Andre Luiz

Books Psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier – Dictated by the Spirit Andre Luiz – 2 new books translated!

The book - Nosso Lar

Nossa Lar

Follow the life of Andre Luiz as he rises to the celestial city of Nosso Lar and he experiences different aspects of how the spirit realm loves and guides us is one of the most satisfying reads in my life. There are thirteen books in the series, all now in English at this time, and I urge you to read all of them in order.
1. Nosso Lar
2. The Messengers
3. Missionaries of the Light
4. Workers of the Life Eternal
5. In the Greater World
6. Liberation
7. Between Heaven and Earth
8. In the Domains of Mediumship
9. Action and Reaction
10. Evolution in Two Worlds  – Now in English as of January 2019
11. Mechanisms of Mediumship – Now in English as of January 2019
12. Sex and Destiny
13. And Life Goes On

You can find them all,  on Amazon. Or direct at EDICEI.

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