Zabdiel’s House in the 10th Level of Heaven

futureCityIn the book, Life Beyond the Veil, which is a collection four books, containing communications from the spirit world by different groups of spirits, including the author’s mother, there are many passages about the levels of heaven. The Rev. G. Vale Owen, in the second book in the collection, receives messages from a team of spirits led by the spirit Zabdiel.

Zabdiel reports that he resides in the tenth level of heaven. What he and other spirits constantly stress is that the numbering system is not universally used, it is only a method of describing the successive spheres to us on earth. I have written about heaven, here and here, and the main point to keep in mind, is that as a spirit ascends spiritually, they also climb up into higher and higher spiritual spheres.

Zabdiel and others also report that they have no idea of how many levels there are, they only realize they must still be far down the list. As one transcends one sphere to the next, light becomes brighter, light which is the reflection of the amount of love a spirit contains within him or herself. For a spirit who has not attained the correct spiritual level, the next stage appears to be white light or a mist of brightness that the sight of the untrained spirit can’t detect any details within the new environment.

Zabdiel begins the description of his house by comparing his attempt to illustrate in words his abode by taking a fish out of water and telling the fish what the Westminster Abby looked like. He begins:

“Still, since you wish it, I will tell you what I can of my own house and home; and you will probably think I might have done better when I finish, and best of all had I refrained altogether.

The country in which we build our house touches many spheres, and among them those whosemother_nature__s_garden_by_jesus_at_art-d5givmh natures radiate many colors according to their virtues, and which coincide most nearly with those of the people with whom I dwell. These colors are mostly other than those you know, but all those you know are here, and in almost infinite combination and hue. According to the occupation in which we are mentally engaged at any time the blend of colors varies, and the atmosphere takes on that tint.

Then the house also vibrates and responds to the thoughts and aspirations, whether of prayer sent onwards, or help willed backward through the spheres behind us, in, which direction lies the earth plane.”[i]

As with other spheres, even the lowest levels of heaven, colors are more varied and vibrant, hues that our human eyes can’t detect. What seems to changes as one travels upwards is the responsiveness of the surrounds to the mental transmissions of spirits. While buildings are created by force of thought in many levels, matters is even more attuned to the field of awareness of higher spirits in superior stages of heaven.

This makes sense in that as a spirit ascends the capabilities of their mind to transform objects grows, hence the elasticity of matter within their influence should come as no surprise. Everything is connected in the spirit world and ours, whereas we don’t possess the ability to actually see it, higher spirits are part of a vast web of thoughts. They have the ability to filter the massive amount of data which is directed toward them or their field of work and study.

Zabdiel reinforces the effect of a spirit’s will in the follow passage:

“Music also proceeds from us, not necessarily by mouth, but often more directly from the heart; and this is taken up also in response by the buildings around us, which are part of our energizing; and also the trees and flowers, and all plant life is affected and responds. This color and music are not merely inanimate here, but fraught with our life, and vibrate to our will.”[ii]

Imagine living in a world created by your own thoughts. There you have total control of the environment and can shape objects to your will. Only the most disciplined of minds could manage concert_in_heaven_by_sabin_boykinov-d3gl2i0and maintain it, without everything descending into chaos. Now imagine that if you are I could create our home out of thin air, while it may appear beautiful so a brief moment, a negative emotion would sneak up on us, and the home would suddenly transform into a black pit. This is why we go through our trials one earth.

This is why we reincarnate, as many times as it takes to instill constant love, kindness, and self-control within us. We are being trained to someday live in the tenth sphere of heaven. The sooner we start the process to mold ourselves into towers of light and love, the sooner we too can live in an unimaginable paradise.

Next Zabdiel describes the house, as best he can in words we can comprehend:

“The house is four-square, and yet the walls are not four alone, nor at angles each to the others. They, too, are blended, and the outer and inner atmosphere mingles through them. These walls are not for our protection, but for other uses, and one is to concentrate our vibrations, to focus them in their transmission to distant regions where our help is needed and desired. Thus we reach the earth also and sense your doings there, and send you words of instruction, or help in other forms, in answer to prayers which come to us for us to deal with.

Here also descend those of higher spheres and, by means of these houses and other influences prepared, become tangible to us that we may commune with them on matters which perplex us.

From this house also we send such strength to those who from time to time are commissioned to us from the lower spheres as enables them, for the period of their sojourn among us, to endure the conditions of this sphere with no great discomfort; and also to converse with and to see and hear us, which otherwise they might not do.”[iii]

In the paragraphs above, Zabdiel doesn’t describe the house, he narrates its functionality. When Zabdiel says his house is four-square, he is not laying out the plan of a simple cabin with four walls, but actually describing a castle or factory, which appears square on the outside, from a far vantage point, but in reality contains many areas for a variety of tasks.

It is quite clear that his home is a place of work. That it is a vital point of communications with spheres above and below. With specialized areas to facilitate live or in person meetings with beings who are either beyond an old environment or not yet suited to a more advanced atmosphere.

astrology-chart-clockAdditionally, the house works as a switching yard, where packets of information come from above and below, are examined and dispositioned to send either onwards or to be fulfilled immediately. It all sounds sterile in its functionality, but all of the effort, work completed by each individual, is solely focused on one aim: To help other spirits improve, gain knowledge, work through their problems in order to discover answers to what has been holding them back. Every detail, every item, is covered in love, love for fellow spirits, incarnate and discarnate.

Knowing that he has not yet described the house as G. Vale Owen originally requested, Zabdiel finally gets to what the house looks like:

“As to the aspect of this house from without, I will give you the description of one of those of a lower sphere which is nearer your own. He told me that when he came in sight of it he was reminded of the words, “a city which is set on a hill whose light cannot be hid.” He was a long distance away, but paused and descended to the ground to rest (for he came so far by aerial travel). He shaded his eyes, and gradually was able to look again at the mansion on the hill, far away in its brightness.

He said he saw the great towers; but they shone so brightly with their blue light that he could not tell where they actually ended, because the light shot up into the heavens above and seemed to continue them there indefinitely. Then the domes – some were red and some gold, and the light from these was likewise too dazzling to see where they ended, or what was their size. The gates and walls likewise shone silver and blue and red and violet, and blazed with dazzling light which bathed the hill below, and the foliage of the trees around, and he wondered how he would enter and not be consumed.

But we saw him, and sent messengers to deal with that his difficulty; and when at last he turned to bless us and depart, his mission being ended, he said to us, ‘A thought strikes upon me at this time of parting. My fellow workers will ask what manner of place is that to which I have been; and how shall I tell them of this glory when once again I am altogether of my own sphere, and resume its more straitened powers?’

And we replied, ‘Son, you will never quite be as you were, hereafter. For in you will remain somewhat of this sphere’s light and perception. But what you in your heart are able to remember will be of larger measure than you can give to them. For they would not understand if you could tell them; and to tell them you would perforce have to use the language which is current here. Therefore tell them to bend their wills to further development, and one day they shall come and see for themselves what you have seen but are unable to relate.’

And so he went away in great joy uplifted.”[iv]

In essence, to truly know what heaven is like, you have to strive to get there. The descriptions given by spirits, by their own admission, are never wholly adequate to the task of describing Westminster Abbey to a fish. While we have some affinity to the lower levels, as spiritual purity increases our ability to comprehend the magnificence of God’s creation diminishes.

What we are certain of is the need to spend time and effort to irretrievably alter our character in order to be awarded the privilege to not only enter the narrow gates of heaven, but then to ascend its multiple stages. Spirits tell us that our labors and sacrifices to better ourselves on earth will be repaid BookCover-Reincarnationa hundredfold when we return to where we belong; the spirit realm.

Read more about the plan for our lives and how the spirit world, with our participation, lays out the trials we shall encounter in our next incarnation. The reincarnation process and ultimate purpose is described in my book The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.


Brian Foster was a reluctant entry to Spiritism. He grew up with a vague sense of God and a higher power, but only through events he could not explain did he discover that there is indeed a world beyond ours, an “other side” as the Druids called it.

Brian works in Information Technology and has a BSCS degree and an MBA. For many this should make him a rational human being and not one who believes in spirits. On the contrary, it is what he believes to be an accumulation of evidence that has, thankfully, brought him to realize that we are part of a bigger plan.

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