Why the Freedom of Religion is Important to Spiritism

Angels-christJesus has sent many emissaries to assist our growth on earth. Not all were associated with the Christian religion. China was blessed with the ancient teachings of Confucius, who lived five hundred years before Christ came to our world. Confucius, as Emmanuel explains;

As a missionary of Christ, Confucius had to immerse himself in all the Chinese traditions and accept the imperious circumstances of the environment in order to benefit the country in its ability to fully comprehend (Xavier, 2011, p. 76).

Moses was sent to the Hebrews and Socrates was given to the Greeks. Mohammed was sent to thesocrates Arabic tribes and centuries afterwards Allen Kardec came to France to codify the Spiritist doctrine. All served to reinforce the central ideas of our Savior, as Emmanuel states after surveying different religions;

The truth is that all the religious books and traditions of antiquity contain the same substantial unity. The revelations evolved in a graduated sphere of knowledge. All refer to the unpersonifiable God, who is the essence of all life in the universe, and in the traditionalism of all of them beats the sublimated vision of the Christ, who was awaited everywhere on the globe (Xavier, 2011, p. 84).

An important part of the freedom of religion is the freedom from religious tyranny. The Spirit world does not intend to promote a one-world religion. They realize the urge by men is too great to abuse their power. With power comes corruption, with corruption the central purpose of a religion is not to stimulate our spiritual well-being, but to accumulate wealth and maintain position. Emmanuel describes the effects of an all-controlling church;

Ensconced in immense riches and possessing all power and authority, the church rarely grasped the duty of love that its educational mission entailed (Xavier, 2011, p. 152).

Neither do they wish that government promote a state religion. As an example, Emmanuel reports that in the year 756 CE;

At that time, many sovereigns made use of the church according to their personal desires, granting ecclesiastical titles to the most corrupted consciences (Xavier, 2011, p. 152).

Religion is meant for the benefit of the incarnated, to contribute to the education of the preferred path of life, not as another controlling institution alongside government agencies.

The Spirit world wishes us to prepare humanity for the eventual rise of Spiritism. In support of this we must hold fast the right of people to choose their method of worship and spiritual enlightenment. Emmanuel maps out what must occur;

On its mission as Consoler, Spiritism is the support of the world in this century of decline in its history. Only Spiritism, in its characteristic of renewed Christianity, can save the religions that are vanishing amid the collisions of power and ambition, of selfishness and domination, and point humankind toward its true path (Xavier, 2011, p. 209).

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Reference: Xavier, F. C. (2011). On the Way to the Light. Brasilia (DF), Brazil: International Spiritist Council.

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