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Spiritism 101 – vlog 3 – Level of Spirits

Spiritism 101 with Brian Foster of nwspiritism.com– from the book “Spiritism 101 – The Third Revelation”

The spirits revealed to us the basic facts of our existence:

  1. Your soul is immortal.
  2. You travel through multiple lives as a process to learn to love, be fraternal, and be selfless.
  3. The goal of God is for every spirit to one day be pure.
  4. There is no eternal hell, it is a station for souls who are materialistic and have an excessive love of self.
  5. There are many levels of heaven. Heaven is not a place where we have eternal leisure, but one of on-going work to help others.
  6. Life on earth is like a school. You are assigned events in your life and how you react and behave will determine your spiritual progress.


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How many Spirits are there on and around Earth?

haroldaDutraDiasIn a YouTube video, Haroldo Dutra Dias, says there are approximately 22 billion Spirits, including incarnates and discarnates. The current population on earth is 7.167 billion. Therefore, there are about 2 discarnates to every one of us physically on earth.

I was somewhat surprised at that number; for some reason I had thought the ratio would have been closer to 1:1. Now why would I believe that? Probably because I envisioned a queue of Spirits waiting to be reincarnated and thinking that there would be a constant stream and demand of Spirits wanting to return to earth to improve themselves. But now, given the 2 to 1 ratio, one must think of the number of Spirits who are in the lower zone (Umbra) and the number that are involved in support (much like the ratio of front-line soldiers to the rear support troops).

Next, I would like to know how many Spirits are in the lower zones versus the more elevated souls.

In the video, Haroldo speaks in Portuguese and a translator interprets him in English.

YouTube video

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