The Realm of Castrel – A Region in the Lower Levels of Heaven

celestrial-cityIn the books inspired by Andre Luiz and other spirits, all psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier there are descriptions of heavenly cities and outposts. In the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, by Yvonne Pereira, there is a description of an entire medical complex, practically a city, with the expressed aim of helping suicides.

In the book, The Lowlands of Heaven, which is one section in a compilation of four books, Life Beyond the Veil, by the Reverend G. Vale Owen. The good reverend communicates with his mother about life in the lower regions of heaven.

When Jesus told us, that his mansion has many rooms, the true meaning is there are many levels of heaven, as well as stages below. As one progresses and learns, a spirit is able to ascend level after level, becoming less dense and more light, a brighter aura, which denotes the purity of the spiritual being.

Vale Owen’s mother tells him that she and a group of four women are directed to journey to a city. AbeyondTheVeil great city in the midst of mountains, and in the middle of the city would be a large golden dome.

They began by walking, then decided to fly in the direction of the city so they could see the lay of the land. Vale Owen’s mother tells us that flying, or volitation as it is called in the books by Chico Xavier, is more exhausting, but a faster way of traveling. Volitation is the process of movement by thought. A spirit, who has reached a high enough level, has the ability to travel to whatever destination they can form in their minds. By the way, the speed of light is not the speed limit in the spirit world.

The group arrives:

“We sighted the City and descended before the principal gateway, by which we entered the main thoroughfare. It ran straight through the City and emerged through another gateway on the other side. On each side of this broad street there were large houses, or palaces, in spacious ground, the residences of the principal officials of that district of which the City itself was the Capital.

NossaLar-cityAs we came towards the City we had seen people working in the fields, and also many buildings, evidently not residences, but erected for some other useful purpose. And now that we were within the City walls we saw the perfection of both buildings and horticulture. For each building had a typical garden to match it in both color and design. We passed on, waiting for some sign as to our destination and mission for on such occasions as this a message is always sent on ahead, so that the visitors are expected.

When we had gone some way we entered a large square, where beautiful trees grew on lawns of the greenest of green grass and fountains played a harmony together; that is to say, there were perhaps a dozen fountains, and each had a tone of its own, and each was composed of many smaller jets of water, each being a note. These are manipulated, on occasion, so that a fairly complicated piece of music can be played, with an effect such as that produced by an organ with many stops. At such times there are large number of people assembled in the square or park, as I might call it, both of the citizens and also those who dwell outside among the hills and pastures. But when we came to it the fountains were playing a simple series of chords, in perfect harmony, and with the most pleasing effect.”[i]

As many have said before, heaven is earth made perfect. One sees glimpses of flawlessness, such as the Taj Mahal or just a small railway station tucked away in some minor corner, with vegetation that matches the quaintness of the building. We have all noticed and longed to be part of what we perceived to be the utterly alluring calmness and completeness of the architecture and ambience.

As children, we gazed upon the false cartoon worlds and imagined ourselves part of the landscape. Living amongst brilliant colors and comfortable houses, in a land of compassion, was a desire for all of us. This is what heaven is. It is more than a product of our imagination, it is real and with exertion and effort we shall arrive there someday.

Meeting Castrel

The group decided to wait in the square for who would come to tell them about their new assignment. They knew the thoroughness of the spirit world, someone would be notified of their arrival and would recognize them. They didn’t have to wait long.

A man came up to them. He was very tall, about seven and one half feet. He was dressed in a creamNossa-lar-lecture colored tunic and he had a gold headband, with three large blue stones. Around his waist he wore a belt of a pinkish silver. The woman knew he was a high spirit because of the glow of light emanating from his body.

He led them to a large building, shaped like a Greek temple, with high arches, and on top of it was the golden dome that could be seen throughout the city and the countryside. Whereupon he told them:

“This is my home; that is, it is my city home but I have also other houses out there in the country parts where I go from time to time to visit my friends whose duties lie in those districts. Come within and you shall be given the welcome which is your due, who have come so far to see us.”[ii]

Another aspect of the perfection of heaven are the people who rule. Whereas, in our world, the normal rule is the more powerful, the more arrogant and demanding. As human rise up in the corporate or government ladder they believe themselves to be smarter and more special than the masses below. They expect to be served.

In the spirit realm, it is as it should be, leaders are meant to serve and assist those who are in need. I have read accounts of the kindness and humbleness of souls in charge of great enterprises in heavenly cities and have found those who have been placed in positions of great responsibility also possess great kindness and understanding and a willingness to help their fellow spirits.

Their Mission

Castel left the group to relax in a chamber, whereupon a woman came to them to explain why they were chosen.

“You will wonder why you have come here, and what is this City and place is to which you have been sent. This house in which you now are is the Palace of Castrel, as no doubt, you already know. He is the ruler of this wide district, where many occupations are followed, and many studies are pursued. I hear you have already been to the Colony of Music, and farther on to otherNossa-lar-topview settlements, where different branches of science are carried on. Now, we are in touch with all of these, and are constantly receiving their reports as to progress in this or that branch. These are considered and dealt with by Castrel and his officers, from the harmony point of view, as I will call it. Co-ordination, however would express what I mean.

For instance, a report will arrive from the College of Music, and another from that of Light, and another from the settlement where the Creative faculty is studied, and from other branches of service. These are all very carefully examined and analyzed and tabulated, and, where necessary requires, the results are tested here, in one or other of the laboratories attached to this City. You will have seen some of these as you approached. They are scattered over the country to a great distance, They are not quite so complete in detail as those you have visited elsewhere, but, when any new apparatus is required, a mission is dispatched to inquire as to the construction, and these return and erect it in the spot most fitting in relation to the other establishments in this district; or perhaps it is added to the other apparatus already in existence in one or other of the buildings.

You will understand, therefore, that an Overlord such he who controls so varied a combination of knowledge must be well advanced in wisdom, and also is kept very busy at his work. It is this work you have been sent to see, and, while you remain with us, you will have ample opportunity of visiting some of the outlying stations. You will not, of course, understand all, or perhaps very much, of the scientific side of the work, but enough will be shown you to help you in your future work. Now come, and I will show you over this house, if you would care to see it.”[iii]

By this explanation, one can decipher much about the spirit world. First, G. Vale Owen’s mother was part of the group, so in the future she could communicate what she saw to her son. The spirit world had put this plan in motion years back, even to the birth of his mother. Plans span decades, centuries, and eons.

Secondly, heaven is one of labor, whether in pursuit of knowledge, working to maintain a city, educating the populace, or building grand palaces, the motion of life is constant. Heaven isn’t a life of leisure, but a continuation of life on earth. While earth is a poor reflection, the basic facts of daily life are still true. We work, we learn, we play, we are entertained, we have responsibilities, we report to some and others report to us. All mundane routines we all know too well.

The large variation is the environment and the people. Whereas, we live with neighbors and co-workers who may have no compassion for us, in heaven, people love each other and strive toward kindness and fraternity. Imagine living in a world where you are genuinely happy to see and talk with all of your fellow citizens and are certain they mean you no harm.

Thirdly, each sphere, each stage of heaven circling the earth, contributes to the greater good. As can be derived from the colleges and facilities mentioned, the higher ranges of the spirit world allows each area to create new devices and processes which could be of benefit to their level and those below them. Thereby, helping the advancement of earth’s society and technology, when spirit are reincarnated back on earth, they bring with them memories of new inventions.

The question is why are there new inventions? After all, isn’t the spirit realm led by God who is omnipotent? There shouldn’t be anything left to create. I believe, and I have only my own insight to go on here, that there are two main reasons why products are researched and produced.

God has set us up to improve ourselves by our own freewill. Our sphere, under the direction of Jesus, allows us to acquire the knowledge of each level and then, only if we so desire, advance to the next stage, where more wonders exist. To present us with all knowledge and devices immediately would doom us to a life of mere existence.

Next, each planet, most probably has its own type of human, with its small variations of environmental factors, cultural, and other unique limitations. Hence, devices must be developed and introduced which fit into our puzzle, into our distinctive characteristics.

The Levels of Heaven

To facilitate our spiritual growth, even when we pass over to the spirit world, we emerge from our dense bodies and foggy minds into an environment which we can comprehend. G. Vale Owen’s mother explains it better than I can:

“Things here when we first arrive are certainly different from those of the old life, but not so different as to make us feel dumbfounded by their strangeness. Indeed, those who come over after living an unprogressive life on earth, find themselves in spheres of so gross a character as to be, to them, indistinguishable from earth itself. That is one of the reasons why they are not able concert_in_heaven_by_sabin_boykinov-d3gl2i0to realize that they have changed their state. As you progress through the lower spheres into the higher, this grossness gradually gives place to more rare conditions, and the higher you go the more sublimated is the environment. But few, if any, pass into those spheres where no trace of earth is seen, or no likeness to the earth life. I doubt if, as a rule, any do. But of this I must not speak dogmatically, for I have not myself reached, or even visited, a sphere where there is absolutely no likeness to God’s beautiful earth. For it is beautiful, and we have to learn its beauties and wonders here, as part of our training.”[iv]

Hence, as we are treated on earth, as children sent to school, highly supervised and regulated, we are subject to the same care in the spirit world. We aren’t tossed into the grand intellectual oneness that some postulate is the ultimate nirvana, but we are readied for a destination that is entirely foreign to us step by step. Never exceeding what our minds may comprehend. And never forcing us to advance until we express our desire and dedication to earn the right to peer into the next level.

Scenes of Heaven

Heaven, at least within the first stages, as described by G. Vale  Owen’s mother fits our imagination of a world commanded by love. Love not only spirit to spirit, but for all things. She tells us:

“It would probably be utterly absurd to many to be told that here we have real solid houses and streets and mountains and trees and animals and birds; and that animals are not here for ornament alone, but also for use; and that horses and oxen and other animals are put to use. But they enjoy their work in a way which makes one glad to watch them. I noticed a horse and rider coming along the street once, and I wondered which was enjoying the canter the most of the two.”[v]

The use of dogs, horses, and other animals are mentioned in the books by the spirit Andre Luiz. Often, he cites how dogs accompany teams of spiritual workers trekking to the Lower Zones to assist the needy. The dogs that have been part of our life on earth, may be with us in our spirit life too. Love creates a bond that doesn’t recognize mere physical boundaries.

Within the city are many squares and fountains, where people gather and spirits still in child form played.

“Here and there, however, there were groups in the squares, where the fountains played and were surrounded by basins into which the waters fell. There were all connected with one broad Nossa-Lar-peoplestream which issued forth from one side of the City, and fell into the plain below, a brilliant waterfall of many tints and of sparkling brightness. It took its way across the plain, a fairly broad stream flowing gently over the sands, and we saw, here and there, some children bathing in it, and throwing it over their beautiful bodies in great enjoyment. I did not think much of this until my guide remarked that these children were encouraged to bathe in the waters, as they were electrically charged, and gave strength to them, for many came here very weak and required such nourishment.”[vi]

Vale Owen’s mother continues on to describe the purpose of the buildings along the wide avenues:

“One of the buildings in the broad street was a library where records were kept of reports from the outlying stations. Another was a laboratory where some of the reports could be tested by actual experiment. Another was a lecture hall where professors gave their results to those of their own and other branches of science.”[vii]

All descriptions which could be made of some of earth’s more beautiful cities. Except, no police force is required to keep the peace, no environmental agency is needed to fine and close down polluters, and so on. The additional overhead to guard against those who wish to take physical or monetary Explore-Small-front-coveradvantage over their fellow humans is not required in heaven. For those who would have that inclination are not allowed in the City.

There are more details and explanations of the different places around, on, and below the earth in my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

The Council Chamber

What is different is how the City is governed and its leader selected. G. Vale Owen’s mother describes a building that appears to be constructed of polished mahogany. The large edifice was constructed long before Castrel was appointed the ruler of the district. It functioned as a Council Chamber for the Chief.

She tells us of a time long ago what occurred in the building as the Prince of the City was speaking to the assembly:

“A young man arose on one occasion, and, going to the center of the auditorium, stood there and stretched out his hands, and remained facing the President. As he stood there his form seemed to change and become more radiant and translucent, until at last he was surrounded by a large halo of light, and there were seen about him many Angels from the higher spheres. His smile had some enigma in it, which the Prince was trying to read, but could not. Just as he (the Prince or Chief) was about to speak, there came through the open door a little boy-child, and looked round in surprise at all the great crowd.

He paused at the edge of the circle and looked at the multitude of faces of those who sat there in tiers, one above the other, round the circle, and seemed abashed. He was just turning to run away again when he caught sight of the one who stood in the center, now glowing with light and glory. Immediately the little lad forgot everybody else, and, running as fast as his little legs would carry him, he went straight to the center of the circle with outstretched hands and a look of great joy in his face.

The one who stood there then lowered his arms, and, stooping down, took up the little one and laid him on his shoulder, and then, approaching the Prince, he gently laid the little fellow in his lap and began to walk back towards the place where he had stood. But as he went his form grew dim, and, before he had reached the spot he had left, he had become quite invisible, and the whole space was empty. But the little boy lay in the Prince’s lap, and looked up into his face – a very beautiful face it was – and smiled.

Then the Prince arose, and holding the child on his left arm, he reverently laid his right hand on his head, and said, “My brothers, it is written, ‘A little child shall lead them’, and these words come to my mind but now. What we have seen is a Manifestation of our Lord the Christ, and this little one is of those who are of the Kingdom, as He said. What message did He give you, child, as you lay in His arms, and He brought you to mine?”

Then for the first time the boy spoke and said, with a child’s accent, and still very shy of the large audience, ‘If you please, Prince, I must be good and do as you instruct me, and then He will show me, from time to time, new things for your City and Realm. But I don’t know what it means.’”[viii]

Here is the magnificent difference between our world and the spirit realm, in the spirit world, we see the manifestation of God’s Natural Laws and Jesus in all of its glory. We view, amazed and in wonder, but without doubt, since we have proof all around us. We are gifted to witness the greatness of those above us.

The Prince took the boy home and let him wander the laboratories and scientific schools. As time went on, people who worked in these areas would notice that when the boy made a suggestion, it was always in the middle of a difficult problem a person or a team would be trying hard to solve. Invariably his recommendation would hold the solution to the conundrum.

As the boy grew up, the Prince was called to a higher sphere, and in his place, the little boy, now a grown man, became the ruler of the district. In this manner, Jesus, who is responsible for our entire planet, appoints the right man or woman to be in charge at the right time.

Whereas, on earth, we are subjected to corrupt rulers, who say they act in accordance for what is best for us, when in actuality they act for what is best for them. In the spirit world, the higher you go, the more you realize your task is to serve. Selfishness dissipates and is replaced with love and compassion.

This purity of leadership and of the governed themselves is only possible because of the Law of Affinity. Which states that like associates with like, hence those who are true and honest congregate with others similar. Those whose first instinct is to have the upper hand, to take advantage of the ignorance of their brothers and sisters, and are motivated by self-aggrandizement above all else, are locked into the Lower Zones, until such time, they modify their character.

Heaven is a bewilderment to us, not only is the environment clean and beautiful, but the people are too. All of us on earth at this moment, have the capacity to begin striving for our place in one of the BookCover-Reincarnationcelestial cities. We only have to discard our baser instincts and think of others first. You can go wrong if you follow the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If you wish to learn more about the cycle of spirit – physical self – spirit again, and what this means to your growth as a spirit, please read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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