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Want to Know the Power of Thought?


thinkingAccording to Spiritism, thought has power, it has consequences. How is this possible? In the book, In the Domain of Mediumship (Life in the Spirit World), inspired by Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there are some explanations.

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We are Our Thoughts – YouTube

We are Our Thoughts – In the spirit realm, thought is action. We determine our appearance, we influence our environment (the Law of Affinity states we are with others similar to ourselves). Our minds are powerful generators of subjective reality. This is why we are on earth, to train to enable our minds, our personality, our character to correctly use the power given to us. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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Hint at our Future Evolution – Our Brains have capacity, that we are not using

mindwavesIn the book, In the Greater World, Andre Luiz is talking about a medium’s frontal lobes and how they are awashed with light to Andre’s spiritual eyes. His mentor tells him something interesting;

“In the frontal lobes, Andre, the physical exteriorization of important perispiritual centers, there are millions of cells waiting for human effort in the area of spiritualization in order to become operative. Not one of the most daring thinkers of humankind from ancient times upIn the Greater World till now has ever managed to use a tenth of them. They are energies of a virgin field, which the soul will gain not only through evolutionary continuity but also through self-education, moral improvement and sublime elevation. My friend, only a living and revealing faith can initiate such an endeavor as an indispensable trailblazing light for individual progress.” [In the Greater World, 2009, p. 140]

KindleCoverThe spirit world doesn’t equip us with facilities without a purpose. My guess is that at some future state of our planet, when we become a regenerative or happy world the power of our minds will be unlocked.

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Swedenborg – It’s not the deed, but the thought that caused it

good-deedSo you did a good deed and now you feel good about yourself. Wait a moment and reflect on why did you perform that action? Swedenborg writes;

“If the thought and intent are good, then the deeds and works are good; but if the thought and intent are evil, then the deeds and works are evil, even though they may look-alike in outward form.” [A Swedenborg Sampler, 2011, section 472, p.47]

If we learn anything from Spiritism, it is that all we have, all we really are, is the sum total of our thoughts and memories from the distant past until this moment. We take nothing else with us, because any material object eventually decays and disappears, while our immortal spirit remains.

Still shaking your head? Swedenborg gives some examples;

“Take for example behaving honestly and fairly with an associate. One person can behaveemanuel-Swedenborg honestly and fairly with someone else in order to seem honest and fair for the sake of self and to gain respect; another person can do the same for the sake of worldly profit; a third for reward and credit; a fourth to curry friendship; a fifth out of fear of the law and loss of reputation and office; a sixth to enlist people in his or her cause, even if it is an evil one; a seventh in order to mislead and others for still other reasons.” [A Swedenborg Sampler, 2011, section 472 (2), p.47]

The only basis of thought that should be the cause of behaving honestly and fairly is the love of what is honest and fair.

My favorite example is when a company engages in a “good deed”. I always ask myself, what politician are they currying favor for now, what demographic are they trying to sell? I shouldn’t be so cynical and I should try to be thankful that anything is done to help others. I do realize there are organizations out there who really have an ingrained culture of performing charitable acts, like Doctors without Borders, and others.

Therefore, always try to follow your moral truths, love what is honest and upright, your good deeds will flow naturally like a sweet spring of water in a desert.

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