How we are Guided by Spirits

Book 3 – How We are Guided by Spirits – is now out in Audio Format!

My third in a series of three books all about the Spirit Realm is now available in audio format. Order yours today!


The series of three books I have written; analyzing and expanding the communications from various groups of spirits to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, are for the express purpose of explaining the reality – the organization, the process, the environment, the progression of spirits, the work, the daily life – of Heaven and the realms below to provide for those interested an understanding of why we are on earth, in our present physical form, and what is waiting for us when our dense shell is cast off and we return to the real world…the spirit world.

How We Are Guided by Spirits – Book 3 of Spiritism as Revealed to an Anglican Vicar covers communications that pertain to three main themes:

  1. Guiding humans on earth
  2. Spirit assistance
  3. The future of earth

Book 3 illustrates the ground game of the spirit world. Via the messages of multiple spirits to the Rev. G. Vale Owen we are presented examples of how the spirit realm above us peers down upon their unruly students. The process of tracking and modifying behavior on an individual and a collective basis is revealed. Even the broader direction of human society in the future is posted for all to see.

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