Spiritist Mediums Communicate with Spirits – The Bible Says You Should be Wary of That – What You Should Know

Yes, it can be dangerous to talk with spirits if you are not sure of the type or level of spirits that are communicating with you. There are high and Angelic spirits and there are low and ignorant spirits. Spiritism teaches you how to discern between the types of spirits. Why? Because it is important to keep open the lines of communication between the physical world and the spirit realm so we can better learn the lessons provided us here on earth.

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We are all Inspirational Mediums

Allan Kardec in his book The Book of Mediumship tells us that we all are affected by spirits around us.

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How the Spirit World Communicates to Us

human-chip-implantThere is constant communication from the spirit realm to our earthly physical world. We are, for the most part, unaware, but there are people, who have been given certain talents, who have the ability to receive messages from a different dimension. These individuals have been amongst us throughout history, they are called by various names; witches, psychics, medicine women and men, priests, nuns, we shall call them by name given to them by Spiritism; mediums. Read More.

Communications from the Spirit World – Are They Real?

mind-reading2Throughout the ages people have reported messages from the spirit world, the “other side”, as the Druids called it. Are all of these communications just a manifestation of our collective imagination or is there something really out there? I believe there is and there is a growing mound of research that points in that direction. Read More.

Mediums do not start as perfect instruments of Communication – it takes time to learn

PSYCHIC-readingsIn the book, In the Greater World, Andre Luiz was having a discussion about mediums who would say things that were probably from their own mind instead of the spirit who was communicating. Andre’s instructor explained why this could occur, through no fault of either party.

“Thousands of incarnate fellow spirits avoid practicing mediumship. They have become frightened and have retreated from the hurdles of mediumistic initiation because animism has turned into a Cerberus (a three-headed guard dog who guards the entrance to the nether world). What should have been serious and edifying instruction has turned into an oppressive system that obstructs candidates’ pathway to mediumship through the natural progression of learning and application. Absolute precision is requiredIn the Greater World of them, and elementary lessons from nature are disregarded. Positioned in their castles of theories, many of those who get together for the lofty world of communication with our realm habitually turn down workers who would otherwise grow and perfect themselves over time and with effort. They demand pure communication devices, as if spiritual light were an ordinary light bulb. But just as trees do not sprout already producing fruit, any worthwhile faculty requires development. So, mediumship, too, has its evolution, field and course. Students can’t enroll in an upper level  course until they demonstrate efficiency in preparatory courses through years of struggle, effort and discipline; hence our rightful concern about the animistic thesis, which purports to encapsulate all responsibility for spirit-related work in one single individuality; that of the mediumistic instrument. [In the Greater World, 2009, pp 126-127]

Therefore, give people who are learning a break. While I have no mediumistic ability, I can’t image how difficult it would be to discern between the voices in your mind and your own imagination. It’s hard enough for me to tell the difference between my fantasies and reality without extra voices in my head!

Spirit-101-Front-smallFor those of you willing to embark on being a medium, the message is; don’t give up. Ignore the criticisms of armchair generals. It takes time and experience. The spirit world appreciates your effort.

Learn more about Spiritism and what the spirit world expects of you and what you should expect from them. Read my introduction about Spiritism – Spiritism 101 – The Third Revelation.



Notes on a Mediums Meeting – Rio de Janerio – Feb. 1, 2018

The Mediums Book

I was kindly invited to a mediums meeting in a Spiritist Center in Rio de Janeiro on February 1, 2018. My wife and I try to visit the Spiritist Center each time we travel to Rio. The people there are extremely gracious. The Spiritist Centers is a place to hold meetings – lectures about different aspects of Spiritism, gather food for the needy (which there a many in these bad days for the economy in Brazil), and help discarnate and incarnate spirits.

The meeting we were at, was for discarnates, who had problems and/or were lost in the strange world of the spirits after death.

The mediums started the meeting with a prayer, then read various passages from Spiritist literature, then they turned out the bright lights and left one small blue light on.

They assisted many spirits in the two hours during the meeting, so I will touch upon just a few:


One medium was the channel for a man who had recently died. He was in agony and could feel his body decomposing. The consoling medium (the person who will talk to the spirit via the trance medium’s body), tried to explain that he was dead and now he was in the spirit world. This situation happens quite allot, because so many people do not believe in the after life. As I have written before, our minds affect the environment in the spirit universe. Hence, if a person does not believe in God, they expect nothing after death. Therefore, while their spirit lives on, they are still attached to their old body, which is slowly decaying. Higher spirits try to help these people realize the actual facts of their new environment.


A woman medium was channeling a woman spirit who was in extreme agony. She was crying profusely, so much that I couldn’t understand her Portuguese at all, when she talked. But then another woman medium started to channel, and she said, “Hey, what is this crying all about!”

“I don’t want to hear that. I am here for justice! This man was obsessed with me. He killed my husband, who I loved so he could have me. I want a court to try him!”

The consoling medium tried to tell her to pray to Jesus for resolution and help in this case. She told the poor spirit that one day she would be reborn once again to repair what was done to her. She replied in a startled voice, “You mean I can come back, like a cat! This is like voodoo!”

Here is a woman, locked in the Lower Zone, with little or no knowledge of how the spirit universe she lives in really works. This, once again, illustrates, that when we pass over to the other side, we don’t suddenly become good or knowledgeable. We are who we were.

Next, another medium, a man, started to channel. He said, “I love her! I want to be with her!” Then a different consoling medium, told him to let go of his passion, that his feelings weren’t love. He was hurting the object of his desire. He replied, “But I love her so much, I can’t stop!”

The conversation went back and forth for a while, but eventually he said he would think about it and try to be a better person.

After the last spirit was assisted, the spirit mentor of the Spiritist Center, spoke through a medium, thanking everyone for their presence and help in the nights task. After that, each medium talked about their experiences. There were eight mediums at the table. My wife and I sat against the wall, listening.

Spiritist Centers are dedicated to helping everyone.  The Spiritist mediums at the meeting were helping spirits in the Lower Zone. They gave of their time freely. Each medium in the group had to undergo a year of training before they could sit at the table.

For those who are interested in mediumship, you should read the Book of Mediums by Allan Kardec. Attempting to have conversation with spirits is dangerous without training and precautions. In Spiritist Centers, the mediums meetings is held the same night of the week at the same hour, so the room and be protected by the mentor spirits, to insure only spirits who need assistance and are controlled by higher spirits are allowed to be present.

I hope this illustrates a little what goes on during Spiritist Medium’s meeting and how higher spirits attempt to help everyone in need.

I recommend you learn more about the spirit world and our place in it by reading my set of three books from the Rev. G. Vale Owen.



Heaven and Below

Spirits and the Spirit Universe

How we are Guided by Spirits



How Spirits Communicate with Us

mind-reading2On Monday, December 3rd, 1917 at 5:25 p.m. in England, the spirit Kathleen, speaking directly to the mind of a medium said:

“When we come to earth, friend, we say one to another by the way that we are going into the land of mist and twilight, that we may, in the interior world which we find there, shed abroad somewhat of our light and warmth, For, indeed, that these be much needed we are able to sense, even in those far spheres from which we come. You may wonder by what process of chemistry or dynamics this is made possible to us; and, in detail. But we are able to give you a somewhat epitomized account of this affair, and so we will, if it would be of interest to you, and those who shall come to read what we give you.”

Spirit Kathleen told this to the Rev G. Vale Owen in the book Life Beyond the Veil, in The Ministry of Heaven section. Read More.

My Visit to a Spiritist Healing Center – Rio Novo – Brazil – August 2014

Rio-Novo-Healing7Like many others, I am extremely suspicious when I hear of religious healing. I think of naive people receiving faith healing with tragic consequences if they stop taking their medicine, or even worse, never see a doctor. Therefore, I wanted to visit a Spiritist healing center to determine their process and what they actually provide. Read More.

Communications from the Spirit World – Are They Real?

mind-reading2Throughout the ages people have reported messages from the spirit world, the “other side”, as the Druids called it. Are all of these communications just a manifestation of our collective imagination or is there something really out there? I believe there is and there is a growing mound of research that points in that direction. Read More.

Prophecy of the 2020 Election – Why I Believe Kat Kerr’s Prophetic Word –2/1/21

Thoughts about the latest prophecies about Trump and after the Inauguration of Biden on January 20th, 2021. Date written February 1, 2021

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General disclaimer and my point of view:

This is my opinion on the Christian Prophets in their prophecies in the elections of 2016 and 2020 for the United States. I am doing this to examine the data points to how close are we on Earth to the spirit realm. If these people actually have been told of future events.

Spiritism has told us that Earth is a planet of Atonement, where we pay for our past wrongs, that we are commencing the path to become a planet of regeneration, where our lives will be much improved. As part of this transition, more people on Earth will have mediumistic ability and will communicate with the spirit realm.

Again, this is my opinion, and I am not taking any sides in the political spectrum. This is because I have already made known my political philosophy in my book, The 1000 Year March – Toward a Just Society, and for the reason that all events on Earth are relatively unimportant, since we are immortal spirits, who will outlive the sun.

Now for some background, I am a Spiritist and I am convinced that future events are entirely foreseeable. In my own life and in communication with spirits during Spiritist medium meetings, my wife and I have received messages concerning our personal future, which have come to pass. Spiritism tells us that our lives are a set of predetermine experiences, meant to edify us in our quest to become a pure spirit one day. Even though we must live through certain trials and tribulations, we always have our free will to make decisions during or how to analyze the results of those occurrences. Nevertheless, here on our planet of atonement, where we must pay for the wrongs in our past lives, we all must travel through a pre-planned curriculum to lead us in the path to the light.  This also goes for whole nations.

Concerning the future of the United States, according to Spiritism, the US is destined to be the mind of Spiritism, while Brazil is destined to be the heart. Meaning, the passion, the philosophy, and the core messages from the spirit world will travel via Brazil, while the ability to transmit the messages and to actively set up Spiritist centers throughout the world will fall upon the wealth and organization of people in the US.

In messages to my wife and I, spirits have told us that America, who once stood for life, liberty, and justice for all, will return to these roots and cast off the corporate consumerist dictatorship that have shown itself within the last decades. America is meant to facilitate conversation and friendship, not to stifle debate and shut down independent avenues of thought.  After all, the road to believe in Spiritism, is within us, not to be imposed by outside forces.

The Prophecies – Why I Give Kat Kerr Credence About Her Prophecy

I had previously written (Part 2) about the status of the prophecies after the inauguration of Biden on January 20th. In “Part 3”, I shall explain why the words of Kat Kerr have great meaning to me. I am certainly not saying that other prophets are wrong, only that what Kat Kerr has said about heaven, strikes me as directionally correct. Hence, I firmly believe she has been taken by spirits to one of the levels of heaven and has been shown around.

Why do I say this? Because her report coincides with Spiritist literature which has described heaven.

First, I said “directionally correct”, I do not agree with everything she says. One may ask, how can that be? Wouldn’t the spirit realm correct her on any misconception? The answer is no. As an example, the great prophet Edgar Cayce did not believe in reincarnation. Spirits who sent him messages did not try to correct his belief. Only after years of sending messages to other people from spirits, did Edgar finally concede that the church he loved so much was wrong about reincarnation.

Kat Kerr has not said, to my knowledge, that reincarnation is real. Therefore, if her belief is strong, the spirit realm will respect that, and they will let her discover that fact for herself. Kat Kerr has also said she has talked to God. High spirits from the elevated levels of heaven circling the Earth have told us, that even they do not see or yet comprehend God. Again, the spirit realm will not correct her mistake.

Spiritism has reported that the Apostle Paul thought he was talking to Jesus during his travels on Earth. While in fact he was conversing with the spirit Stephen. Stephen was the first Christian martyr who was stoned to death. Hence, spirits allow humans on Earth to believe what they wish to believe as to what spirit is communicating with them. This is a common occurrence, for mediums of high and lower talent. They are often fooled as to who they are speaking with.

Spiritism does not force feed dogma to anyone. Instead, the philosophy is to lay out the knowledge and allow each person to sift through the data to determine if the revelations of the workings and reality of the spirit world is acceptable to them.

What Kat Kerr Said About Heaven that is Collaborated by Spiritist Sources

I do not intend to create an exhaustive list, only to review the highlights of her revelations to us about heaven that have been already exposed by spirits to Spiritist mediums.

One final word, before I lay out the list before you. I believe it is in the tiniest details that great things are sometimes proven. When a person analyzes a situation, it is often the compilation of the small pieces of evidence that explains what has or what will may occur.

Time – Kat explained there is no time in heaven. Others have said this too, but she elaborated in that there is no decay. That flowers and trees could last forever. All true. Things of heaven are created by the minds of spirits. Objects will exist in pristine form for as long as the spirit or spirits desire them to exist.

Order of the Universes – Kat said the spirit universe was created before the physical universe. Again, true. The physical universe is a subset and is part of the spirit universe.

Marriage – Kat talked about marriage. She explained there is not really the concept of marriage in heaven. Meaning that two people are bonded forever. Again true. Spirits may have a soul mate for a very long time and may be married through multiple physical lives. But they are always free to go their own way when one or both are guided into a different direction. Since we have multiple lives, we could have had different wives in successive or in one life. The spirit Andre Luiz met a man in the celestial city in Nosso Lar who was living with his mother and his two previous wives as they were waiting their next incarnation.

Parties or gatherings – Here is a small detail which is very revealing. She said that people had different color hair, skin, gowns, and used precious stones that shined. This has been reported by other spirits to Spiritist mediums. In fact, they said the dresses of the woman may change depending upon their mood. Which is perfectly reasonable, when you know that clothes are just one more object created by the owners will. People also may have different skin tones, depending on what they like or what planet they had had a life on which they had a special fondness for. Lastly, the use of stones is important. Spirits have related that many spirits display stones or gems, which denote which organization they belong to. These precious gems are a badge of honor or an identification for the spirit.

Assignment of certain talents or skills – Kat explained that people are given certain talents that they may use in their job or just personal life, such as painting or dancing. Here Kat is touching upon the boundary of life planning. Again, this is a Spiritist, as well as other religions, concept. Spiritism tells us that our life has a blueprint or a pre-made set of trials that we must go through while on Earth. This is not the same as predestination, since we have or free will to make choices throughout the assigned events that we must journey through.

Mansions – Kat said people have mansions ready for them when they arrive in heaven. This is true for some, for others, they will have a room or home given to them. Those who have incarnated directly from one of the levels of heaven and are now returning to heaven, are most likely to have a house. These houses are not built by physical labor but by the mind. Those wonderful souls who have newly attained the required spiritual attributes to be allowed into heaven, they would not have an abode ready for their occupancy. Again, all this becomes logical when one understands that multiple lives are required for us to become good and loving souls.

Everything in heaven is alive – Kat described that all objects interact and are affected by our presence in heaven. Again, this is true. Spirits have told Spiritist mediums that trees and even walls, or house will change color depending on the spirit that passes by. Once you begin to understand the underlaying concepts of heaven all of this makes perfect sense.

Next 100 years are important – Kat said the next two decades are required to set up the earth for the next one hundred years. This corresponds to the Spiritist predictions that the Earth is moving from a planet of atonement (where we must pay for our past wrongs) to a planet of regeneration, where wars and famine are a thing of the past. Spiritism also have revealed that starting in the year 2000, many advanced spirits are being reincarnated to help the Earth move forward, and that these people will be in important positions around the years 2040 to 2050. Spirits such as Socrates and Buddha are planned to be reincarnated on Earth.

Cars – Kat said they run on beams of light or on tracks. And massive sailboats float upon the oceans of heaven. True again! These are just some of the forms of transportation. Spirits can also travel by thought, you think of a destination and you are there. Not all spirits can do this, therefore there are more common modes of travel. And by the way, the large ocean-going yachts are power by the force of will by a spirit.

Museums in heaven – Kat described a place, a great hall where one could see the Earth being created, our history and our future. Again, this has been reported by other spirits to Spiritist mediums, where they watched a revolving sphere and saw the geological changes to the Earth, the formations of tribes, the stone age, and bronze ages, etc. They were able to peer directly into the villages or cities and see people work and play and what inventions they used.

Earth closer to the spirit realm – Kat said that in the future the Earth will be closer to the spirit realm. Spiritism explains to us, as we on Earth rise, to become better souls, the Earth will respond in kind and also be elevated, so that the Earth, and those of us still residing on it, shall be less dense. Since the spirit world is in a different dimension, made up of ethereal matter, this will put us closer to heaven and communication between people on Earth and spirits will be easier and more frequent.

I could go on, but I believe the evidence presented here is enough for me to draw a conclusion. In my opinion, Kat has travelled to heaven. Therefore, I take her prophetic words very seriously.

This does not mean she is always correct. None of us are. We should not underestimate the difficulty of learning something in a world with time as another dimension and translating that to our inferior sphere.

Heaven has been described as Earth made perfect and that is apt. The effort to be allowed in heaven is worth the reward. In heaven, you shall be immortal, always healthy, never be out of work (if that is what you choose), be surrounded by wonderful and caring friends, and your work shall be your passion. We continue to grow in heaven.

We don’t become angels once we pass from physical life. Instead, we learn more in heaven, plan out our next life (which areas need improvement), and continue to help others in a spirit of love, charity, and fraternity. All this is so that one day you can become a perfected spirit and reside in the highest levels and be able to know and communicate with God.

If you are interested in Spiritism, please read my book “Spiritism 101 – The 3rd Revelation”, it is available in paperback, kindle, and in audio format. You can also download it in PDF for free on my blog at

If you are anxious to further understand heaven, I recommend my book, Heaven and Below, Book 1.

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