that globe of living light and flame. This is not possible but for those who have developed in training to endure that intensity of spiritual power which generates such phenomena as this. Higher still rises the sphere until it rests suspended, and the brilliancy of its flashing is increased.

Then I notice a shadow stealing from out its midst, and settling and spreading over that half of it which opposes itself to the region behind; but, the front which is toward the violet light in the horizon is naked, and its brightness is increased by so much that I may not look at it, but only at the rays as they travel high over the plain in answer to that message coming from afar.

Then, too, we hear a humming noise, like that of bees, which come from the sphere of light; and this increases like the other, like a chord of great orchestras, as its swells out, high in the heavens now, and floods the plain and the sea both with light and music – for here these are often made to go hand in hand, blended in condition and effect.”[iii]

The entire scene is like a royal procession, put on by an empire of immense wealth or a Raja who possesses a treasure chest full of the brightest and deep-red rubies. Whereas on earth such events are meant to awe the masses with the absolute power of the rulers, in the spirit world they are an exercise of power learned.

In the lower rungs of heaven, there are colleges of color and light, where souls who are just beginning concert_in_heaven_by_sabin_boykinov-d3gl2i0to learn the command of their minds apprehend the basic tools of the trade. As they rise, they put their acquired knowledge to use, to create shows of beauty and complexity. Displays which involve using the training given to them and in which they are determined to refine by practicing.

Spirit create majestic shows not to demonstrate superiority over lessor souls, but to entice them with what they may attain with hard work and dedication. It is as if the fantasy books were alive, without villains, only loving mentors, living in a city of conjurers, who strove to sculpture displays of encouragement for junior wizards.

Zabdiel continues with the display:

“Our friends are seen and heard by those who come towards us from far away, and the two streams gradually approach, and so do the two strains of harmony, and all blend together in wonderful beauty. But they are not neat together. That which in these realms answers to distance in yours is immense. These two in opposition are as if one of the stars you see from earth should salute a sister star billions of billions of miles away, and send her music to her in greeting, receiving answer in like response light and sound together blended, Then, could these two stars leave their moorings in the ends of space, and begin to come nearer each to other along the heavenly road, century after century, approaching at awful speed and, for greeting sending out from time to time floods of radiance and music, as throwing kisses by the way, ahead of their meeting – so imagine this approachment of those two spheres of the spiritual universe, and you do not over-estimate either their beauties or powers of movement thus displayed.”[iv]

Sound and light together create a universal greeting. We intuitively realize this; benevolent spirits whisper this into our ears … why else would science fiction and fantasy stories and movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, also use this type of communication. Only the influence of the spirit world, readying us for the next step of evolution has the precise answer.

Zabdiel – leaves them to go about his business. He can’t describe the meeting, except for, “The heaven was transformed into a blaze of light, and thousands of beings flashing hither and thither, with many species of transport animals, and wagons of different construction, and banners and devices, and flashing, radiating, shimmering lights and colors, and voices which were like instruments of music falling upon us below, as they wheeled and circled in the heavens above, like showers of golden rain mingled with violet flowers and diamonds.”[v]

The visitors, according to Zabdiel, were from a higher sphere, who brought a gift for the entire City, a present to enable every resident to advance one more step toward a higher sphere. Even the City itself glowed with satisfaction after the great event.

I have read of other instances when during a large gathering, certain individuals or whole crowds are given some new token, learning, or power by spirits from a higher sphere. What exactly this entails is not described, probably because in order to properly explain what occurred would take volumes and in a language we could not comprehend. But, I shall give my interpretation.

As we ascend, and become more receptive to the light; by that I mean more able to reflect the love of the spirit world from within us, because we more fully accept that we must love and cherish all. That we have removed more of the baser characteristics, such as envy, from our foundation. All of our inner substance is known to higher spirits. Hence, they know when we are ready to begin the next lesson. Therefore, as a student who advances from basic math to more complex equations is given a calculator that displays sine waves and other functions, instead of just a simple device, spirits too, are granted gifts … abilities that reside within them, after they are turned on by superior spirits. Abilities that now have to be explored and learned. Abilities that must be exercised.

Like a student conjurer who is given a new spell by a grand wizard, the gift is not given without new responsibilities. The spell isn’t revealed until the student demonstrates self-discipline and wisdom.Jesus-greatLord

We are earth are just at the beginning of the lesson. At our current maturity we are trusted with little, and rightly so. Only by striving for betterment and demonstrating constant love in all circumstances to all people can we hope to prove our worth. Thusly, Zabdiel exhorts us to:

“Look onward, friend and ward, for this is yours; and all those beauties and delights, we hold in trust for you. Stretch forth your hand in faith, and I drop into it just one small gem of all these heavenly treasures. Open your heart to us and we will breathe into your being some of the music and love of your own future home.”[vi]

We are being told, as students in a classroom, to show some interest, a little progress, and help will come forward. Opportunities the likes you never imagined to be possible shall present themselves. Visions of what could be will occur, all this for the person who steps forward and attempts to live a 7Tenets-Front-smallmoral life. A life of love, fraternity, and honesty.

To see how we are enveloped by the spirit realm read my book about my personal experiences, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. You will be surprised at the involvement into the smallest details in our lives by our spirit guardians.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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