Mind your own business first

Jesus-in-the-home-bookIn the marvelous book, Jesus in the Home, psychographed by Chico Xavier and inspired by the spirit Neio Lucio, there is a parable that Jesus gave in the home of one of his disciples, which explains what should be our first order of business. Read More.

Episode 2 – Appearances of Christ in the Spirit World

Episode 2 of Appearances of Christ in the Spirit World. Learn how Christ is more than our current perception of Him. Click Here.

Episode 1- Appearances of Christ in the Spirit World – YouTube presentation

Now on YouTube – Episode 1 of Appearances of Christ in the Spirit World.

Find out how Christ is the leader of our planet (and others) and how he directs the heavens and the earth for our benefit. Click here.

Perseverance in Goodness – A Tall Order from the Spirit Realm

Perseverance is the secret to a fulfilled life. We all know this, for we learned it as a child, and we have mostly ignored it since. Our culture of rapid gratification – internet pages must load within two seconds – movies must have action before the opening credits – all promote the abandonment of any pursuit that encounters the smallest obstacle or delay. Read More.

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