The Spiritist Universe – More Layered and Complex than you Think


SpiritismThe Spiritist Universe is multidimensional. Not just our usual concept of three dimensions, plus time, but an entire other world, with intelligence that exists side by side with us. Watching and guiding all of our actions. Our science fiction and fantasy universes are nothing compared to the reality as presented in the Doctrine of Spiritism.

What we Think Could Be in our Rational Universe

We live in a world where our fantasy constructs are elaborate. Video games in each genre have a set of rules, main characters and plot lines, where all scenes flow from common headwaters. Film franchises are in the same vein. Unalterable precepts are established (such as the existence of mutant powers), sequels and prequels are created, all faithful to the central tenets of the original. And if the flow breaks, then complex reasoning is brought to tie it back into the original.

While it may all be fantasy; we have to suspend disbelief in order for the movie to work, our rational brain demands a consistent framework. Only then can we detach ourselves from absolute reality and allow a logical, but currently untrue, tangent to take us to a different world.

The one constant is that all are derived from our current concept of where we live. That is defined as; we live in a world where science continues to discover and innovate. Religion plays a minor role, where the idea of God is that he or she lives far away and is only tangibly interested in us.

Two examples; first, my boyhood favorite Star Trek, the original series spawned various adaptations.transporter All based on a futuristic world, where humans, for the most part, lived in harmony and could create practically any foodstuff out of a replicator. Anything could be transported across great distances in seconds and the speed of light was a barrier no longer. Occasionally, a superior race would appear with God-like powers.

Second, the Star Wars franchise; set in a future, further out than Star Trek, where humans are in constant conflict and adept at using the newest tools to eradicate each other as efficiently as star_wars-_the_force_unleashed_2_-__webdoc_2__trailer_hd-396031-1282708082possible. Unlike the Star Trek universe, human nature hasn’t changed. What has changed is the advance of technology and the existence of the Force. A somewhat nebulous superior intelligence that seems to favor the good, but its’ powers are available for evil to also utilize. Humans and their alien allies will have to solve their civil and moral problems on their own, by duking it out with powers that represent tyranny.

Both based on an identifiable foundation of human nature and a possible arc of future technology. Each take place in a seemingly unidimensional universe, where what one sees is all that is there. Except, of course some fragments of the Force, which are unseen and is mainly used to plug into, like an extension cord to a wall socket.

Whereas, the Spiritist Universe is built on a level of complexity a magnitude greater than any science fiction or fantasy novel, game, or film I have seen so far. The Doctrine of Spiritism implies a highlyearth-with-hands complex multi-dimensional universe all controlled by a Supreme Intelligence, so sophisticated that every moment, action, and thought is recorded and constantly evaluated. A universe where we see only one eight of what is actually around us. A universe that is teaming with life, in forms which are completely foreign to our way of thinking. A universe built upon the concept of love and the attainment of perfect love.

The foreignness is almost absolute. We have little to ground ourselves from which to think logically Spirits_of_December_by_KatjaFaithabout it. The only genre that come close are horror movies, where monsters appear out of dark portals. For the most part, any book or films which speak about multiple dimensions and communications between them are based upon a threatening premise. And I have never noticed any story line where one entity controls all.

Religious Universe

Religions have explored the possibility of unseen creatures amongst us since the beginning of time. From the concept of multiple gods, to the invoking of good or bad spirits to do our bidding, the possibility that something superior to us in power and in life span is acknowledged. Still these demi-gods and spirits are subservient to other forces, maybe not one central force, but overwhelmingly powerful entities nevertheless.

reincarnation4Usually, a controlling power, whether a god like Zeus or the Christian concept of God looks down on us and watches our actions. Our deeds on earth determine our future fate. The concept of Karma is almost universal among the earth’s religions. Usually upon death our good and wrongful deeds are measured to determine to which land our soul’s journeys to as our final resting place, or for a time until we are called to earth again.

The process for all of the above is fuzzy and generally unknown; the one constant is that we areJudgement responsible for our own actions. The interpretation of those actions, such as dying glorious in battle and taking as many of the enemy with us, changes with the type and the era of the religion. The recognition that we are responsible for our own endeavors intersects with the cultural story lines in movies and books from our manufactured entertainments mentioned above. Even though a general dislike of holding any deed in abhorrence permutes throughout our culture, since this subtracts from our collective general wish to be self-affirming in everything we do.

The Spiritist Universe

In the 1850’s the organization and processes which affects us was revealed. For the first time the human race is gifted with the knowledge of exactly where do we fit in. The answer is at once truly exciting and a bit discouraging at the same time.

etheralatomFirst, the universe is highly complex and stratified, with various lifeforms living beside each other in separate, yet partially intersecting domains. The less dense sphere, where what we know as spirits roam, who are able to perceive us and their world simultaneously.

Spirits are present in every nook and cranny of the universe. Planets, whether able to sustain life as we know it or not, are places where spirits reside. The higher the spirit the more they are able to roam the galaxies, at the speed of thought.

In the Spiritist Universe, the Force is active and knows all. Really knows all, every spirit in errant or in physical form, like us, has a unique identification. Every action, spoken word, thought, and dream is recorded. All of us, at whatever level we may be, are always learning to be better. We are on this quest for eternity, for we are all immortal.

There is a distinct hierarchy, based purely on merit in the Spiritist Universe. As an example, Jesus is the Governor of the planet . He controls the progress of earth. There are other governors of other planets; there are leaders of solar systems and of galaxies.

There are many aspects that we don’t know about the Spiritist Universe, but one thing is certain, a good number are involved in the task of teaching spirits to climb up the ladder. Souls come in spirit or physical form to assist planets and societies to evolve toward a better place. A more just and civil society.

NossaLar-cityThis other world where depending on the level achieved is populated by immortal souls of varying powers, is the place where we all come from and must eventually return. Whereas, we, the temporary incarnates, must live within our dense bodies and learn to live side by side, and for most, sight unseen, with good, bad, and indifferent influences.

God, who created everything, with his legion of extremely high level spirits, control all aspects of our lives. There is no other competing group. There are isolated groups of fallen spirits, who reside on the surface and lower levels of earth (and other planets), who resent, but acknowledge the existence ofumbra-andreLuiz the Supreme Intelligence, yet they remain stubborn in defiance of having to follow the path of love, charity, fraternity, and honest commerce with all. All lower spirits will be given all the time they need to come around. There are no alternatives.

There is only one reason why spirits take on physical form, and that is to learn the lessons assigned to them, so they can improve, or to help others improve. Which brings us to the slightly discouraging bit of news; basically, we, the living, breathing humans on earth at this moment, are in actuality, a campus. An educational facility, where we were sent to take the curriculum that was individually designed to elevate us.

7Tenets-Front-smallDuring our stay, we are cut off from the real world and we must reside in temporary space suits designed to enhance our ability to emotionally absorb the teachings we so sorely require. We travel from on trial to another, always watched, graded, and subtlety herded along our path. To examine how our lives are guided by the spirit realm, read my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

Like the precept of most religions, karma directs our destiny, in each life. For many wrongs, payment waits for another life. For a bad action is taken as a learning opportunity. Hence, our current behavior determines the next set of trials we will experience in our subsequent life.

As in Star Trek, the human race is on a trajectory to learn to live together in harmony. We will travel through life after life to internalize exactly how we should interpret and follow our conscience; the rule book that is imprinted in our brains, which tells us when we have diverted off the right path. For those of us who complete the lessons successively, we shall ride the ascendancy of earth, the less educated amongst us, those who cause conflict, will either acquire the necessary skills or be shuttled BookCover-Reincarnationoff to a different planet.

To understand better how the entire reincarnation process works, explore the book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

Similar to Star Wars, as we mature, we shall be born into a world of ever increasing technological marvels. And we shall be part of a plan to eradicate evil, in ourselves and others. We may be sent on missions to other planets to push an entire culture forward.

According to Spiritism, we are part of a great science fiction adventure, living amongst alternative life forms, while playing a role as a Star Fleet cadet, learning the hard lessons as we experience constant failures in the simulators. Where, under the unceasing, watchful eye of the Spirituality, we eventually will be promoted to journey to other worlds, carrying with us what we have learned.

As we ascend, like a veteran Jedi Knight, we shall have the ability to connect to the Force, the real Force, the set of Divine Laws, which enables our thoughts to become actions. We will be in persistent communication with the vast store of data the Supreme Intelligence collects and make available for our uses.

This terrific future, of ever increasing abilities and responsibilities, has to be earned by each one of us. There is no birth right; there are no friends in high places to smooth the path. Only by staying true through thick and thin, following our conscience and instincts to do the right thing, and taking to heart what has been presented to us, by the simple process of just surviving life do we receive the Explore-Small-front-coverprivilege to embark on great adventures.

Learn more about the spirit world and the processes we all must go through by reading the book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. The various levels around the earth and what occurs there are revealed.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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