Spiritist Books – Reviews

This page will review the Spiritist Books that I have read and enjoyed. If you wish to purchase them, there are three main places to go:

1. EDICEI of America – They have all of the Spiritist books in English.

2. Amazon – Use the search section with the title of the book you wish to find – Hint: For Chico’s books, enter Francisco C. Xavier in the search, then select books in English.

3. Your local bookstore – Always the best option. This way your local book shop will stay in business and may begin to stock some Spiritist books

4. My Books

To see all of my books, go to my Amazon author page – Click here.
All about Reincarnation – in one Book – Buy the book at Amazon

This book is here to answer your questions;
1. Why do we reincarnate?
2. How does the process work?
3. How many reincarnations must we have?
4. What memories do we retain from our previous lives?
5. Do we have control over our reincarnations?
6. Why must we suffer?
7. How may I insure my next life is better?
8. How may I progress to being a perfected spirit?
These questions are answered through the Doctrine of Spiritism. When, in the 1850’s, the spirit world determine it was time for the human race to assimilate this knowledge in the hopes it would led us to understand the need to improve our spirituality and to achieve a better balance our desire for material goods versus our desire to be a better person.

Explore what is your role and where you are in this journey. Determine your place and your future. Find out the reasons for your current tribulations and how to, not only survive your trials, but prosper through them. Read the Introduction and view the Table of Contents.

Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life is (mostly) Predetermined

Do you wonder if you have an important call with destiny? That you have been selected for something? A cause of a higher purpose?

Well you have been chosen and the why, when, where and how is the subject of this book.

Your life isn’t one of just survival through the daily grind of life. The ups and downs of what you have been through are all for a purpose. Every key experience you have had, every calamity that befell you and each relationship that went south or well are part of your overall story. Each major event in your life has been planned. Buy the book at Amazon


Book Reviews

1. Book Review – On the Way to the Light – This is the book that explains how the Spirit world has guided the world since before the planet was formed.

2. Book Review – Changing Lives with Spiritism – A great foundational book, written in English, by an author living in the United States, on what is Spiritism, how it can change your life for better, and where and how to explore more.



1. Book Review: On the Way to the Light

On the Way to the Light, by the spirit Emmanuel, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, was written in 1938, but first published in English in 2011. Emmanuel details how the Spirit world has managed and channeled the human race, from the conception of our planet to the present, on the road to a higher plateau. This book upends all we know about world history.

The article surveys the book and provides commentary on key events described by Emmanuel. It is intended to introduce the reader to a different aspect of Spiritism. Whereas most literature concentrates on our personal relationship to our own spiritual progress, On the Way to the Light exposes the larger manipulation of the human race. Emmanuel also provides hints as why the Spirit world follows certain strategies.

Read more:

YouTube Presentation – If you want to hear the presentation

2. Book Review – Changing Lives with Spiritism

There is a recent book, Changing Lives with Spiritism, written by Heather Bollech-Fonseca, that is the first survey of what Spiritism can mean to you originally written in English.

Heather begins by relating her own spiritual journey and how she arrived at her belief in Spiritism. The author takes us through from the beginning of Spiritism, with Allan Kardec, to the Brazilian influences we have today, with the books psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier. Read More.


I just finished to read 7 tenets of spiritism today. I really enjoyed it ,for sure its a book very easy to read and understand . I read all Kardec books when I was 16 years old ,I can’t wait to read the others books You wrote. I’m lucky because I speak French and there is a lot of books in French .I leave in Florida and I’m looking to join a spirit group ,if You know one?
Thanks again for this wonderful book.


    I am very glad you liked my book, if you could please post a review on Amazon for me, I would greatly appreciate it. There are many Spiritist groups in Florida, but most of them hold their meetings in Portuguese. There is a group in Florida which hold their meetings in English – I believe you can contact them from this site – http://www.explorespiritism.com/

    Also this link points to all of the groups in the US -http://spiritist.us/

    Good luck on finding a group and God Bless you!
    Brian Foster


Thank you for your answer , I left a comment on Amazon .
Thank you for the infos about spirit group in Florida , I really appreciate it .
God bless you .
Happy 4 th of July .
CG .


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