Bring the Family Together One Night per Week

gay-familyA good practice, and one that is encouraged by Spiritism, is to get the family together one night a week, the same night and at the same time, each week. We do, we start out with a prayer, then we use  any of the books on Spiritism and read, taking turns, paragraphs of the section you will study that night. We particularly like the book, Jesus in the Home. Don’t hesitate to stop after an interesting passage and discuss a subject. Going off in tangents is no harm either. With children, let them free associate and wander where the concepts take them. You never know, we have hadJesus-in-the-home-book some of the best laughs during these sessions.

Take at least 30 minutes. Have a family prayer afterwards. It will serve as an introduction to Spiritism for the children and let them know the importance of God in their lives.


Family Problems? There is a Reason

familyproblemsAre you experiencing problems with some of your family and have no reason why? You have tried everything and they still just don’t like you? Or worse, are they are nice to you and you can’t help yourself but to reject them? There is a reason, and as part of your trials on earth, you have been reborn with past adversaries, it may have been a rival, a person who assaulted you, or a myriad of reasons for that indistinct feeling of revulsion.

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The Importance of the Family According to Spiritism

familyThe importance of the family for the Spirit world can’t be overstated. Let’s begin with three passages from Kardec’s The Spirit’s Book;

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

695. Is marriage, that is to say, the permanent union of two beings, contrary to the law of nature?
“It is a progress arrived at by the human race.”
696. What would be the effect, upon human society, of the abolition of marriage?
“A return to the life of the beast.”
775. What would be the effect upon society of the relaxation of family ties?
“A relapse into selfishness” (The Spirits Book, Kardec).

Notice the short answers to the questions, as if they needed no further explanations and the truth was staring at you in the face. Only the first question requires a modifier. The question stated “the permanent union of two beings”, which was the custom and laws of that day (1850’s), whereby divorce was extremely rare. This situation led many couples into years of unhappiness. A further statement in The Spirit’s Book, qualifies it;

940. Is not the lack of sympathy between persons destined to live together also a source of sorrow, and one that is all the more bitter because it poisons an entire existence?
“Very bitter it is, undoubtedly; but it is usually a misfortune of your own causing. In the first place, your laws are at fault; for how can you suppose that those who dislike one another can be intended by God to live together?” (The Spirits Book, Kardec)

According to the Spirit world, not all marriages are perfect unions, since they are the product of people’s free choices and may be one of the many lessons we must learn in our lifetimes. Therefore, people are allowed to withdraw from a bad marriage, but how and when that is accomplished might incur debt which may have to be repaid later.
A successful family is made up of two kindred spirits. According to Spiritism, when spirits reincarnate, they could return as male or female.

202. Does a spirit, when existing in the spirit-world prefer to be incarnated as a man or a woman?

“That point in regard to which a spirit is indifferent, and which is always decided in view of the trials which he has to undergo in his new corporeal life.” (The Spirits Book, Kardec)

gay-familyTherefore, the sexual combination of a couple is not important; what is vital is the affinity of the spirits and their love for each other. A partnership which allows souls that see in each other the possibility to improve themselves beyond what they could achieve alone and to assist their partner in the same quest. In the book Missionaries of the Light, a spirit instructor discusses marriage and love on earth;

Chico Xavier

Chico Xavier

“Love on those lower planes is like gold lost in a large quantity of ore, demanding391041-gay-family great efforts and laborious processes to reveal itself to the experts. But among those humans, who do in fact are proceeding toward their elevation, the sexual union is much different. It entails the sublime exchange of perispiritual energies, symbolizing divine nourishment for the mind and heart, and creative power not only for children of the flesh but also for generous deeds and achievements of the soul for life eternal”(Missionaries of the Light, p. 199).

Learn more about Spiritism and the spirit realms around, above, and below the Earth; read the first of my series of three books – Heaven and Below


Reincarnation – Existing Family Bonds are Strengthen through Multiple Lives

HappyFamilyPeople wonder do we have many families, mothers, fathers, and so on as we travel through multiple lives. How do we manage having a menagerie of relatives while in the spirit world? The answer is we don’t; read on and find out why. Read More.

YouTube – The Importance of the Family – Divine Guidance from High Spirits

The Importance of the Family – Divine Guidance from High Spirits. We all have an important mission on earth, and that is to assist others. The best method to help spirits improve is to have them be part of our family. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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Meet Once a Week to Improve Your Family’s Spiritual Health

familyGet the family together one night a week, the same night and at the same time, each week. Take The Gospel According to Spiritism, or any of the booksthe-gospel-according-to-spiritism on Spiritism and read, taking turns, paragraphs of the section you will study that night. Take at least 30 minutes. Have a family prayer to begin and afterwards. It will serve as an introduction to Spiritism for the children and let them know the importance of God in their lives.

When you select the same time and place, spirits will realize what is occurring and will come to your meetings to assist you. We place water in the middle of the table. The spirits will magnetize it for you and after the meeting we each have a cup.

Jesus-in-the-home-bookA good book for families is Jesus in the Home, it contains small chapters, each with a lesson from Jesus as he talked to his disciples in Peter’s house.

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