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YouTube – The Thought is the Deed, According to Swedenborg

The Thought is the Deed, According to Swedenborg. Spiritism tells us that when we return to the Spirit Realm, thought is action, but it is also true here. Not literally but our motivation for actions must be evaluated for what we do. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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Want to know the Other Side of the NDE Judgment Experience – Swedenborg tells us

emmanuel-heaven-hellMany people who have had NDE’s report that they are judged in their conduct here on earth. Experiences that are replayed to them in the smallest detail. Swedenborg, who wrote eight books about the spirit world, was a witness to many trials. The article illustrates a few examples. Read More.

offtheLeftEye – A series of videos on Emanuel Swedenborg

emanuel-SwedenborgA reader of our site has sent to me a whole series of YouTube videos on the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg. The videos are located here,

The videos are made possible by the Emanuel Swedenborg foundation.

I hope one day the foundation will discover Spiritism and how Swedenborg paved the path for Allan Kardec.


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