Spiritist Meetings

This page is for notifications for local Northwest (Bainbridge Island, Washington) Spiritist meetings. We talk about Spiritism every Sunday night at 6 pm. If you wish to learn about Spiritism, you may wish to read Spiritism 101 the 3rd Revelation, or my book about my personal discovery of Spiritism and how I started to see the signs of my spirit mentors guiding me onto my path – The 7 Tenets of Spiritism.

For those in Oregon, there is the Oregon Spiritist Society, please contact them here.

But first, if you aren’t in the Northwest here are two other places to look for a Spiritist Center;

1. Florida – There is a group in Florida which hosts Spiritist meetings, you can visit their website and request information here; http://www.explorespiritism.com/

2. For a list of Spiritist centers in the US, please visit http://spiritist.us/

3. We have a weekly live radio program on Kardec Radio, on Sundays, at 7 pm est, 4 pm pst. Link to  program page. Follow nwspiritism to receive notification of our events and links to our daily articles

4.  For talks and information on Spiritism 24 hours per day, please either download Kardec Radio app on your Android or Apple device (look up “Kardec Radio” in the App or Play store) or go to the Kardec Radio page and listen to any of the shows you desire.

Bainbridge Island, Washington – We have stared our Spiritist group on Bainbridge Island, WA. Please send me an e-mail for information about our meetings. To send me an e-mail please use the Contact Me link on the right navigation bar.

Spirit-101-3d-SmallSpiritism 101 – To assist those who are just beginning to read about Spiritism, I have a short and easy to read book available on Amazon Kindle for $.99, and in paperback for $5.99. Click here to purchase. It will provide you a good overview of the basic principals of the Doctrine of Spiritism.

I have written a book about my own personal experiences that have drawn me and others to Spiritism; 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.  To dive deeper into Spiritism and Reincarnation – Order the book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection, from Amazon. For a complete review of what is your destiny composed of and the different processes and areas of the Spirit Realm, get the book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined, at Amazon. To understand why you have the trials that you have in your life, read The Problem is the Solution.

I have a YouTube Channel with some of my radio programs and other talks posted. As well as a list of each of my radio programs – click here.

Lastly, there are established Spiritist Centers in Brazil, here is a link to one that we have visited in Rio de Janeiro. Eventually, we would love to offer all of the services that established Spiritist Centers offer in Brazil.


Bainbridge Island Spiritist Center Information

Basic information concerning our meetings: Starting in 2017, we have our meetings every Sunday night at 6 pm. Come early if you wish to be part of an informal talk.

1.We meet and discuss Spiritism or any other questions about the spirit world, from when people arrive at 5:30 to 6:00 pm.

2. Then there is a 30 minute talk about one of the aspects of Spiritism starting at 6:00 pm. to 6:30.

3. After we have a talk about Spiritism, then we have passes. Passes revitalize your energy through help from spirits. See here for information on what is a “Pass” and how it helps you.

4. Afterwards, at about 6:45 we are finished. Then people can stay and discuss other topics. If you are going back on the ferry, you can make the 7:10, 8:10, or 8:55 pm ferry to Seattle.

If you are coming from Seattle, I would suggest you take the 4:40pm ferry from Seattle, you arrive at about 5:40. Please let me know if you would like to be picked up at the terminal. We live just 1 mile from the ferry.

To  hear recordings of past topics on Kardec Radio – click here.





Are there any groups in Massachusetts …Boston area?


are there groups in india?


    I did a quick search, using English keywords, and I couldn’t find any. Depending on where you live, enter Spiritism and your cities names to determine if there are any Spiritist groups. Sorry, I couldn’t help much.



I am a Spiritist myself, grew up in a family of Spiritists. I came across your book since I am looking for some information in English. I am originally from Brazil but I live in Ohio now. I worked for a few years in Brazil at a Spirit Center with passes. Very good book and elucidate!


I ‘d like to attend the meetings but I don’t have the address. I’ve been studying Spiritism for a long time, and I had the opportunity to meet you at Jaqueline Ferreira house. I ‘d like to be in touch with you.


Hello: Thank you for the informative site. I have read the codification books of AK. However, I’m now wondering if there are any more up to date writings about galactic beings (aka:Aliens) of light that are working with many of us now (even if we are not spiritist). Can you recommend any spiritist sanctioned books that bring forth greater knowledge regarding these galactic/universal/cosmic beings? Thank you.



I am now reading your book “Explore Your Destiny …” and can relate so, so much of what you have written to a few of my OBE’s. And I am a retired left brain driven CPA. 🙂

I want to “privately share” with you a film clip that I have done that purports to reveal the Conscious Operating System (C-OS) of the mine (micro and Meta Mind) as well as the Belief Apps that operate under the C-OS.

Will you please email me at LawrenceCarson@centurylink.net … so I can privately email to you the means to view my film clip?

I totally love what you are doing to assist our world to wake up and evolve beyond 16the Century Belief Systems


i will read you interesting ideas on ‘spirits’ . do you know that you are made of light ? light conscious of it self is called commonly ‘seeing’ , i learnt that recently .


Hello I am Vanessa . I would like to know what is the address for the meetings . I live in Poulsbo and I would love to attend the meetings .
Thank you !


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