Higher Level of Spirits have a Wider Range of Travel and Sight in the Spirit World

reincarnation4When you return to life as a spirit you will enter a realm in which thought is action. Where succeeding levels of heaven confer increasing capabilities. In the Reverend Owen’s book, which is a collection of four of his books, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section, his mother tells him what to expect on the first level of heaven:

“If a man could take his stand here on some one of the high summits with which this landscape is crowned, he would hold some rather strange and unfamiliar sights. For instance, he wouldcouple-hike probable first observe that the air was clear, and that distance had a different aspect from that it wears on earth. It would not seem far away in the same sense, for, if he wished to leave the summit on which he stood and go to some point near the horizon, or even beyond, he would do so by means of his will, and it would depend on the quality of that will, and his own nature, whether he went fast or slow; and also how far he could penetrate into the regions which lie beyond the various mountain ranges and whose – I suppose we shall have to use the word – atmosphere is of rarer quality than that in which his present lot is cast.”[1]

Vale Owner’s mother is telling us what the books by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier have also revealed. Spirits move by thought, called volitation in the books by the spirit Andre Luiz. When a spirit first arrives, they are usually unable to command their movement by thought, but as they learn and acclimate themselves to their new surroundings, they are able to travel at the speed of thought. There is no upper limit of speed, as the speed of light is in our universe.

When Vale Owen’s mother talks about what regions a spirit is able to penetrate, she is exposing one of the primary tenets of life in the spirit plane. We, incarnates, on earth are made of dense matter, spirits who live amongst and below us are slightly less dense, hence we can’t see them. Spirits that dwell around us, only have the power to move around earth and below by thought. They are unable to rise above their level.

The same is true in the levels of heaven. In the beginning level, where G. Vale Owen’s mother lives, she and her friends are able to travel to the surface immediately. She is also able to travel around the first level by means of her will power alone. But, she is not able to go to the higher levels of heaven. This is the rule for each successive level. Spirits may travel downward at will, but they are not able to become less dense, meaning more and more pure energy, until they acquire the required qualifications to be allowed to live in the next level. Hence, as you rise, your freedom of movement expands, until some future time, when you will be able to roam the universe(s) at will.

Vale Owen’s mother further explains the differences between the spirits on different levels:

“It is on account of this that we do not always see those messengers who come to us from the higher spheres. They are seen by some better than by others, and are only truly and definitely visible when they so condition their bodies as to emerge into visibility. Now, if we go too far in their direction – that is, in the direction of their home – we feel an exhaustion which disables us to penetrate farther, although some are able to go farther than others.”[2]

Just like a dog gets use to the parameters of their world when their owners have an invisible fence, we in our spirit form, are limited in the same manner. In a most natural fashion our boundaries are set. We are just physically unable to go regions which are beyond our capabilities.

We are not trapped forever in our cage, all we need to do is to apply ourselves and learn the path to the light, through love, charity, fraternity, and to intellectually apply ourselves to whatever task on hand that is assigned to us.

Far Vision

Next, Vale Owen’s mother lets us in on another attribute that is expanded as a spirit rises in hierarchy:

“Again, standing on that summit, the observer would notice that the firmament was not exactly opaque to the vision, but rather in the nature of light, but light of a quality which intensifies as the distance from the surface of the landscape increases. And some are able to look farther into that light than others, and to see there beings and scenes enacting which others less developed are not able to see.”[3]

It is hard to fully comprehend the immense power of a high spirit. The range of movement and the ability to see through mountains and dimensions is but one aspect. In a land where thought is action, the most dedicated, the highest achievers, those who are adept in all aspects are the leaders.

Vale Owen’s mother explains the full breadth of what the power of thought signifies:

“Also, he would see all around him dwellings and buildings of various kinds, some of which I have described. But those buildings would not be merely houses and work-places and colleges to him.City-heaven From each structure he would read not its character so much as the character of those who built it and those who inhabit it. Permanent they are, but not of the same dull permanency as those of earth. They can be developed and modified and adapted, in color, shape and material, according as the need should require. They would not have to be pulled down, and then the material used in rebuilding. The material would be dealt with as the building stood. Time has no effect on our buildings. They do not crumble or decay. Their durability depends simply on the wills of their masters, and so long as these will, the building stands, and then is altered as they will.”[4]

Spirits live in a world of logical constructs. We read books about conjuring, bringing forth objects from our mind, it is a reality in the place you shall return to. A single or a group of spirits concentrate on what they want to construct and build it by their focus of mental energy.

Doesn’t this explain why we are being trained to become civilized beings on earth? Don’t we have to remove any trace of malice, jealousy, envy, desire for revenge, selfishness from ourselves before we are ready for such power? Would you dare to live on a planet, where anyone could walk by, destroy your house, dematerialize whichever object they desired? Only in a world full of kind and loving souls could people live together amidst such ultimate force.

It is as if, you were walking in a city where each citizen was fully armed, but you felt perfectly safe, because you knew that you were loved and cherished by all. The weapons on their sides only meant that you were safe, that no harm could ever come to you as long as you were protected by such benign spirits.

This is why we must train on earth to live through chaos and suffering to free ourselves of our baser inclinations, before we can graduate to paradise. You have to earn utopia, they don’t let just anyone Explore-Small-front-coverin, and once you are there, you wouldn’t want them to change their rules.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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