You don’t Just Live in a Simulation – But in a Simulation within a Simulation!

We live in a constructed physical universe. We are immature spirits who are on a planet of atonement in order to learn to become mature and civilized spirits. We have been sent here, with a drastically reduced set of senses so we may change our personality and character given the stimuli we have been assigned.

Our normal life is of a spirit. In a land where thought is action. Hence, we are here to learn to control our thoughts – since as we rise in the spirit hierarchy, we shall become powerful spirits. But the spirit world too is an artificial construct, created by God. In it we are immortal, according to our set of permissions, we may roam the galaxies and perform great tasks.

We can see, hear, feel, touch, and smell – the scenery is fantastic and yet familiar. It is set up this way, so we may function at a high level. Still, if we wish we can shed our seemingly physical bodies and explore the data behind it all. Following information as it relates one to the other.

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