Who and What is Jesus

portrait-of-jesusWho is Jesus? That is a question that has been asked for over two thousand years. But, more importantly, the question should be – What is Jesus? For He is a very high spirit, who is not only in charge of our small planet … He was responsible for the formation of our entire solar system. And more.

In the book, On the Way to the Light, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, in 1939, dictated to him by his spirit mentor Emmanuel. Emmanuel tells us:

“The traditions of the spirit world say that, in the governance of all of the phenomena of our system, there is a Community of Pure spirits, chosen by the Supreme Lord of the Universe, whose hands hold the guiding reins of the life of all planetary collectivities. From what we have been told, this Community – made up of perfected, angelic beings, of which Jesus is one of the divine members – has met in the vicinity of the earth only twice in the course of the known millennia to decide urgent issues pertaining to the organization and direction of our planet”[i]

The first meeting was to determine the formation of our solar system and the second when it was decided to send Jesus to our planet to bring his message to earth. Emmanuel goes on to describe how Jesus, leading his contingent of spirit beings, directed and fashioned the earth:

“With his armies of devoted workers, He established the rules for earth’s physical phenomena, setting their future stability on the foundation of the simple bodies of matter, whose substantial unity earth’s spectroscopes have witnessed far and wide in the galactic universe. He organizedcreationlord the scenario of life, creating under God’s eyes what was essential for the lives of the beings to come. He made the atmospheric pressure suitable for human beings in anticipation of their birth over the course of the millennia. He established great centers of energies in the ionosphere and stratosphere, where the electrical phenomena of planetary existence were harmonized, and He constructed ozone factories at 40 and 60 kilometers high to filter the sun’s rays appropriately, manipulating their exact composition for maintaining organized life on the globe. He set out all the lines of progress for future humankind, engendering the harmony of all the physical forces that preside over the cycle of planetary activities.”[ii]

Hence, Jesus is more than a humble carpenter who was born on earth and preached a new path showing God’s Love. He came at the time of his choosing, to set in motion great historical events, which are still in play today. And, all of this is trivial compared to his overall power and majesty.

On December 12, 1917, a group of spirits (residing on the tenth level of heaven), with Kathleen as the spirit who spoke directly to the Rev G. Vale Owen, attempted to explain Jesus, that he wasn’t only a unique spirit who came to us in our time of need, but a high spirit, whose exact composition is unknown to the spirits communicating to G. Vale Owen.

“So far as we have been taught, friend, the Christ was present in the earth Sphere when it was without form, that is when it was non-material. When matter began to be He was the Masterearth-with-hands Spirit through Whom the Father wrought into orderly constellations the material universe, as now you understand it. But, although He was present, yet Himself was also formless, and took upon Himself, not material form but spiritual form, as the universe became endued with its outer manifestation, and so took form of matter. He was behind the whole phenomena and the whole process passed through the Christ as the ages went along and matter grew from a chaos into a cosmos. That were not possible except for some dynamic entity operating from outside and superior to the chaos, and working downwards into that chaos. For order cannot come out of what is lacking in order except by the addition of a new ingredient. It was the contact of the Christ Sphere with chaos that resulted in the cosmos.”[iii]

Chico Xavier received his communication in Brazil, in 1939, while the Rev. G. Vale Owen was given the same basic facts about the creation of our section of the universe in 1917, in England, twenty-two years later. Not from the same spirit, nor language, but from two distinct groups of spirits, each communicating to their contact in different languages.

In essence, we are told that Jesus, a very high spirit, who in some manner (it is not revealed to us) receives orders from God, and He carries them out. We aren’t notified if Jesus gets his commands Spirit-101-Front-smalldirectly from God, or from even higher spirits. Only that, Jesus, using the force of his will and of his subordinates, manipulates an elemental component of the universe (called Universal Fluid by Spiritism) and transforms it into matter. Matter in many and various forms. Matter that will be alive as we know it. Matter which will evolve along lines broadly suggested by Jesus.

All of this commanded from a universe above our physical universe. For we live in a subset of the spirit universe. We are like the large aquarium in the living room. The fish only know life in that small space and a few vague concepts beyond it, while the humans look upon the fish, beautiful, innocent, and ignorant of the external space surrounding them.

The group of spirits further explained that all motion of the universe is the sum of the force of wills that place matter in play. A high spirits mind takes Universal Fluid and transforms it according to their own unique mind force. Therefore, who creates, stamps their identity and character onto what they have made.

Hence, since our Christ was one of the key forces to produce our world, He is not only our Savior, but His character and personality is infused into everything on earth – minerals, vegetable, and animals. Everything, quite literately, contains the Body of Christ.

The Christ Who Came to Earth

The spirits detected perplexity in the mind of G. Vale Owen, so they attempted to elucidate:

“The Christ Who was One with the Father and, being One with the Father, was of the Father’s Selfhood, Jesus of Nazareth was the expression of the thought of the Father, incarnate as the Christ for Earth’s salvation. Bethink you a little, for I see a slight disturbance in your mind. On the Jesus-greatLordother planets of your System are beings not unlike men. On planets of other systems are being not unlike men also. In other constellations there be those who are related reasonably to God and His Christ and can commune with their Creator, as also do men. But they are not of human form nor of human method of thought-communion which you call speech. And yet to them the Creator and His Christ stand in the same relation as they do to you. And it has been, and still is, necessary that their Christ become manifest to them from time to time, in the form themselves have evolved. But then He goes to them not as Jesus of Nazareth, in human form, which to them would be less helpful than strange. He goes to them in their own form, and with their own methods of communication, and uses their own rational processes.”[iv]

I believe what is being said here are two main ideas: First, the concept of the Christ is used for all planets that require advancement in our universe and other parallel material universes. Each form of Nossa-Lar-peoplea human type life, goes through a process of learning and when reaches certain plateaus of knowledge and culture, a Christ figure descends and helps to lead them onto the correct path toward enlightenment.

This is logical, for as one school system shares basic principles with other schools within each country and even throughout the world, so does the process of advancement for planets. Whereby, the human-like souls emerging out of a primitive existence must be led to the correct road. A highway ofPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] love, fraternity, and charity in their daily interactions.

The second point is the possible variations of human forms that may be present throughout the galaxies. Spiritist in Brazil report that Jesus is in fact in charge of at least four planets, all at different stages of development. Hence, when Jesus communicates with people of other paths of evolution, He must come to them in their own image … human-like, but not exactly in human form.

At the end the spirits tell us about Christ:

“The highest expression of His will was mankind. And in due time He came forth of the invisible into the visible world. He, Who had made man, was Himself made man. He, by Whom man came to be and to persist, thought forward into matter, and His thought took on expression in Jesus of Nazareth. So He Who was the Anointed Agent of the Creator for the making of man, Himself became the Son of Man whom He had made.”[v]

What we are being told, is as if an inventor created a robot, an android who could think, live independently, and procreate to extend its species. The robots could not see their inventor, for they lived in a controlled environment, not knowing that anything beyond what they could detect existed.

Then the inventor, seeing the androids needing a new direction, decided to have his conscience transferred to the body of a new baby robot, so he could grow amongst them and show them –as an equal – what they had not known before.

Hence, the inventor, was the father of the robots, but also a son, since he came to them as a child, in order to light a new path. Jesus, our Christ manifestation, is our Father in that he guided our final form, under the influence of God. Jesus, who in His previous lives on other planets, may have never appeared as a human until he first came to earth, as our Savior.

The Home of Christ

The abode of Christ is as remote from the spirits communicating to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, as theCity-heaven concept of heaven is from us. While we are mostly matter, and spirits are a combination of energy and matter (the ratios changing in favor of energy as one ascends), there is something else … something grand:

“And yet we here have come to know that Spirit, sublime as it is in essence, is not the sum of Being. As beyond the realm of the material stretches the spiritual, so beyond those far and distant heights of light impenetrable, and holiness in awful purity towards which we think our way, there lies Being which is not Spirit alone, but which into Itself absorbs all that Spirit is at its whitest sublimity, and encompasses the sum total of spirit resultant in a universe of sublimity higher still.”[vi]

Spirits from one level to the next highest, are successively brighter. Not from a source of energy radiating light from their spirit bodies, but from the reflection of love from the atmosphere in the spirit universe. This is why angels appear to be fuzzy outlines of a human form, the light emanating from them makes it difficult for lower level creatures to see their true features. To angels on the same plane, they appear as normal people to each other.

The communication speaks to a grander level than pure spirit energy and the total absence of matter, it hints at a more than a causal connection to the sea of data which exists in the spirit universe … it is as if a spirit becomes a God-Creator and is part and indecipherable from the universe around him.

The spirits further explain:

“Let us therefore follow the Christ on His heavenly way, remembering that, being lifted up and exalted, He draws all men after Him, trailing His myriads along the heavenly road among the glories of the spheres towards the Home from whence He came, that where He is they might also be one day.”[vii]

Therefore, this exalted state is not one given by birth, but by exertion in life after life – living through critical trials and tests to prepare oneself for husbanding life on multiple planets. We are at the bottom rung of a ladder that stretches beyond our imagination. Our rate of climb depends entirely on our dedication.

We are Christ’s subjects and our welfare and spiritual promotion is ever the aim of His administration:

“As the ages blend into ages yet to come, so the glory of the Christ intensifies, for every new recruit coming into His army adds a spark to the luster of His shining Kingdom, which is viewed, so we are told, by those who stand aloft on the dizzy heights of the Realm which is most distant and lofty of all, as in the realm of matter you view a distant star. In the ocean of spirit all the Spheres of the Christ are gathered into one great Star, and can be viewed exteriorly by those who dwell on high. That is not possible for us adequately to comprehend, yet we may get some small idea of its meaning thus:

From the earth you are unable to see the Solar System as a unit, for you are in the midst of that system and a part of it. But one standing aloft on Arcturus would see one small sphere of light, and in that sphere would be comprised your Sun and his planets and their moons. So do you view Arcturus and the other millions of the stars you see from Earth. So the Kingdom and Spheres of the Christ are viewed from the Realm afar, and age by age that System grows in brightness as the races which go to make up the whole evolve more and more out of the material into the spiritual. In this I speak of the whole spiritual economy as one star, and Those Who are placed to view it are They Who dwell on those far steppes of Being which are beyond the realms of Spirit in the great Void of the Unknown and Incomprehensible.”[viii]

We are but one universe in a sea of universes. Like the fish in the tank, there are beings we can’t fathom outside of the glass walls of our aquarium. But, unlike the water creatures, we buy to amuse ourselves, we – humankind – are able to grow out of our confinement, into the vast reaches outside.

We are wrong to consider our ascendancy as an individual effort, for the task of higher spirits is to bring us, as a collective whole, up a notch. To take us up level after level, just as a kindergartener starts out, with simple social interaction and eventually, grade after grade, is ready to go out into the world and become a productive member of society. The spirit realm awaits to see our lights shiningBookCover-Reincarnation brighter, denoting our success in finding the path toward love, charity, fraternity, and honesty.

We are toiling away, just to reach the initial sphere of heaven, which is a wonderment and a destination worth every material sacrifice to attain. On the other hand, we should keep in mind that this is but one step. As told in The Spirits Book, heaven isn’t the Elysian Fields, where one is in eternal leisure, but an unimaginable cascading of intellectual and emotional challenges, all designed to foster our continual improvement, while simultaneously providing an atmosphere of absolute love and fraternity whereby we are free to pursue what enchants us.

The spirits, who spoke with the Rev. G. Vale Owen, tells us that we are just beginning our long march toward an unknowable, but divine future. Like it or not, we have been drafted into Christ’s legions. And we are in boot camp. Learning to parade together. To a destination that even our commanding officers aren’t sure of:

 “So far ahead are Those of Whom we speak, that we who have progressed ten spheres in Spirit can count ourselves no nearer to Them than you of Earth. Yet as the whole of the constellations of suns march onward in orderly formation towards a sure if distant goal, so the Spheres of Spirit march onward towards their destiny, when the pilgrimage of Spirit shall blend into that which is beyond, and find there its consummation.

To this end the Christ, bending down from His Father’s Bosom, touched humankind with the tip of His finger, and man became electrified with that Life Divine which pulses within his soul with onward urge, that in the train of the Sovereign Prince he may keep his rank with those of other planets, who together march forward as the one Army of the Father under the Vice-regency of His Son.”[ix]

When we pass over to the other side, we shall experience the spirit domain once again and regain our memories of past lives and our spirit existence. Whereas, some of us may believe that once we shed our physical bodies, we shall learn the secrets of the universe and of God … instead we shall be one step closer, but the deepest workings of the universe will still be mysterious.

It matters not, for we have a leader who is guiding us in our advancement. It only remains for us to have trust in His leadership. To approach each assignment with an open mind and heart and to trust that everything that has and will happen to us is planned for our benefit. To resist does nothing Explore-Small-front-coverexcept to slow down the process to proceed ahead. Which is your free will to do so. For no one is forced beyond what they wish – only that you may be missing one of the wonders of the universe just around the corner.

Read more about our physical and spirit universe around the earth, in my book Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.



Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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