The Plan of Everything

Spiritism tells us that everything is connected … it’s not meant as a metaphor, but as a fact. We live in a universe that we perceive as being anything but connected. We feel isolated, alone, and abandoned – frequently.

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Why are Our Trials on Earth so Difficult? – vlog

Why are Our Trials on Earth so Difficult? We live on a planet of atonement, where we must learn our lessons from past wrongs we committed. We need to cultivate the attitude to be thankful for the edifying episodes we must live through. I know it’s not easy.  Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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Mediumship has been brought to us for a Purpose

In the RealmsThe spirit realm has given our present time the gift of Mediumship for a purpose. In the book, In the Realms of Mediumship, by Francisco C. Xavier, Aulus, a spirit in charge of a team in which Andre Luiz is a member tells us:

“The mediumistic phenomenon is not new. Only the way it manifests is new because the priesthood of various creeds has been stagnated for many centuries in the displays of outward worship. Most notably, Christianity, which should be thePSYCHIC-readings largest and simplest of the schools of faith, has long been crystallized in the superficiality of its churches. Thus, it was necessary to free its principles for benefits of the world, which nowadays, from a scientific point of view, is bathed in the light of a new era. That is why the planet’s unseen Government decided that mediumship should be brought from the clergy into the public square so that the notion of eternity, through the survival of the soul, would awaken the anesthetized mind of the populace.” [In the Realms of Mediumship, 2011, p. 163]

Hence, the spirit world wishes to send us the information that we are immortal souls who are on a path to perfection. This realization that karma is real and means that no one escapes the damages they have done or doesn’t benefit from the good they have accomplished is most probably the major Explore-Small-front-coverlever that will be used to bring back in balance people’s materialistic tendencies with their spiritual needs.

If you would like to learn more about the Spirit world, why we are here and what is the plan for each of us and the world, please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

The Unspoken Voice from the Divine Plane

Nossa-lar-lectureEmmanuel, in the forward to the book, Between Heaven and Earth, tells us of an unspoken voice that tells all of us:

“The Law is alive and Justice never fails! Let go of evil forever and sow the good each and every day! … Help those around you, thereby helping yourself! Time does not stop and if now you find your ‘yesterday’, do not forget that your

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

‘today’ will be the light or the darkness of your ‘tomorrow’!” [Francisco C. Xavier, 2011, p. 9]

Emmanuel wrote these words before I was born, I am somewhat cross that he didn’t make me remember this as I was preparing to be reincarnated, I could have saved over 50 years of ‘yesterdays’ doing the wrong thing!

Just kidding, I only have myself to blame. I just hope that I can make up for the majority of my previous self-centered existence.

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