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The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection – Free on Kindle starting June 11

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BookCover-ReincarnationYou have lived multiple lives. At times you have been rich, poor, a servant and a slave. Maybe even a King or a Queen, at the least a member of the minor nobility.

Many famous people in the past have believed in reincarnation, such as Thomas Edison and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They both believed in the spirit world and made attempts to communicate with the world beyond.

There is a realm, a universe greater than ours and it is filled with intelligences that we can only wonder at. There are spirits around the earth who are actively helping and guiding us in our planning and during our actual incarnations.

You are interested in this book and in the topic because you know, in your heart that we are not merely chemical elements that dissolve with death. There must be something more, you know this, because of your own intuition, experiences and beliefs.

There are too many unexplained phenomena for there to be nothing after death. How do some people have past life memories? Why do children remember past lives and then lose the ability after a certain age? How can some people know the future? And more importantly, why do you have premonitions that come true? How could you know what could happen with such certainty?

Reincarnation is a tenet in many religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, and is frequently mentioned as parts of varied sects of Christianity and Judaism. It is the concept whereby we have a spirit, in which we retain our central personalities and memories, while in the spirit world, but lose our memories while in a physical form.

This book is here to answer your questions;
1. Why do we reincarnate?
2. How does the process work?
3. How many reincarnations must we have?
4. What memories do we retain from our previous lives?
5. Do we have control over our reincarnations?
6. Why must we suffer?
7. How may I insure my next life is better?
8. How may I progress to being a perfected spirit?

These questions are answered through the Doctrine of Spiritism. When, in the 1850’s, the spirit world determine it was time for the human race to assimilate this knowledge in the hopes it would led us to understand the need to improve our spirituality and to achieve a better balance between our desire for material goods versus our desire to be a better person.

Explore what is your role and where you are in this journey. Determine your place and your future. Find out the reasons for your current tribulations and how to, not only survive your trials, but prosper through them.

Your journey in different bodies at different times in different circumstances is not without a purpose. You began as a primitive soul and through successive lives; you are being molded into a perfect spirit.

The Case for Reincarnation – Your path to perfection

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We Remember our Entire Past in the Womb

truthIn the book, Between Heaven and Earth, there is a passage, where Clarencio, Andre Luiz’s team leader talks about the process of reincarnating while in the womb. Clarencio discusses the difference between discarnation and reincarnation.

He tells Andre:

“The difference between the two processes is that the discarnating soul, even when the deplorable conditions of suffering and inferiority, is advancing to relative liberation, whereas the reincarnating soul is undergoing the process of returning to the webs of dense matter, in

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

spite of being guided by noble objectives of evolution. It is for that reason that, led to organic reconstitution, we relive our entire biological past during the early stages of the fetal organization, albeit quickly. During the reconstruction of the form that will be used while incarnate, each person automatically relives his or her entire past, stopping at the highest configuration that he or she has acquired for his or her endeavor, according to his or her degree of evolution.” [Francisco C. Xavier, Between Heaven and Earth, 2011, p. 185]

Hence, before we are transformed and set off to the college of earth, we once more visit the rights and wrongs we committed. I believe it serves to reinforce our commitment to the plan we helped build to allow our elevation and to set in place the latest and most complete set of the two items we may bring with us; our conscience and instincts.

7Tenets-small3DIf you would like to see how the spirit world guides us during our time on earth, you should read my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. It will provide with the knowledge of how the spirit world loves and cares for us while we are here on earth.

“Spiritism and NDE with Brian Foster” – Interview with Every Day is a Second Chance Blog

Second-chanceI had an interview with Gina Kane who creates the “Every Day is a Second Chance” blog. We discussed a wide range of topics. I hope you find it interesting.

The link is here.

The direct link to her blog is here.


Why we can’t have a memory of our previous lives

familyproblemsIn the book, Between Heaven and Earth, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, a woman, Antonina, asked why we can’t have a living memory of previous lives? Why couldn’t we meet the people we love from other incarnations?

Clarencio, the dispenser of much good advice tells Antonina:

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

“In our present spiritual condition, we don’t know how to orient our desires toward what is best. Our love is still an insignificant fragment of light buried in the darkness of our egoism, like gold hidden in the earth in infinitesimal portions in a huge amount of ore. Just as the fibers of the brain are the last to be consolidated within the physical vehicle in which we incarnate, a complete memory of our past lifetimes is the last altar we set up in the temple of our soul, which on this planet is still in early phases of development. That is why our memories are fragmentary … Yet, from lifetime to lifetime, from ascent to ascent, our memory gradually changes into an imperishable vision on behalf of our immortal spirit.” [Between Heaven and Earth, 2011, p. 57]

There you have it, once again we find out that we here on earth are too immature to be able to be granted the full powers of a spirit. We can protest, but it would be like our kids whining to us, “But I am grown up!”, in a completely childish manner.

There is a way. Sorry to tell you, it involves hard work and the presence to maintain a good and loving attitude throughout all of your trials. A long road, but one with magnificent rewards.

ReincarnationBook-Small-3dTo learn more about how reincarnation works, read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection. It explains how you determined the trials and body you have now so you can come to earth to learn and ascend to a higher spiritual level.



Past Life Entanglements – How the Spirit World Works to Sort Out Our Redemption

relationshipIn an earlier post, I wrote about a judge and how the high spirit in charge of the team that Andre Luiz was a member, worked to convince the judge to release an innocent person. The story is in the book, Liberation, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, and inspired by , Andre Luiz.

To recall, what I wrote before, the judge converses with Andre’s team leader, while the judge is asleep and is in spirit form. Gubio, the team leader, is explaining to the judge that a person helibertação-3d convicted of a crime is innocent and the case should be reopened. The judge had already taken in the defendants daughter, trying to help her, knowing that he should do more to help the poor souls that he daily comes across in his chamber.

The judge agrees to help and Gubio then proceeds to let him know exactly why he should assist Jorge, the innocent man, and his daughter.

“During the last century, you owned a large amount of land and you prided yourself for your position as a master of dozens of slaves. Most of them have reincarnated and make up your group of legal assistants. You owe assistance and care, help and understanding to all of them. However, not all your former slaves fall into the same group with regards to your spirit. Some have stood out in your life drama and are back on your path to make a special impact on you. Jorge, for instance, was one of your slaves, although he was born under the same roof that marked your first cries at birth. He may have been your slave according to earthly codes, but he was your brother according to divine laws, in spite of having been born of a different mother. You never forgave him for such closeness, considered in your home as an insult to the family name, You both became fathers and your son of then and now sexually abused his daughter of then and now, and faced with such bitterness, with utmost scorn for a slave’s sad home, you took condemnable measures that culminated in unspeakable despair for the Jorge of back then, who, aimless and half-crazy, not only took the life of your son, who had invaded his home, but also his own life by committing suicide under dramatic circumstances. However, neither death nor suffering can erase the afflictions of responsibility, which only a renewed opportunity for reconciliation can remedy. Now here you are, once again in the presence of Jorge, whom you have hated needlessly, and the young woman, whom you have promised to look after as your daughter. Work, my volunteer1friend! Take advantage of the years left to you because Alencar (the judge’s son) and your ward will be attracted to the blessings of marriage. Work while you still can. All the good that you do will work on your own behalf, for there is no other pathway to God other than constructive understanding, active goodness and redemptive forgiveness. Jorge, humiliated and disillusioned, has erased his deplorable wrong by having to endure unspeakable moral suffering during a few years of undeserved condemnation and torturous  imprisonment, with widowhood, infirmities and privations of all sorts.” [Liberation, 2013, pp. 177-178]

One can only stand in awe of the analysis and planning to bring all of these souls together at Logisticsjust the right times and in the perfect manner to reconnect the various threads of lives. Then to tie in the prerequisite trials on earth for each individual, 7Tenets-Front-smalldemonstrates the wisdom and power of the spirit world.

Learn more on how to survive and thrive throughout all of your trials on earth and to recognize the assistance given to your by the spirit world by reading my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

A previous life of the spirit Emmanuel

ApillarofIronMost Spiritist know that the spiritual guide for Chico Xavier is Emmanuel. And one of the books psychographed by Chico was the story of Emmanuel when he was a senator in Rome during the time of Christ. In fact, Emmanuel, otherwise known as Publius Lentulus met Jesus and declined to follow him, even though Jesus healed his daughter.

In the book Two Thousand Years Ago, Publius Lentulus has a dream where he is his owntwothousandyearsago grandfather. The grandfather, Publius Cornelius Lentulus, was one of the members of the Cataline conspiracy. The revolt made famous by Cicero’s quelling and his rapid execution of the conspirators.



It was reported by Geraldo Lemos Neto, in one of his lectures, that Taylor Caldwell actually psychographed the book A Pillar of Iron, and it is a faithful representation of the events. One of the characters in the book is Publius Cornelius Lentulus, whom Cicero arrests and has put to death. Pubilius Cornelius Lentulus was a cruel person. He blinded his enemies.

In Emmanuel’s next life, when his is given the opportunity to follow Jesus, he is in turn blinded by his enemies in Palestine. Emmanuel’s subsequent life demonstrates that we can commit great crimes, yet still return and improve upon our past life, while paying for the wrongs of previous lives.

In Emmanuel’s life after he was blinded, he came back as a Greek slave, who was a fervent Christian and died by being mauled by lions in the great Roman Circus.

Therefore, when you think you are living through difficult times, imagine the entire arc of your lives and the really bad events that you must have experienced in your journey of improvement. Be thankful that you have the worst times behind you and are on the right path.

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