Reincarnation – Souria-Omar

Memoirs of a SuicideIn the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, a group of recovering suicides are being introduced to their mentors, who will help them prepare for their next reincarnation. One more mentor is introduced and a compilation of his previous lives is given;

“On my left is Souria-Omar, an ancient master of initiation in Alexandria, and then a philosopher in Greece, right after the coming of Socrates, when undying torch-lights began to be lit for the people, until then deprived of the sublime knowledge, which was



kept secret and available only for learning and use by sages and scholars. Like the eminent precursor (meaning Socrates, who preceded Christ) of the Great Master, he taught the Secret Doctrine to disciples coming from the humblest social classes, to the disinherited and the unfortunate. In the benevolent shade of stately oak trees or the poetic amenity of the plantains, he enabled then to absorb teachings filled with divine magnificence, transporting then to lofty thoughts about the eternal God, Creator of all things, that unknown God whose image was absent from the collection of deities on the stone altars of ancient Hellas… Later, he reincarnated in Judea, attracted by the figure of the incomparable Master of masters, practicing benevolent, humble acts as he followed the luminous footsteps of the heavenly Shepard! In old age, he witness the Jerusalem persecution right after the stoning of Stephen. Stoic, strengthened by an unbreakable faith, he suffered a long martyrdom in the Pharisees Woe_Unto_You_Scribes_and_Pharisees_525sinister darkness of an ancient dungeon; afflicted by blindness, he had been considered to be a learned person, and therefore dangerous to Pharisaic interests. Tortured with beating and dreadful mutilations , he succumbed, ignored by society and unacknowledged by his own family, but glorified by the Sublime Master for whose love he endured everything with humility, love and gratitude.” [Yvonne A. Pereira, Memoirs of a Suicide, p. 454]

One can only stand in awe of spirits like Souria-Omar. I have no doubt, that if I were tortured, I would BookCover-Reincarnationquickly renounce whatever they wanted me to and adopt the state religion like a fanatic!

A detailed explanation of the process of reincarnation, where you will be able to better understand your past lives, is in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.


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