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Illness Caused from a Past Life – vlog

The Problem is the Solution – Illness. Are some illnesses predestined and other caused by stress and some caused by natural factors? Learn what Spiritism tells us with Brian Foster of nwspiritism.com– from the book “The Problem is the Solution”

To learn more about your current life, read this book – The Problem is the Solution

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My book to teach you how to ascend in your current life, so you next life will be fashioned more to help you with experiences, instead of harsh lessons: How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism

Spiritism on Spotify!

We now have our shows uploaded to Spotify. Click here to listen to nwspiritism.com’s programs on Spotify.

Spiritist Podcast – Now on Spotify

Our first podcast is now loaded onto Spotify. I have upload the first of the Spiritism 101 broadcasts. I will be uploading the episodes from the Sunday and Wednesday night FaceBook Live Streamings, so you can catch the Spiritist discussion on Spotify, or coming soon Apple Podcasts.


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