The Effectiveness of Prayer

jesus-sermon-on-the-mount“Whatever you may ask for in prayer, believe you will receive it, and it will be granted to you.” (Mk. 11:24)

There is an explanation of this verse in Allan Kardec’s, The Gospel According to Spiritism, starting on page 386, Chapter XXVII, the EDICEI edition of 2008:

“There are persons who contest the effectiveness of prayer, and they base their argument on the principle that if God knows our needs, it is superfluous to share them. They add further that, since everything in the universe is linked together by external laws, our desires cannot change God’s decrees.

Without any doubt there are natural and immutable laws which God cannot derogate according to one’s caprice; there is a great distance, however, from believing this and believing that all life’s circumstances are subject to fatalism. If such were the case, humans would only be a passive instrument with no free will or initiative. Under such a hypothesis, there would be no other recourse than to bend one’s head under the blow of every event, without seeking to avoid it; no effort would be made to try to avert danger.”

Hence, we must use our free-will to shape events in our favor while keeping in mind the Divine Laws, goldenrulesuch as the Golden Rule. Staying within a harmony of love for all, we are free to fervently pray for assistance and a correct and good outcome to a situation.

Now, the interesting part is that anything we ask for, we will receive it. One must look at this over the arc of an immortal life. One would not grant a fourteen year old boy his own car to drive. He would have to take classes and past tests. His prayer would be granted, but not for years, which would seem to be an eternity for him.

The same section also tells us:

“What God will grant them, if asked with trust, is courage, patience and resignation. What GodbookofTruth will also grant them are the means to extricate themselves from their difficulties with the aid of ideas suggested by good spirits at God’s urging, thus leaving them the merit. God helps those who help themselves.”

Hence, the more we contribute to what we desire, if the goal is worthy, the more help that will be forthcoming. All of this is in harmony with God’s Laws, since using our free-will to successfully complete a trial given to us, by our activity, intelligence, and prayer is encouraged to speed us on our The Problem is the Solutionway to ascend spiritually. After all, the goal of every soul is to one day become a pure spirit, and to assist others along the way.

Learn what trials and tribulations we must suffer through, as part of our learning experience and training to erase any faults we have demonstrated in previous lives, by reading the book, The Problem is the Solution – 7 Trials Sent to Test and Teach You. You will discover that the difficulties that stand in front of us are actually what will improve us. Only by living a life that requires our utmost dedication to survive and even thrive, will we climb the mountain of learning to one day become a pure spirit, who never has to reincarnate on the physical plane again.



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