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We are Inherently Dependent on Each Other

group-women-prayingWe aren’t just placed on earth in isolation, but to interact with other spirits and incarnates. We have no choice. Even if we lived on a deserted island, there would still be spirits around us, reading our thoughts and supplying us with inspiration. It is meant to be this way; for in this stage of our education we are expected to live amongst the influence of good, bad, and indifferent spirits and other humans. Read More.

The Earth is not meant to be a Safe Space – vlog

The Earth is not meant to be a Safe Space. There is a concept that everyone should be in a safe space all the time, that no unsettling ideas or thoughts should intrude upon a person that they don’t wish to receive. Unfortunately, the Earth is not designed to be that place, according to the Spirit Realm. We are here on a planet of atonement to be exposed to many ideas, good, bad, dangerous, outrageous and others. We are here to learn to filter everything through our conscience and to accept that which is loving and kind and fit for the situation (which may at times seem to be mutually exclusive), but which is the best to help people develop into pure spirits one day.

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Fear of Being Different – Don’t Let Society Silence You

deathofSocratesA minister, of an unspecified religion, passed away. He was assigned a house on the second sphere of heaven. The spirit realm sent a woman to him to discuss why he was unable to speak, what he knew was the truth, to people who needed help with communicating with loved ones who have passed. Instead of assisting those in need he guided them elsewhere, for he was afraid to be exposed to scorn and ridicule from his colleagues. Read More.

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