date of death

Do we all have a set expiration date?

Tomasz Alen KoperaIn the book, Sex and Destiny, by the Spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is an abbreviated discussion about our preplanned death date. The dialogue is as follows;

“Pedro mentioned the theory, defended by some religious thinkers, that holds that the date forsex+destiny the spirit’s discarnation is predetermined, to which Felix replied:

“We shouldn’t totally discredit religious teachings. There are plans and occasions that are foreseen with relative accuracy regarding the death of the physical vehicle; however, the interested parties usually change them, thereby improving or worsening their situation. Time is like the credit that a bank loans or takes away, depending on the acts and attitudes of the debtor. So, we have to remember that the consciousness is free to think and act in both the physical and spirit realms, even if it is chained to the consequences of a blameworthy past.”

And smiling, he concluded;

“Every day is a day to create one’s destiny or reconstruct it since we are all responsible consciousness.” [Sex and Destiny, 2013, pp. 296-297]

7Tenets-Front-smallThere you have it, our deeds, our thoughts and steps forwards and backwards may determine our date to return.

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