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Prophecy by Chico – Aliens in our Future? Or Complete Destruction?

DataLimite2019There is a program,  in Portuguese, but it has English subtitles, detailing one of the prophecies for earth by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier. I have translated the pertinent sections for you. It is very interesting.  Read More.

For an update to the prophecy, on YouTube, click this link.

Spirits Tell Us the Hardest Spiritual Battle is Beginning – Fighting Materialism in the West

regenerativeWorldA new stage, a new battle is forming – it is one that will change our culture and have ramifications to our society. At the end of a message from the spirit Kathleen to the Rev. G Vale Owen on November 17, 1917, concerning the difficulties of reaching out to us on earth, Kathleen tells him of the coming challenge: Read More.

We are Inherently Dependent on Each Other

group-women-prayingWe aren’t just placed on earth in isolation, but to interact with other spirits and incarnates. We have no choice. Even if we lived on a deserted island, there would still be spirits around us, reading our thoughts and supplying us with inspiration. It is meant to be this way; for in this stage of our education we are expected to live amongst the influence of good, bad, and indifferent spirits and other humans. Read More.

In My Father’s House there are many Mansions – The Gospel According to Spiritism

Allan Kardec’s the “Gospel According to Spiritism” is an enlightening book. It fully explains what many passages really meant in the New Testament. This book is dives deeper into the foundation of Spiritism, what Jesus was trying to teach the populace of the 1st Century AD, without explicitly stating his thesis, since his ideas would have been too revolutionary to the dominant culture at the time.

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My book to teach you how to ascend in your current life, so you next life will be fashioned more to help you with experiences, instead of harsh lessons: How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism

The Future of Earth

The earth will transition – from a planet of humans paying off debts from previous lives – to a planet of learning and peace. It has all been planned out by the spirit realm. The future is absolutely certain … the timing is not. That is up to us. Read More.

Future of Religion

The future will not only alter our culture and technology, but also religion. That which has been set in stone for thousands of years, whether Hindu, Zoroastrian, Islamic, Christian, Buddhism, or any other type of religion or sect will be modified. The fact that a spirit world exists will reawaken our spirituality. When we know with certainty that we are immortal spirits under the guidance of the spirit world – Everything will change. Read More.

We need to Care for Ourselves and Each Other – message from Spirit Francisco de Menezes Dias da Cruz

“* Message from the Spirit Francisco de Menezes Dias da Cruz. Received on 03/21/2020 by the medium Alexandre Pereira of the Spiritist Council of the State of Rio de Janeiro – CEERJ. *


Every transformation process brings its pains.

Today humanity is facing yet another period of transformation. The elements that make up the planetary system, including the Spiritual World, are in constant activity, due to the pandemic that is taking place.

We know that the consequences of the transformation go beyond the physical, although the carnal vehicle is the most weakened; minds and perispirit are also involved in these factors.

We need, more than ever, to look at man in a broader way, not forgetting that we are more than the physical body.

The mind, contained within each individual on Earth, with their pasts of different experiences, keeps different ways of facing problems and situations.

In fact, many suffer more emotionally than from viral contamination. Some already preconceptions about widespread forms of contagion and determine a frightening method for their end on Earth. Others make farewell plans, in an attitude of desperation, counting the days to the end.

We need to deliver care.

Starting by caring about yourself and each other, with your needs and face the reasons of despair within you. Silencing fears and attitudes of imbalance.

Once you are comfortable, extend the help to the other, with effective words of guidance, comfort and hope, nourishing these spirits as tools of help.

It is the Spiritists today, with that expanded awareness that we speak, with the holistic view of being, that will mitigate the sources, the origins of fears and thoughts of last days, the anguishes of catastrophic destinies.

Remember that great commitment unites us. After all, we are all present here at this moment of events.

Here, we are in constant work and soon we will see the sun shining on our relieved hearts again, for the certainty that the evil is gone and the good has settled.

The new man is not blind to the reality he must face, but he is equipped with courage, selflessness and determination.

Let us build the next day of transformation with our actions today.


Francisco de Menezes Dias da Cruz.”


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The Pandemic will Begin to Dissipate by the end of May – from the spirit Luiz

Psychographed message March 16, 2020. This message was sent via a message board for Spiritist. Where it was psychograph and by whom was not documented. I received this copy on March 21st.  I decided to not publish this message right away because of the lack of documentation about the message and the fact that the spirit Luiz said the virus would dissipate with two months, which would make it the middle to the end of May. Therefore, I determined to wait until the end of May to publish this message, to gauge if the virus is actually well on its way to dissipate. But, a Spiritist from the United States commented on one of my earlier videos about the Pandemic, that his Spiritist group received a similar message. Therefore, I decided to release this communication as soon as possible. Please, understand, that I am still cautious about this message – so we shall see how true it is in a couple of months.

“Psychography 03/16/2020

In health and in sickness, we are always welcomed by the Master and by all light workers.

May peace be made in your home.

The behavior to be followed is that of not exposing yourself unnecessarily.

Within two months, everything that is impure and contaminating in the air will disappear, until it is completely gone.

Some lives will be curtailed. A few will make the journey, because Brazil, South America is not the focus of cleansing spirits committed to morals and compassion.

Old Europe and the Asian continent are saying goodbye to a cycle of darkness and entering a renewing energy that will reach the four corners of the planet.

Keep calm. Everything is already planned by the sidereal teams, which work to raise awareness of humanity and renew the fauna, flora, physics, chemistry, science, energies that until now dominated the Earth.

Pray for yourself, for everyone, for the convalescent Planet.

Think of lilac, silver, pink, green, blue lights illuminating everything that exists.

May the Father in his infinite goodness, forgive and protect us always.


A hug from the brother,


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The Pandemic is moving the Earth toward a Goal – A Message from the spirit Araken

From the Spirit Araken:

Psychographed message Thursday, March 12, 2020, during a mediumistic meeting of the Spiritist Fraternity Sister Scheilla Center by the medium Alessandra Miranda Lima.

“The powerful on Earth are faced with something they cannot control.

It is useless to impose physical barriers to something that goes unnoticed by the eyes.

Suddenly, scientists and leaders from around the world are faced with a virus that they cannot explain, that they cannot stop.

In the invisible eyes of the brothers of light, a spectacle of rare beauty is revealed, changing the world scene, reducing the disagreements among peoples, making men return to their homes, in a habit long abandoned by modern society.

In addition to the fear of death, there is the wonderful experience of spiritual renewal.

Mass disincarnations are part of the current panorama of the terrestrial globe. Whether due to biological causes or natural disasters, the time is ripe for change.

This includes the way of thinking, the way man behaves towards others, towards nature, with everything that surrounds him.

Everyone who is affected, directly or indirectly by this virus, is given the opportunity to change. Be it the habits of life, the concepts about earthly existence, and even about the goodness and the prevalence of God’s will over all things.

Finally, the Earth is traveling through the moment of changing its vibratory pattern to enter the Age of Regeneration. All spirits connected to your orb, whether incarnated or disincarnated, are undergoing significant changes to adapt to the new vibrational pattern.

Let us have faith and courage to face these challenging times, certain that everything happens for the progress and for the good of humanity.


Much peace,


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Waves of Emotion – Call to Action Sent by the Spirit Realm

Have you noticed that groups of people on earth tend to share the same longing, the same urges toward a common goal? The Renaissance was one collective gasp of intellectual freedom from the bounds of the Catholic Church. It seemed to occur organically.

Unbeknownst to humanity, the spirit realm sends out signals – subtle pushes to our minds and emotional state to begin to move us in one direction or another. Read More.

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