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The Doctrine of Guardian Angels – A Spirit Communication from St. Augustine and St. Louis

guardianangel2In the book, The Spiritist Review, Journal of Psychological Studies of 1859, published in 2015 by the US Spiritist Council, there is a communication regarding guardian angels from spirits who signed themselves St. Augustine and St. Louis. Read More.

Angel Visitors to Earth

guardianangel2The spirit Kathleen told the Rev. G Vale Owen about the complications of high spirits, angels, coming to earth:

“It is no light matter, I do assure you, to receive the command ‘Go forth downward.’ For as we proceed earthward, both the brightness of our environment and of our own persons also grow less and less, and by the time we reach the neighborhood of earth we can but with difficulty see about us.” Read More.

The Spirit Realm Concerns Itself with Small Details

astrology-chart-clockBefore I discovered the Doctrine of Spiritism, I believed in God, but I thought of God and Jesus as remote entities. Peering down at us on a periodic basis to check-in on our paltry progress. I considered the situation of the human race to be similar to those first prison colonist sent to Australia, abandoned on a beach and told to fend for themselves as best as they could. Read More.

Angelic Ministry – Helping Discarnates into Heaven

guardian_angelWe, in physical form, on earth, forget the multitude of souls who are trapped in a narrow band on or near the surface. These are spirits who wander the Lower Zone. They haven’t the spiritual fortitude to understand how to ascend to the first level of heaven, where they will be safe and supported. Instead, they are subjected to cruelties and injustices that stretch our imagination. Read More.

Guardian Angels – They Stay with Us in the Spirit World too

Beautiful-Angel-angels-24919961-1024-768Guardian Angels, the mere word conveys a warm feeling to your body; as if your favorite cozy blanket was covering you on a cold day, bringing warmth and comfort. We do in fact have a guardian angel, a mentor who guides us in our path to improvement. Spiritism notifies us that we are always watched, viewed with love and kindness … sometimes from afar and other times very close and intimate. Read More.

The Spirit World Knows What is and What Will Happen to You

Jesus-greatLord The spirit realm is always near, even when your guardian angel may be millions of miles away. They are continually informed of your actions, what you said to others, your thoughts, your feelings. Everything about you is exposed. Your future too. Read More.

We Have Support Above and Around Us

OurDailyBreadIn the book Our Daily Bread, Chapter 76, we are told by the spirit Emmanuel of how we are nurtured and watched:


“Therefore, since we too are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us leave behind everything that hinders. – Paul (Heb. 12:1)

This concept of Paul of Tarsus deserves special consideration by students of the Gospel.

Each human existence is always an invaluable day of struggle – a generous step toward an infinite ascension – and whatever their situation may be, people will always be surrounded by an enormous legion of witnesses. We are not only referring to those who are part of our own family circle, but above all, the friends and benefactors of each individual, who watch over him or her in different situations of life from the lofty realms of higher spirituality.

All over the world, disciples are surrounded by a large cloud of spirit witnesses, who follow their every step, taking note of their attitudes, for no one has come to the earthly experience by chance, without solid reasons based on love or justice.

Generous spirits endorsed the requests of the repentant soul prior to its reincarnation; judges took part in the processes related to it, and friends interceded in the service of assistance, guardian_angelcontributing to organizing the particulars of the redemptive struggle… These friends and guides steadfastly watch over their ward throughout the new task and speak to him or her without words in the innermost reaches of the conscience. Parents and children, husbands and wives, siblings and blood relatives of the world are protagonists of the evolutionary drama, whereas these watchful observers usually remain on the other side of life.

This very day, do as much good as possible for your partners in the struggle, and do not forget those who, full of concern and love, watch over you in spirit.”[i]

7Tenets-Front-smallNothing could be plainer. We are supported by an army of loving spirits. All who have our best interests at heart. While it may not seem so, in the middle of our daily dramas, we have the capacity to grow and make them proud of us by our actions every day.

Learn how to read the signs of help and guidance by reading my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

[i] Xavier, Francisco C., Our Daily Bread, EDICEI, pp. 165-166

An Obstinate Man Learns to Open His Eyes in the Spirit World

reincarnation5Many of us are stubborn in our beliefs. I know I am, I have a tendency to hold on to a concept past the point where facts have refuted it. People like me have a predilection to have inordinate faith in their own decisions and may seem harsh, even when they try to approach situations with love.

I read a story in the book, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section. It was a communication to the Rev G. Vale Owen from his mother in the spirit world. His mother told him about a spirit, a man, who had recently passed over and was wandering in a lower level of heaven.

The lost soul thought he was alone, but in fact his guardian walked behind him. Following him on his journey, the guardian knew the man possessed good traits and strived toward the light, but he had a certain hardness of heart, which precluded him from fully seeing all of the aspects of heaven.

As the man approached a small celestial colony, one of the spirits came over to him to see if he could be of help to the soul with a perplexed look on his face. As the kind assistant walked toward the lost man, the man’s guardian sent him the facts about who was the wanderer he was approaching.

In the message to G. Vale Owen, the spirit who started a conversation with the lost soul is “A” and the man wandering about is “B”. “A” walked up to “B” with a kind expression and began the conversation:

“A. You seem to be not very familiar with this region. Can I help you in any way?

B. I don’t think so, although it is kind of you to offer to do so.

A. Your difficulty is one which we might deal with here, but not so thoroughly as we would like to do.

B. I am afraid you don’t know what that difficulty is.

A. Well, partly, I think. You are perplexed because you have not met any of your friends here, andinspiration wonder why.

B. That is so, certainly.

A. But they have met you.

B. I have not seen them; and I have been wondering where I could find them. It seems so strange. I always thought that our friends were the first to meet us when we pass over, and I cannot understand it at all.

A. But they did meet you.

B. I didn’t see any one I knew.

A. That is quite correct. They met you and you did not know them – would not know them.

B. I don’t understand.

A. What I mean is this. When you came over here you were immediately taken charge of by your friends. But your heart, good in some respects and even enlightened, was hard and blindly obstinate in others. And this is the reason you did not recognize their presence.

B. What is wrong with me, then? Everybody I meet is kind and happy, and yet I don’t seem to be able to join any party, or to find my own proper place. What is wrong with me?

A. The first thing you must learn is that your opinions may not be correct. I’ll tell you one which is at fault, to begin with. This world is not, as you are trying to imagine it, a place where people are all that is good or all that is evil. They are much as they are on earth. Another thing is this: your wife, who came over here some years ago, is in a higher sphere that the one in which you will be placed when you have at length got the correct perspective of things. She was not mentally your equal in the earth life, and is not so now. But you are on a lower plane than she is on general lines and all things considered. That is the second thing you have to accept, and accept ex animo. You do not accept it, as I can see by your face. You will have to do so before you can advance. When you have done so, then you will probably be enabled to communicate with her. At present that is not possible.”[1]

When the kind spirit “A” told “B” that he must accept the fact that he is on a lower plane than his wife and he must take that deep into his heart (i.e. ex animo), he presented to all of us one of the eternal truths of ascending into heaven. It is not how smart, how clever, how quick you are that counts. It is your capacity for empathy, kindness, service toward others, in other words the amount of love you possess in your heart. True love, love which transcends family ties, race, class, or prejudices of any type.

Angels-christ“B” also does not hesitate to present the truth of the matter to “A”. The spirit world loves us, but it doesn’t mean that we are sheltered from harsh realities. The same tone of clearly delineating the facts, without placing blame can be seen in the individual accounts of near death experiences. People have reported their past transgressions are laid bare for them to analyze. Shielding us from the facts only stalls our progress.

“B” thought for a time, and then he said:

“B. Is it vanity, then, that is my fault?

A. Yes; but vanity of a rather difficult kind. In many things you are sweet and humble, and not without love, which is the greatest power of all. But there is a certain hardness in your mind rather than in your heart, which must be softened. You have got into a mental rut, and must get out of it and look farther afield, or you will go about like a blind man who can see – a contradiction and a paradox. There are some things you see clearly enough, and to others you are totally oblivious. Learn that to change your opinions in the face of evidence is not weakness of backsliding, but is the sign of an honest mind. I will tell you this, further; had you heart been as hard as your mind you would not be wandering here in the fields of God’s sunshine, but in darker regions yonder beyond those hills – far beyond them. Now I have explained, as well as I am able, you rather perplexing case, friend. The rest is for another to do.”[2]

“A” then summoned “B”’s guardian. The guardian came to “B”’s side, but “B” didn’t see of feel his presence. “A” took the hand of “B” and asked him if he could now detect anything. “B” wasn’t sure.

“A” asked “B” to feel for the hand of his guardian, which also in his hand. When “B” felt the invisible hand, he immediately burst into tears. “B” had thought about what he was told and when he came into contact with a higher spirit, full of love, he felt the full force of what he knew he wanted to become too.

“A” left “B” alone with his guardian. G. Vale Owen’s mother told us that soon “B” would be able to see and hear his mentor. He had realized his need to be open and flexible. To err on the side on compassion is always preferable to strict rejection imposed by rigid ideals.

Learning to identify the differences between moments where we must be strong and untiring and other periods where we should relax and allow a different path for others is one of the reasons why we are sent to this planet. Our quest isn’t easy, it is full of events that take us unawares. Maintaining a calm head throughout permits us to fully interrogate our conscience for the correct approach to any problem.

The Problem is the SolutionOn earth we are guided to learn that what we have lacked, failed, or have to atone for what we have done in the past. Hence, what we perceive as unfair suffering in our life are actually trials assigned to us for our betterment. Discover how to handle and even thrive during the blackest moments of your life; read The Problem is the Solution – 7 Life Complications Sent to Test and Teach You.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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Helping a Family Stay Together – A Recently Departed Mother Helps her Husband and Children

Angels-christAs we live through challenging trials in life, we often feel abandoned. Life may seem completely hopeless at times. This is how a father with three small children must have felt after his young wife died. Unbeknownst to him, the spirit world knew of his plight. His recently departed wife knew that life without her would be hard. She asked to journey back to the surface of earth to determine how she could assist her beloved mate and children.

I read this story in the book, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section. It was a communication to the Rev G. Vale Owen from his mother in the spirit world. His mother tells him about how a loving spirit sought to keep her family together:

“She was so anxious that at last we took her, and arrived at evening time just as they were all sitting down to supper. The man had just come in from work and he was going to have his meal before putting them to bed. There were two girls, aged about seven and five, and a little boy of two. They all sat round the table in the kitchen, a fairly comfortable room, and the father told the eldest girl to say grace. This is what she said, ‘God provide for us all, and mother, for Christ’s sake. Amen.’”[1]

The spirit mother of the little seven-year old stood next to her and put her hand on her head, to try to communicate with her. Unfortunately, the mother being a new spirit couldn’t get her thoughts across to her child. But after a few moments of silence, the oldest girl spoke to her father, “Dad, do you think mommy knows about us, and Auntie Lizzy?”[2]

Given the pressures of work and trying to raise young children, the father was planning to send the children to their aunt. The father thought for a bit:

“I don’t know,” he replied, “but I think she does, because I have felt very miserable the last few days, as if she was worrying about something; and it might be Auntie Lizzie.”

“Well,” said the child, “then don’t let us go. Mrs. – will look after baby, and I can help when I comespirit home from school, and we shan’t have to go then.”

“Don’t you want to go?” he said.

“I don’t,” answered the child. “Baby and Sissie would go, but I don’t want to.”

“Well, I’ll think about it,” he said. “So don’t worry. I dare say we shall manage all right.”

“And mother will help, and the angels,” persisted the little girl, “because she can speak to them now, and they will help if she asks them.”

Now, the father said nothing more, but we could see his mind, and read it in the thought that if this little child had such faith, he ought to have as much at least, and by and by he made up his mind to try the thing and see how it would work out. For the parting with his children was not to his mind, and he knew he was very glad to find an excuse to keep them.”[3]

The spirits went back to their home in heaven after their sojourn. The mother, new in the spirit world was disheartened. The group which accompanied her told her to have faith. If her daughter and her husband could have faith, then the both of them would combine to form a beacon of light which would attract help.

When the group returned, this is what happened:

regenerativeWorld“On our return we reported all to our Mother Angel, and immediately measures were taken to ensure that the family should not be broken up, and the mother was bidden to strive to progress in order that she should be able to help also. Then a change came over her. She set to work in real earnest, and will soon be allowed to join parties on their journey earthward now and then, and to add her little mite to their stronger service.”[4]

Have faith and good intentions; you will be assisted. The Supreme Intelligence wants all of us to succeed. As we demonstrate our willingness to learn and to stay on the upright course, we shall have invisible hands ensuring our well-being.

We should also derive from this tale of the spirit realm, that when we return to where we our truly ourselves, our spirit selves, we haven’t finished learning and growing. One life on earth is but a small detour within our immortal existence.

We inhabit a physical body to accumulate the lessons we require to improve. Upon shedding that dense encumbrance, we continue our studies. There are schools and colleges where you will learn the truth about the universe and the power of your own mind.

Explore-Small-front-coverLearn more about the spirit world and how it works by reading my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is Predetermined. You will find out that we are all immortal souls who live the vast majority of our time in the spirit world. We are sent to earth to learn and to one day become a pure spirit.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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According to the Spirit world, we can Detect only 1/8th of the World Around Us

In the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, dictated by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, a spirit comments on the capabilities of incarnates;

“Notwithstanding the progress of scientific investigation, ordinary humans can currently perceive only about one eight of the plane where they spend their existence. Sight and hearing, the two doors that could expand their intellectual research, continue to be greatly restricted. For instance, let us consider sunlight, which compress the basic colors that can be seen by corporeal eyes. We are only able to see colors that go from red to violet, and most people see nothing past the last five, which are blue, green, yellow, orange and red – they fail to detect indigo and violet. However, there are other colors in the spectrum that correspond to vibrations that the human eye is incapable of detecting. There are infrared and ultraviolet rays, which the human researcher is able to identify imperfectly but is unable to see visibly.” [Workers of the Life Eternal, Francisco C. Xavier, 2008, p. 197]

This begs the question of what can’t we see? Could we detect other spirits? Could we see the mountains described in the books by Andre Luiz that leads to Nosso Lar?

We are also told that our hearing is extremely limited, able to detect sounds ranging from 16 to 40,000 vibrations per second. Why are we excluded from so much of the universe?

The answer lies in our dense physical bodies. To reincarnate in the physical plane, so we may live to learn, we are subjected different laws, as described by the same spirit who was talking to Andre Luiz;

“We reside in vibratory realms of a different sort, though we shouldn’t be at all surprised. The laws thatworkers-ofpthe-life-eternal govern dense matter – the ones we used to experience down on earth – are not the same ones that preside over the phenomena of the quintessential matter that serves as a basis for our transitory manifestations. Only now have incarnate humans begun to perceive certain problems inherent to the atomic energy present on the denser plane where their personality is temporarily located. As you very well notice, the electric discharges of the ethereal atom in our sphere of action make things possible that are nearly inconceivable to the human mind.” [p. 196]

Hence, our world is restricted, much like a playground for elementary school children is the fenced off area for them to play. We are tied to a world which we think has infinite possibilities, for we know no better, but in actuality, is a carefully crafted campus. A facility that gives the aura of complete freedom, but one which is full of bumper guards and foam boundaries, all designed to encapsulate our existence to our little world.


Now look what I find when I look up the term “ethereal atom”, at the web site:

The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom

Thus, the parallel, ethereal world has the following features:

1) The speed of light is much higher, than in our world, eq.(7);
2) Typical frequencies of elementary particles (photons, electrons, protons, neutrino, etc.,) are much higher than the corresponding ones in our world, eqs.(9), (13), (19);
3) Planck’s constant is much smaller, eq.(8);
4) Masses of elementary particles as well as atoms are much smaller, eq.(10);
5) Elementary charge is the same, eq.(6);
6) The structure of atoms: size, geometry and energy spectrum of atoms are the same as in our world;
7) Ethereal solid, liquid and gaseous matter can be formed from ethereal atoms in the same manner as in our world;
8) Ethereal photons as well as the other ethereal elementary particles are invisible to us because of their high frequencies; this is true also for ethereal atoms and for solid matter built from these atoms.

The last statement should be considered the most carefully because of its great importance. It is based on the assumption that the world has a fully wave nature, and all elementary particles are constructed from photon-like or neutrino-like particles with zero rest mass. In this case, two different wave objects may occupy the same place. They influence each other, leading to an interference picture, only in the case where their frequencies are similar. In the quantum mechanics language the condition for mutual influence of atoms is the appropriate frequencies of the electromagnetic fields carried by the photons which are absorbed and emitted by those atoms.

In ordinary life we feel surrounding things due to electromagnetic interaction between our own atoms (in our eyes, skin, and neurons, for example) and photons emitted by atoms of surrounding bodies. Since our atoms cannot absorb photons emitted by ethereal atoms, the ethereal world is invisible to us.

The second type of interaction we have with surrounding bodies is gravitational. We feel the attraction of the Earth, and most likely the main reason for our need of energy is the necessity to overcome the force of gravitation. It is interesting to note that the evolution of life on Earth can be considered as a history of struggle for food that, in turn, is required for the energy needed to overcome gravitation! All our digestive, blood and respiratory systems are needed to provide energy for muscle systems – again – to overcome gravitation!

In the supposed ethereal world, the gravitational forces are very weak. Actually, the gravitational force between two bodies, is proportional to the product of their masses, m1m2, and in the ethereal world it will be n4 times less than the force between analogous bodies in the our world. For example, if n=100,  It means that living etherians, if they exist, don’t need energy to overcome gravitational attraction.

What would life be like in the ethereal world? We may suppose that etherians have no problems with food because they don’t need nearly as much energy as Earth people. They may possibly receive appropriate chemical energy (mainly for brain and nervous activity) immediately from electromagnetic fields (fluxes of ethereal photons) and neutrino flows. If so, they don’t need digestive and blood systems, nor a respiratory system. They can move very quickly because of the absence of gravitational forces and atmosphere resistance, small mass and high light velocity. So, they have no problems with territory and do not struggle for their existence. At least, not in the same way as in our world.

angel1The website above has no connection with Spiritism. Little do they know they described spirits exactly as Andre Luiz describes his life;

1. No problems with food. Intake is miniscule compared to us.

2. Ability to move quickly

3. Not affected by gravity

4. No need for digestive or respiratory system. I have not seen this directly stated, but given the ability to travel through space and at speed greater that our speed of light, I would think this would be a distinct possibility.

3D-Explore-Small-coverTo learn more about the spirit world, I suggest you read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. I explain the different spheres of the spirit universe and why we are on earth.

In my book, 51 Disclosures from Spiritism – The 3rd Revelation, there are many moreKindle3D astonishing insights into the spirit world and our place within its universe.


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