There are no such things as eternal Demons or Satan – according to Spiritism

martyrdom-of-st-denisSpiritism reveals to us that we are imperfect souls on a quest to become pure spirits. What many considered bad spirits, demons, or manifestations of the devil are spirits who have not yet learned the true path to goodness. They are ignorant, immature, or rebellious spirits who reject the hard path to perfection required. Read More.

YouTube – There are no Eternal Demons

There are no Eternal Demons. Angels, demons, ghosts, phantoms – they are all us. They are all spirits who are at different levels of spiritual maturity and competency. We all start out as primitive spirits, and by the grace of God, under the direction of Jesus, we are led through many trials in many lives, to ascend. To learn how to become kind and wise personalities. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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