The Nature of God – The Intelligence that created Universes and Mankind

regenerativeWorldGod, the Spirituality, the Divine Intelligence, or whatever name you wish to call that which is the be all and end all of everything has always stood outside of our comprehension. Many ask if God exists, then who created God? The answer comes back God is infinite, had no beginning and no end. God is the beginning and end state of everything. Who can really understand that concept? Read More.

YouTube – Who and What is God – According to Spiritism

Learn from Allan Kardec in his codification of messages from spirits, who and what is God. Click here to watch the YouTube video.

Presence of God in the Spirit World

greekgodsWe have a picture in our minds of God, an image of a Zeus-like entity overseeing the heavens. With Jesus at his side reigning over the multitudes of the Celestial Empire. This is what we expect when we pass over. Read More.

Questions we are Incapable of Answering – vlog

Questions we are Incapable of Answering. At our current state as a human on a planet of atonement, we don’t have the capacity to understand many aspects of the spirit realm. Questions such as who and what is God? Even high spirits in the heavens surrounding the earth don’t truly understand God. They tell us that a perfect spirit, such as Jesus, is capable of understanding such a supreme power. It may be difficult, but we should store away such unanswerable questions for a better time, and concentrate on improving ourselves, so one day we shall be able to comprehend the totality of the spirit realm. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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Origin of the Species – We (and animals) are Copies of Life in the Spirit World

SpiritismLife on earth is extremely diverse. So much so that we are still discovering new life in even the most hostile environments. Deep in the ocean, in pools of boiling sulfur water; places where once we would have never expected life to occur.

Many put this down to the quasi-infinite variability caused by natural selection. Life has a way of modifying itself to multiple environments. According to Spiritism, this is partially true … only that many transformations were given a push or directed by the spirit realm is missing from Darwin’s theory.

But if the spirit world guided the creation of many forms of life, where did their model come from? Where did they derive their inspiration? Was everything just thought up and each planet had completely new life forms designed; custom-made for its atmosphere, gravity, and potential life conditions?

On earth we know that very few ideas are sprung from a completely blank slate. There was always something before; always a preceding object or thought which was modified to create a new branch. Most of what we now see, hear, use on a daily basis, was derived from an earlier precedent. First the horse, then the buggy, next a car, later a self-driving car.

Where did life on earth get its inspiration from? What model was used to create us? The answers to these questions is supplied by Zabdiel. He is a spirit who lives on the tenth level of heaven, he came with a group of spirits to reveal fundamental facts about the real universe we reside in.

Zabdiel is the spirit who sent a stream of communications to the Rev. G. Vale Owen from November 3, 1913 to January 8, 1914. All were published in a book, which was first serialized in the English papers in the 1920’s, The Life Beyond the Veil; which is a series of four books. The messages from Zabdiel are found in book two, titled The Highlands of Heaven.

From Zabdiel’s high vantage point, he lives in the tenth level of heaven, he can see the earthHappyDays-screenshot and all of the effort put into our growth by those below him. He is also knowledgeable about the directives from the stages above him. He doesn’t know how many, but he tells us he is very far from knowing how many levels there are above.

From his perch, far up above us, he tells G. Vale Owen, from which we are patterned after:

“I now would tell you somewhat of the inner meaning of what men call the origin of species in animal life. But now, and at once, I would say the term is all too large; for the origin of the different creations in animal life is not found in the realm of matter, but has its genesis in these realms. We have learned here that, when the Universe of systems was moving towards its present form and constitution, those who had charge to watch and work took their counsels from those of higher degree, and on those counsels shaped their own wisdom.”[i]

Zabdiel takes us back to before, or at the very least, the early stages of the Big Bang. When the Divine Laws guiding the physical universe were set in place. High Lords steered the evolution of our universe based upon guidelines established by Higher Lords of Creation. The recommendations were:

“At that time it was seen that in the heavenly spheres there were many diversities both of the forms of life as bodily manifest, and of mind in its working. And it was resolved that the astrology-chart-clockuniverse was meant to reflect the personalities and types of those who were commissioned to carry out the work of its development. To this conclusion they were divinely guided, for when their plan was completed it was given them by revelation to know that the Divine approval was upon it in general kind; but it was not of absolute perfection. Nevertheless, it received the imprimatur of the All Father Who vouchsafed them freedom to work out His will according to their own capacities and powers.”[ii]

Hence we are reflections of the creatures residing in the spirit world. Far from perfect images; there must be limitations and adjustments for many physical parameters. Nevertheless, our frail form is a simulacrum of the High Lord of our universe. From this outline of a plan, all else was spawned:

“Thus arose the different orders and species of animal and vegetable and mineral life, and also of human type and racial character. And these things being initiated, again the Divine Mind pronounced His general approval or, as our Bible has it, He found it to be ‘very good.’

But high as were those who were chief in this matter of creation, yet they were less than the Only Omnipotent and, as the work of ordering the universe was very great, and wide in extent, the imperfections of their work became magnified as they worked out; so that, to a single mind, and one of low degree, as is that of a man, those imperfections loomed vast and great. For it is not competent to one who is so small and undeveloped to be able to see both good and evil equally, but the evil is the easier seen to him, and the good too high and wonderful for him to grasp its meaning and power.”[iii]

Like a child who is given the choice to share or not, invariably chooses to hoard what they have; we too look longer and more lovingly at what is counterproductive to the good. We boy-sleddingdetermine that the short-term gain of easy dollars by nefarious means to be superior to displaying fairness and a sense of honor. We pick the most beautiful and pleasing partner over the steady and most loving. We buy the expensive car to impress over the efficient and cost-effective automobile.

Feeding our selfishness and senses leads to the longer path to ascension. Taking an extended amount of incarnations to learn the difficult lesson of living by the Golden Rule.

Man’s Place in the Universe

Zabdiel tells us the universe wasn’t created for humankind alone. While, we as physical beings are truly in charge of the earth, we only are appointed caretakers of the planet by the grace of the Supreme Being.

Successive societies on earth use terra firma as a college to learn; the levels of concentric spiritual spheres above us, also function as a training ground for less dense and pure souls to ascend. Zabdiel tells us, “According to the innate power of any being, man or angel, so is his environment proportioned and constituted.”[iv]

As stark as the differences in layout, facilities, and curriculum of a kindergarten to a university; so are the levels from earth to above. Show the range of classes, laboratories, and workload to a kindergartener and they will stare with a complete lack of compression of what is ahead of them. But allow that child to slowly work up the ladder from grade to grade and advancement seems natural. So is it with spiritual ascension. The harder you work the more successful you will be.

Zabdiel tells us our attainment is our choice. God has presented the path, it is up for us to take the first and subsequent steps:

“Let men remember this and keep it in mind, and then they will the better appreciate the dower of free will given to them, a gift which no one of all the heavenly hierarchy may take from him. And they would not if they might; for in so doing their material world would be deteriorated in quality, and the less capable of enabling them in their own advancement.

Now, I fear that some who read what I have written will say that hereby man becomesfate-destiny merely the tool of those of higher grade, to do with him what they will for their own advantage. Not so; and for the reason I have just stated – that he is, and ever must remain, a free-willed being.

But more, the one great power which animates those who serve the Father is Love. These are no mere despots of oppression. Power and oppression are correlatives of earth creation. Here power means an issuing forth of love, and the greater the power the greater the love which is sent forth.”[v]

We are truly blessed to live in a spiritual universe so unlike our present creation. Where our preponderance on grabbing temporary pleasures has created an environment dominated by mean-spirited men and women using the majority of us as pawns to achieve their materialistic goals. But, again, we should be grateful, for if we hadn’t been forced to live in such chaos and filth, we wouldn’t realize the how the absence of good twists everything into a dim and shallow existence.

The fight to raise yourself out of this pit is indeed daunting. Knowing that to tend to good and honesty will be met with numerous obstacles makes even beginning the battle intimidating. Zabdiel supplements our courage with the rewards of ascension to wondrous lands and fortifies our defenses with legions of spirit ready to lend a hand and shine a light on the true path. Zabdiel finishes his message with:

“We see more than you do of the awful travail of those who err from this service, and yet we do not despair, because we see also the more clearly the meaning and purpose of it all. And thus seeing, we know that men will one day rejoice as we do when they too shall, each in his own time, ascend to the higher spheres of service and, from this point of vantage, continue his development. In that day he too will use for his training the material we are using, and of which he is a part and portion, when others have taken his place, and he the place of those now lifting him upward.

‘To him that overcometh,’ said the Christ, ‘will I give to sit with Me in My Throne, even as I overcame, and am set down with my Father in His Throne.’”[vi]

Revelation 3:21 now makes perfect sense. Just as Jesus began as a spirit and had to toil up the ladder to become a great Lord, we must perform the same tasks. One day, millions, billions, or trillions of years from now a spirit residing on earth, laboring to hold on to their values and love for all, will have ascended to the level of our present day Christ and lead another planet full of human-like creatures out of the darkness.

The Problem is the SolutionUnderstand the trials you encounter are there for a reason. Learn from hard knocks and use them to hasten your spiritual health. Read my book The Problem is the Solution – 7 Life Complications Sent to Test and Teach You, to determine what debts you are paying and what lessons you must acquire.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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The Effectiveness of Prayer

jesus-sermon-on-the-mount“Whatever you may ask for in prayer, believe you will receive it, and it will be granted to you.” (Mk. 11:24)

There is an explanation of this verse in Allan Kardec’s, The Gospel According to Spiritism, starting on page 386, Chapter XXVII, the EDICEI edition of 2008:

“There are persons who contest the effectiveness of prayer, and they base their argument on the principle that if God knows our needs, it is superfluous to share them. They add further that, since everything in the universe is linked together by external laws, our desires cannot change God’s decrees.

Without any doubt there are natural and immutable laws which God cannot derogate according to one’s caprice; there is a great distance, however, from believing this and believing that all life’s circumstances are subject to fatalism. If such were the case, humans would only be a passive instrument with no free will or initiative. Under such a hypothesis, there would be no other recourse than to bend one’s head under the blow of every event, without seeking to avoid it; no effort would be made to try to avert danger.”

Hence, we must use our free-will to shape events in our favor while keeping in mind the Divine Laws, goldenrulesuch as the Golden Rule. Staying within a harmony of love for all, we are free to fervently pray for assistance and a correct and good outcome to a situation.

Now, the interesting part is that anything we ask for, we will receive it. One must look at this over the arc of an immortal life. One would not grant a fourteen year old boy his own car to drive. He would have to take classes and past tests. His prayer would be granted, but not for years, which would seem to be an eternity for him.

The same section also tells us:

“What God will grant them, if asked with trust, is courage, patience and resignation. What GodbookofTruth will also grant them are the means to extricate themselves from their difficulties with the aid of ideas suggested by good spirits at God’s urging, thus leaving them the merit. God helps those who help themselves.”

Hence, the more we contribute to what we desire, if the goal is worthy, the more help that will be forthcoming. All of this is in harmony with God’s Laws, since using our free-will to successfully complete a trial given to us, by our activity, intelligence, and prayer is encouraged to speed us on our The Problem is the Solutionway to ascend spiritually. After all, the goal of every soul is to one day become a pure spirit, and to assist others along the way.

Learn what trials and tribulations we must suffer through, as part of our learning experience and training to erase any faults we have demonstrated in previous lives, by reading the book, The Problem is the Solution – 7 Trials Sent to Test and Teach You. You will discover that the difficulties that stand in front of us are actually what will improve us. Only by living a life that requires our utmost dedication to survive and even thrive, will we climb the mountain of learning to one day become a pure spirit, who never has to reincarnate on the physical plane again.



The Nature of God – The Intelligence that created Universes and Mankind

regenerativeWorldGod, the Spirituality, the Divine Intelligence, or whatever name you wish to call that which is the be all and end all of everything has always stood outside of our comprehension. Many ask if God exists, then who created God? The answer comes back God is infinite, had no beginning and no end. God is the beginning and end state of everything. Who can really understand that concept?

What is God

The Book of Spirits, codified by Allan Kardec, tells us from the mouth of high spirits, who should know better than us, what is God:

“1. What is God?

“God is the Supreme Intelligence–First Cause of all things.”

2. What is to be understood by infinity?

“That which has neither beginning nor end; the unknown: all that is unknown is infinite.”

3. Can it be said that God is infinity?

“An incomplete definition. Poverty of human speech incompetent to define what transcends human intelligence.”

God is infinite in His perfections, but “infinity” is an abstraction. To say that God is infinity is to substitute the attribute of a thing for the thing itself, and to define something unknown by reference to some other thing equally unknown.”

The question, to our minds, consistently returns to a circular answer, the nature of God is unknowable, because we are incapable of comprehension.  Again, The Spirits Book confirms our limitations, but hints at a future state where we shall begin to realize the place of God within God’s environment:

“10. Can man comprehend the essential nature of God?

“No; he lacks the sense required for comprehending it.”

11. Will man ever become able to comprehend the mystery of the Divinity?

“When his mind shall no longer be obscured by matter, and when, by his perfection, he shall have brought himself nearer to God, we will see and comprehend Him.”

The inferiority of the human faculties renders it impossible for man to comprehend the essential nature of God. In the infancy of the race, man often confounds the Creator with the creature, and attributes to the former the imperfections of the latter. But, in proportion as his moral sense becomes developed, man’s thought penetrates more deeply into the nature of things, and he is able to form to himself a more just and more rational idea of the Divine Being, although his idea of that Being must always be imperfect and incomplete.”

 I concede that I don’t have the capacity, right at this moment in my immortal life, for understanding the concept of the Divine. But, we could infer, via the trajectory of the make-up of ever-increasing levels of  spirits, a bit of the make-up of those close to God.

 Spirit – What is Spirit?

The key is the phrase, “When his mind shall no longer be obscured by matter”. From The Book of Spirits, and ChicoXavierfrom subsequent books by Spiritist mediums channeling spirits, such as Chico Xavier and Yvonne Pereira, we are told lower spirits are made of a ratio of matter and spirit energy, while as spirits move up levels, the ratio of spirit energy over matter increases. Hence, as we ascend we become ever more spirit energy, to one day become pure spirit energy. The usual use is just the word “spirit”, but I add “energy” to denote an unknown form, but which possess power.

I use the word spirit energy as a broad term and not how we define energy, as in electrical charges, etc. I believe that, as yet, we don’t understand the composition of a pure spirit. The only thing I can state with certainty, as per The Spirits Book, is that spirit energy is part of a composition of spirit, matter and universal fluid that make up the universe. We are told that, in fact, matter, is formed of universal fluid. That to give intelligence to matter takes spirit energy and matter together:

 25. Is spirit independent of matter, or is it only one of the properties of matter, as colors are a property of light, and as sound is a property of the air?

“Spirit and matter are distinct from one another; but the union of spirit and matter is necessary to give intelligent activity to matter.”

Spirit – Advances into Pure Thought

This leaves us with the conclusion, that as a spirit advances it becomes a being that is less and less associated with our conception of life and enters into the realm of pure thought. Thought, according to our earthly society is a concept of an idea generated by the physical operation of our brain. The idea of thought living and existing outside of a sequence of electrical discharges in our brain is not considered a reality or a possibility by a vast majority of people.

Nevertheless, thought encapsulated in a system of spirit energy, independent of a living organism, as we know it, is the logical end result.

Hence, the reluctance of many to believe in a higher power, a Divinity which exists outside of our physical realm. But, this is precisely what many religions have presented to us for thousands of years. The concept of mankind, removing itself from the physical to the pure mental state, where physical limitations, such as aging, sickness, are no longer present, is a central theme. Spiritism is no different; it does supply us with more information and a rational basis, but no absolute proof.

Pure Thought – Comes in different forms as a spirit advances

There is one more data point to introduce. In the book, Beyond the Veil, by the Rev. G. Vale Owen, there is a mention of a relatively high spirit at a ceremony where Jesus, in his sublime form, walks down a line of high spirits and affects each spirit he passes differently. Problems which were hard to solve, were suddenly apparent, or other such occurrences, happen to each soul in line. The spirit narrating the scene, mentioned that if he would actually touch Jesus, he would be destroyed, since his spirit and matter, could not directly interact with Jesus’ makeup without drastic consequences.

I take from this story two points. First conjecture; while we are immortal, it may be possible for us to LadderToSkybe obliterated, even in spirit form. Second conjecture; there are forms of spirit (or types of energy, dark matter, or whatever) that are truly incomprehensible to us, down at our elementary level on earth. Therefore, if the form of Jesus is a mystery, for he is no mere angel (or a spirit of a high degree), but is on an even more exalted level than those spirits which have been mentioned in other literature.  Imagine stages of spirits above Jesus and what they must be composed of.

I say stages above Jesus, for it is stated there are other spirits at Jesus’s level and higher, who manage our part of the universe, as mentioned in Spiritist literature, such as On the Road to the Light, by the spirit Emmanuel.

As spirits ascend their ability to focus thoughts to move and/or create matter is enhanced. Therefore, it is not just their intelligence that is increasing, but their very make-up. As a spirit rises, their form also undergoes a transformation of their being which is encased, or is, their intelligence, being, character, groups of thoughts, or will.

At some point in time, a spirit will rise enough to start to comprehend the Supreme Intelligence. To understand something, one must understand sufficient basic concepts to grasp the whole. Therefore, they begin to see the reality (the building blocks) of no beginning and no end, eternity, and infinity.

Analogy of the Power of Pure Thought

Centuries past, the idea of thought causing action would be more along the lines of spells and witchcraft. Incantations that would transform matter or spirit in different material or actions. Rational thinkers rejected that as lacking proof, which makes sense given that whereas, we physical beings on earth, do send out thoughts, the ability to operate on matter to conform to our will is for all purposes non-existent.

Currently, we have daily, if not in increments of microseconds, substantiation of the power of thought. Not our own, but of the will of others upon our lives. This is called software, which depends on two foundations. First an environment, built upon hardware that allows the processing of electrical messages and has physical interfaces to other devices. Second, an Operating System, such as Apple’s IOS, Microsoft Windows and Google’s Android, which serve to regulate, monitor, and enable software code to perform the function that it was intended for.

Earth is but a poor mirror of the spirit realm, therefore, our development and conception of modern computers is but a foreshadowing of what is seemingly the omnipresence power of a high spirit, to send/receive messages, cause action by thought, ability to plug into unseen resources, access information from period of time and space, and move by the speed of thought. Perhaps, by analyzing Explore-Small-front-coverthe working of our personal devices, our smart phones, laptops, the worldwide internet, we can begin to comprehend the superior environment of the spirit world.

To learn more about the spirit world, what it is, what it means to us, read Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

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