St. Louis tells us about Predestination and what it means – YouTube

Predestination – It means that our life’s path has been pre-ordained. Does this mean we sit idly by and wait for events to wash over us, or do we still strive for our goals? We are told by high spirits, that we should carry on the struggle to learn and to improve ourselves. That the trials presented to us are part of our learning plan – intended to assist in our development. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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Spiritism – Predetermination is like Being a Blind Pilot

HappyDays-screenshotSpiritism, the Third Revelation, brought to us by The Spirit of Truth, as promised by Jesus in the New Testament, tells us that we are born on earth to live through a series of trials. Trials determined by ourselves, in concert with our spirit mentors, to atone for past wrongs and to remove blemishes from our spirit character on our way to become a pure spirit.

While our attitudes and choices within trials are up to us, as dictated by the promise of free-will for all souls, the formation of the obstacles placed in front of us is for the most part static. In rare instances, the details of trials may be altered, but overall, what was written will occur. Read More.

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