Message from a Spirit – Study and Expand Your Knowledge of the Spirit World

Below is a message from the “Centro Espírita Semente Cristã” (Christian Seed Spiritist Center). It is from the medium Mario Lúcio de Sá Marinho, during a mediums meeting on Jan. 9th, 2020.

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Message received during the meeting of disobsession, held on January 9, 2020, at the Semente Cristã Spiritist Center, through the medium Mario Lúcio de Sá Marinho.

* * *

May Jesus be with everyone, thank God!

May we, united in a single commitment in the task of good, exercise the work of Christ with love and joy in the implantation of good on this Planet. Every time we expand our knowledge, because the non-transferable power of beneficial and grandiose attunement is within us, we fluidly establish the resources that mediumship with love can provide to work.

The spiritist group that cultivates values ​​of knowledge in systematic study and careful observation of the Good News of Christ Jesus, is seeking to obtain greater spirituality and more effective and gradual accompaniment, extending the possibilities of exercising a task of helping the challenges of the spirit, to obtaining more and more divine resources to take advantage of the mediumistic work of exchange, of preciousness, within what Christ teaches us of love for our neighbor as ourselves.

The interest, the condition of persevering pursuit and specializing each day through study in the search for knowledge and responsible experimentation in mediumistic practice is in the hands of each of you so that the team can sustain itself and can progressively conquer and raise each more in obtaining the blessings of God, in favor of the success of doing good through sanctifying mediumship. The favor that each one makes available through the love that is given to the relief service, returns in an invisible but effective and constructive way in the life of those who are understanding themselves as able to serve Jesus in the construction of a balanced Planet, where well-being it will configure the reincarnation process of the future so that the creatures are fraternal and loving.

Rest assured, brothers, that we are interested in you and, more and more when we observe that the light of the desire to understand and know spiritual processes grows. The magnitude of the work of mediumship with Christ is a scientific-philosophical study because mediumship, it is proficient, it needs to be proven and approved through individual dedication and collective dedication, where it manifests itself in the Spiritist House that oozes light and the desire to serve.

God is with everyone, of so many pains and sufferings, but full of hope, where faith is light, bringing us the certainty that with the struggle, perseverance with the application of the Law of love, we will come out victorious before the shadows, that still persist, but are absent as the light intensifies.

Let us stay with the certainty of the friendly presence of the spiritual brothers that each one is to lovingly welcome, opening the mental field so that they can process the sublime message of light and understanding of spiritual knowledge. Everyone has the power, the strength of the transformation that needs to be done. Let us trust, apply the resources already learned and march forward because the light of good is overflowing the atmosphere of the shadows, which still remains on the threshold.

A lot of peace! God with everyone! Jesus in our hearts, as servants of the world that we still are. Much peace my children! May the work be in balance and harmony. Thank God!


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Music from the Heavenly Spheres

Stairway-to-Heaven-ChordsMusic permeates the spheres of heaven. It winds its way down until a crude approximation hits the earth. Whereby, it becomes inspiration for music, tones, cadences, rhythms, notes, melodies, vibrations on strings, and harmonies.

The spirit Kathleen communicated to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, about music. She revealed the origin and the beauty of music to G. Vale Owen on November 12, 1917: Read More.

Artist Leon Bonnat Inspired by a Picture in a Spiritual Community

The Messengers

The Messengers

In the book, The Messengers, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, and inspired by the Spirit Andre Luiz, there is a passage where Andre enters a building and spots a large canvas which depicts the martyrdom of Saint Denis. Saint Denis was an apostle to the Franc world (modern-day area of France), who had been sacrificed during the early years of Christianity.(The Messengers, 2005, p. 77).

Andre Luiz was astounded, he had seen a painting that looked exactly like the one in the building, back on earth. It was created by the famous French painter Leon Bonnat. Andre is told this is a reproduction, then he replies, “As I understand, the original is on display at the Pantheon in Paris.” (The Messengers, 2005, p. 77).

martyrdom-of-st-denisAndre is then told the real story;

“No, my friend. You’re mistaken. Not all the wonderful expressions of art are original creations of incarnate artists. It’s true there are marvelous works of art originated by incarnate humans; however, in the case of this painting, the story is quite different. The painting was idealized and

Self-Portrait of Leon Bonnat

Self-Portrait of Leon Bonnat

created by a Christian artist in a spiritual community closely connected with France. At the end of the last century, the talented painter of Bayonne, Leon Bonnat visited that spiritual community in the spirit realm during his sleep, on a night when he was particularly inspired. He had what any incarnate individual would call a wonderful dream. From the first moment he saw the painting in his dream visit, he was determined to reproduce it. He then produced a copy, which, although it pales when compared to the original, became famous all over the world.”(The Messengers, 2005, p. 77).

Andre’s friend explains to him that creative geniuses on earth are inspired by the Spirit realm. He tells Andre, “Nobody creates without seeing, hearing, fully sensing. The artists of superior mentality do see, hear and sense the high expressions which reflect the path which leads to God.”(The Messengers, 2005, p. 78).

We are communicated to by spirits. They are many times the inspirations that drive us to achieve our BookCover-Reincarnationlofty goals. As long as what we desire is meant to improve our life and the lives of others around us. Learn how our lives are planned and we are assisted by our guardian spirits in the life which we have planned, read the book: The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection. You will find out that we have, with the help of our spiritual superiors, actually create the outline of our life and that we succeed or not depending on the choices we make and the attitudes  we demonstrate as we  encounter one obstacle after another in the course of our life.



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