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There is an interesting section of Book Two of The Highlands of Heaven on the topic of science. Zabdiel, the high spirit, discussed the cyclical nature of science. He communicated the following:

“Science, as history, repeats itself, but never in exact duplicate. Broad principles govern, from time to time, the search for knowledge, and are succeeded by others in their turn which, having server, then also fall behind into a secondary place in order that other principles may receive the more concentrated and undivided attention of the race. But from time to time, as the ages go by, these principles return again – not in the same order of sequence – to receive the attention of a new race. And so the march of human progress goes on.”[1]

While history is thought of repeating, due to the constancy of human nature, our greed, our thirst for domination, our hubris, science is generally seen as a line. A line that starts out on an almost imperceptible upward slope, from the first discovery of fire, then in the Renaissance begins to increase in altitude, with greater upswing beginning in the 17th century to the hockey stick slope of today.

The spirit Zabdiel, tells the Rev. G Vale Owen, that:

 “Items of discovery also are lost and found anew, often in other than their original guise, and with some strange features added, and other old features lacking.”[2]

When one thinks back on the knowledge lost during the Dark Ages, Zabdiel’s thesis that science flows in a cycle has some strong evidence supporting it. But if one looks at the world, where India anddark-ages China, for instance, didn’t experience a great social disintegration, scientific discoveries didn’t regress.

But, this isn’t what Zabdiel meant at all. To the modern world science means, at the base, following scientific methods, facts must be presented, experiments must be reproducible before any theory could be accepted as fact. In essence, the approach to science inspired by Aristotle and brought further along by the efforts of Roger Bacon. Science today is only what can proved and purposely devoid of any spiritual essence.

Zabdiel had a different point of view than what we mean as science:

“There was a time when science did not mean what it means to men today: when there was a soul in science, and the outer manifestation in matter was of secondary interest. Thus it was with alchemy, astrology, and even engineering. It was known in those days that the world was ruled from many spheres, and ministered to by countless hosts of servants, acting freely of their own will but within certain strait limits laid down by those of greater power and higher authority. And men in those days studied to find out the different grades and degrees of those spiritual workers, and the manner of their service in the different departments of nature and of human life, and the amount of power exercised by each several class.

And they found out a considerable number of facts, and classified them. But inasmuch as these facts, laws and regulations and conditions were not of the earth sphere but of the spiritual, they were fain to express them in a language apart from that of common use.”[3]

Zabdiel speaks about the science of spiritual exploration. The attempt by men and women to decipher the processes of the spirit world and how we on earth are affected by the spirit realm.

In the book On the Way to the Light, by the spirit Emmanuel and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, Emmanuel, in laying out the history of the world and how it is guided by the spirit realm, talks about ancient science:

“The psychic sciences of today were familiar to the mage priest of the temples.

The fate of the dead and the communicating with them, in addition to the plurality of existences and worlds, were for them problems that had been solved and understood. A study of their pictorial arts is evidence for the truth of our statements. In a large number of frescoes, earthly egypthumans are portrayed accompanied by their spirit double. Their papyri tell us of their advanced knowledge in this area, and through them modern Egyptologists have recognized the fact that initiates knew about the preexistent spirit body that organizes the world of things and forms. Their knowledge regarding the sun’s energies with respect to human magnetism was far superior to that of today. Such knowledge gave rise to the procedures for mummification, whose formulas were lost in the indifference and apprehensiveness of other cultures.

Their kings attained the highest degree of initiation and they held all the spiritual powers and all the sacred knowledge in their hands. That is why discarnation triggered the magical concentration of all wills in the sense of surrounding their tomb with veneration and utmost respect. This love did not only manifest in the solemn act of mummification – the ambient of the tombs was also sanctified by a strange magnetism.”[4]

Hence, the quest for learning was for the broader picture of the meaning of life. Once the meaning was discovered, then the entire complex process of how our lives are organized and directed. The ancients wished to understand everything they could about the spiritual realm, for they realized that our physical time on earth was but temporary and all of us would return to where we belong. The Druids called it the “Other World”.

Zabdiel tells us that the fairy tales of Europe and the stories of magical wonderment coming out of the East were derivatives of knowledge lost from ancient sources. That knowledge from eons ago about the spirit realms has metamorphosed from exact definitions and descriptions into mythical stories and fairy tales. Zabdiel presents us with an example of the lost science.

“There is the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. In the first place, look at the name. Jack is the colloquial for John, and the original John was he who wrote the Book of Revelation. The Beanstalk is an adaptation of Jacob’s Ladder, by which the upper, or spiritual, spheres were reached. Those spheres once attained are found to be real countries and regions, with naturalDruids-and-Oak-Tree scenery, house and treasures. But these are sometimes held by guardians not altogether in amity with the human race who, nevertheless, by boldness and skill of mind are able, by natural quickness of character, to prevent those guardians from regaining possession of these treasures of wisdom and depriving the human race of the right won by the conquest of the bolder sort.

Now, this is picturesque, and is made to assume a quaint and even ludicrous guise by reason of its being handed down from age to age by those who did not understand its deeper import. Had they done so most certainly they had not nicknamed the original as Jack. But, as his customary attire of dress will show you, this came about in an age when things holy and spiritual were had in light esteem by reason of the inability of men to realize the actual presence of spiritual beings among them. So, also, they garbed a demon, and gave him spiked ears and a tail, and for a similar reason – that his actuality to them was mythical. The personality they made of him was mythical indeed.”[5]

It is as if the spiritual teachings of the Druids, were handed down from generation to generation, and for each cycle slight transformations were made. Then when the Romans had successfully eradicated the Druids, the stories persisted, but changed according to the influences of the Roman gods and then Christianity.

The Passing of Materialism

The Supreme Intelligence and the governor of our planet, Jesus Christ, has seen worlds and species like ours before. They know well the necessary phases humankind must travel through to reach the goal to progress from a planet of atonement, where we are now, to a planet of regeneration. From a planet where immature souls must pay for past wrongs and learn to live as civilized humans to a world devoid of hate, envy, and wars between nations.

To reach that goal, one aspect is the attainment of the Spiritist doctrine. It has three aspects that work together to provide the scaffolding which encompass the ever-growing pool of knowledge.

Doctrine-SpiritismFirst is philosophy. The Spirits’ Book laid the foundation for the relationship between the spirit world and the physical world. The eternal questions of our creation, our creator, our destiny and our soul are all covered within Spiritism.

Second is science. This is the area which certainly would have the most doubters. Rightly so, for nothing has been proven to date. Modern society accepts people’s belief in God, but only as a nod to those that need it.

Third is religion. To be clear, Spiritism does not consider itself to be a religion. Spiritism is a Doctrine. A way of life. There are no rites, no churches or temples, and no one who would function as a priest.

There is a moral code. A set of Divine Laws that is implanted into each us so we may instinctively sense the right path. Whereas, our desire for material goods often masks our good intentions, we do realize what we should or should not have done. And this is precisely the basis for our struggle on earth.

Once we are able to follow the road of love, charity, and selflessness we shall leave this period of our education and begin the next.

Thus, the culture of materialism, which denies all but what we can see and touch and possess is due to be modified over time. Modern science, an example of the absolute materialistic purity demanded by our times, needs to balance physical experiments with spiritual. Zabdiel tells us what will occur:

“Thus, in other guise outwardly, but inwardly more akin, the broad principle which governed the Egyptian astrologers, and the wisdom which Moses learned and used to such effect, is returning today to life men up a little higher and to put a meaning into that dead materialism of the past which, handling things produced of the energizing of life – shells, bones and fossil stones – denied the Author of Life His place in life’s grand arena. It spoke of the orderly working of natural law – and denied the One Source of all order and all working. It spoke of beauty – and forgot that beauty is not unless the spirit of man perceives it, and that spirit is because He Who is Spirit is forever.”[6]

Hence, we see and study the object, but never acknowledge the force behind the object. We refuse to notice that nothing is created or persisted without the will of the Spirituality. Yes, there are natural laws which we can interpolate, but there is a will and a meaning behind each, and we spend no effort in deciphering the background for creation.

Zabdiel tells us that the spirit world is not idle, that they are pushing us toward the goal of cementing science and spirituality:

“We are watching, and we are guiding as we may and opportunity is given us. If men respond to our prompting there is an age to come more full of light and the beauty of love and life than that just passing away. And I think they will respond, for the new is better than the old, and from behind us we feel the pressing of those of higher wisdom and power as we look earthward. And so we do what we are impressed is their intention and desire.”[7]

According to Zabdiel, progress is being made. Zabdiel communicated this message to G. Vale Owen on Friday, November 21, 1913, although the books weren’t published until the 1920s. The same message was later delivered to Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, by the spirit author Andre Luiz, in the book In the Realms of Mediumship, published in 1955.

In the book, I noticed an unusual introduction by the spirit Emmanuel, who usually writes moral exhortations. He began the introduction, titled, “Rays, Waves, Mediums, Minds…” by surveying the history of science in what makes up our universe. He started with Leucippus, about 500 years before Christ, who theorized that everything was composed of atoms. Surveying others, including the Curies, who discovered radium. Finally mentioning Bohrs, Planck, and Einstein, where he writes:

“The vehicle of flesh, the human body, is now nothing more than an electric vortex governed by consciousness.

Each tangible body is a bundle of concentrated energy. Matter is transformed into energy, and energy disappears to give way to matter.

Raised to the status of investigators of the truth, chemist and physicists, geometricians and mathematicians have become today’s priest of the spirit without desiring it. Due to their ongoing studies, materialism and atheism will be compelled to vanish for lack of matter, the base that had ensured their negativistic speculations.

Laboratories are temples in which intelligence is driven to serve God; and even when intellectual activity is misguided, temporarily subordinated to the political hegemony that generates wars, the progress of science as a divine conquest continues to exalt the good and is bound for a glorious future.

That future belongs to the spirit!”[8]

Emmanuel is telling us, that no matter what a scientist believes as regards to a higher power, he or she is working toward the day, when the existence of the spirit world can’t be doubted. Which, The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, tells us will occur one day.

Our world is on a preplanned flight path, it may take longer than planned, due to our obstinacy, but we shall arrive at the destination. Science and spirituality will be coupled, along with philosophy, and out of that shall emerge a better world. A world where the terrors and uncertainties of past existences are left far behind.

Explore-Small-front-coverThe first place is to learn what the basic tenets of Spiritism are and how your life is planned so you can improve. You can begin by reading The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, or you can read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined, to discover how the spirit world leads us on our journey through many lives.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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