How is a Spirit Prepared for Birth

spiritReincarnation – Preparation for Birth

By Brian Foster


What happens at the moment of conception and while the fetus is in the womb. Depending on the past life and the importance of the mission the amount of assistance given by the Spirit world differs. The process is describe in the book Between Heaven and Earth, dictated by Andre Luiz to Francisco C. Xavier.

Entering the Womb

How does the perispirit enter the mother’s womb? In the book Between Heaven and Earth, there is a scene where there is a plan for a child to be born to a couple. The mother-to-be (Zulmira) is brought into Spirit world, during her sleep, to meet her child. She demonstrates great love for her child and is babyexcited to have a baby boy. During the next night a group of spirits are waiting outside the bedroom of Zulmira and her husband, when they have fallen asleep, the spirits enter the room. They assist Zulmira out of her body to receive the child. The action of Zulmira embracing and placing her son into her womb is described;

“From then on, Zulmira seemed fully concentrated on the boy, who entwined himself with her like a mollusk accommodating itself to its shell.”
“Held on the maternal lap, he seemed to immerse himself into it.”[1]

Andre Luiz, the spirit author of the book, who was a member of the group helping the joining of the mother and the son, analyzes the process;

“On other occasions, I had witnessed the preparatory steps of reincarnation, which required the active concourse of technicians specializing in the process, along with benefactors from the higher life; but this time, the phenomenon was very simple. As it juxtaposed itself on the delicate tissues of the mother’s perispirit, the boy’s own subtle body gradually shrank before our eyes.”[2]

Exceptional Births

Andre Luiz is curious, why didn’t he see the larger number of technicians at Julio’s (the baby boy) conception as he did at others? His team leader explains;

“Julio’s reincarnation won’t require any special attention from our sphere. It is an experimentalExplore-Small-front-cover descent into the arena of dense matter and is of interest only to himself and his family members. However, if his life were meant to influence society as a whole, and if he were the holder of indisputable merit with responsibilities toward others, the matter would be quite different. Forces of a higher order would be fatalistically mobilized to interfere with his chromosomes to ensure that the embryo would be suitable for its mission.”[3]

The extent of guidance of the Spirit Realm into the affairs of our earthly existence is remarkable. The process of a normal reincarnation, where a spirit is re-entering the world to learn and to atone for past sins, is a thing of beauty. The act of having the mother meet her child beforehand, to ensure the love and devotion required to raise a new life into this world is a wonderful gift given to us by God. But, the revelation that for special lives, planned by the Spirit realm to contribute to humanity, are activity engineered is a miracle of which I would have been incapable of considering on my own.

Andre Luiz and his fellow teammate (Hilario) probes deeper into the process of interference with an embryo;

“What if the reincarnating spirit were a man of broad intellectual powers?” asked Hilario.
“We would have to pay special attention to the brain structure so that he would be ensured of having an instrument capable of enabling him to fulfill his duties involving the materialization of thought”, replied Clarencio (the team leader)
“What if he were to be a doctor? A great surgeon, for example?” I asked in turn.
“He would receive special assistance in the development of his nervous system to ensure that he had complete control over his emotions.”[4]

We are being told of the active manipulation of countless births throughout our history to direct our species to the ultimate goal of assisting human society to achieve the next step of evolving into a better world. How like children we are! Gently being directed into paths for our own good, all the while clueless and absorbed into our selfish existence.

Starting Over Again

After such a revelation, Clarencio describes the vast majority of reincarnations;

“However, embryonic principles function automatically in thousands of rebirths every day. The law of cause and effect does its work without any need for management on our part. In reincarnation, all that is needed is the parents’ magnetism, combined with the strong desire of the one who is returning to the arena of physical forms. When we return to the physical body, we are invariably animated by a firm purpose … whether it be the desire to relieve the pain that torments us, the longing for spiritual victories that facilitate our entry to the Higher Life, the vow to recapitulate unfulfilled responsibilities, or the ideal to accomplish great endeavors of love amongst those with whom we have an affinity. Generally speaking, most souls that reincarnate satisfy the restless desire to start out again. Those who haven’t taken seriously enough the endeavor that life has entrusted to them quickly yield to the imperative to repeat the experience, and their reentry into the physical struggle appears as a redemptive blessing. Millions of destinies are restructured like that, like a huge forest being replanted. A seed grows, simulated by the magnetism of the soil; a corporeal existence germinates anew, stimulated by the magnetism of the flesh.”[5]

Such are the laws of nature that we here on earth have no insight. We explore the known material world for rules and express them as mathematical laws, but as yet we little understand the law of cause and effect and how we are buffeted by its winds every day, every minute of our lives. From our BookCover-Reincarnationtime as spirits to our reincarnation we are pushed onto a path of redemption and the miracle of birth facilitates our journey.

A more detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

Works Cited
Xavier, F. C. (2011). Between Heaven and Earth. Brasilia (DF), Brazil: International Spiritist Council.


Amazing excerpt and fantastic read. I will look forward to reading the full text!!


What then, would be the explanation for those entities who enter this world with the intention of murder, and or global destryction?


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