Prophecy by Chico Xavier – We are at the Start of a New Beginning

Prophecy by Chico Xavier – We are at the Start of a New Beginning. On July 20th, 1969, man landed on the moon. But in the spirit world it meant something else. That mankind’s technology had outpaced it spiritual progress. Learn what will happen next, after the earth has avoided nuclear war for fifty years.  Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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Prophecy by Chico Xavier – We are at the Start of a New Beginning

Prophecy by Chico Xavier – We are at the Start of a New Beginning. On July 20th, 1969, man landed on the moon. But in the spirit world it meant something else. That mankind’s technology had outpaced it spiritual progress. Learn what will happen next, after the earth has avoided nuclear war for fifty years.  Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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Prophecy of the 2016 and 2020 Elections – Does this Prove We Can Communicate with the Spirit Realm – Part 1 – before January 20th

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By Brian Foster

This is my opinion on the Christian Prophets in their prophecies in the elections of 2016 and 2020 for the United States. I am doing this to examine the data points to how close are we on Earth to the spirit realm. If these people actually have been told of future events.

Spiritism has told us that Earth is a planet of Atonement, where we pay for our past wrongs, that we are commencing the path to become a planet of regeneration, where our lives will be much improved. As part of this transition, more people on Earth will have mediumistic ability and will communicate with the spirit realm.

Again, this is my opinion, and I am not taking any sides in the political spectrum. This is because I have already made known my political philosophy in my book, The 1000 Year March – Toward a Just Society, and for the reason that all events on Earth are relatively unimportant, since we are immortal spirits, who will outlive the sun.

Now for some background, I am a Spiritist and I am convinced that future events are entirely foreseeable. In my own life and in communication with spirits during Spiritist medium meetings, my wife and I have received messages concerning our personal future, which have come to pass. Spiritism tells us that our lives are a set of predetermine experiences, meant to edify us in our quest to become a pure spirit one day. Even though we must live through certain trials and tribulations, we always have our free will to make decisions during or how to analyze the results of those occurrences. Nevertheless, here on our planet of atonement, where we must pay for the wrongs in our past lives, we all must travel through a pre-planned curriculum to lead us in the path to the light.  This also goes for whole nations.

Concerning the future of the United States, according to Spiritism, the US is destined to be the mind of Spiritism, while Brazil is destined to be the heart. Meaning, the passion, the philosophy, and the core messages from the spirit world will travel via Brazil, while the ability to transmit the messages and to actively set up Spiritist centers throughout the world will fall upon the wealth and organization of people in the US.

In messages to my wife and I, spirits have told us that America, who once stood for life, liberty, and justice for all, will return to these roots and cast off the corporate consumerist dictatorship that have shown itself within the last decades. America is meant to facilitate conversation and friendship, not to stifle debate and shut down independent avenues of thought.  After all, the road to believe in Spiritism, is within us, not to be imposed by outside forces.

The Prophecies Concerning the 2016 Election

I first became interested in the Christian prophets during the run-up to the 2016 election. I read about the prophecy by Mark Taylor, the ex-fireman, who brought us word that Trump would be president – for two terms. And other prophecies. But for this survey I will concentrate on the elections.

Searching further I found other Christian prophets, such as Kat Kerr, and Kim Clement, heralding the victory of Trump. During the time, before the election, this outcome was extremely doubtful.

I am sure there may have been others correctly calling out the future, but I am not here to exhaustively list each person and their prediction, or better, their interpretation of the messages they received from the spirit plane. The main point is that few called for this victory against all odds.

In examining the writings and videos of Mark Taylor, Kat Kerr, and Kim Clement, I found them to exhibit telling signs that they have indeed spoken with the other side. Again, in my modesty, I am not placing myself on their level, only expressing my opinion upon the accuracy of their gift.

One of the signs is the language. This is one of the great difficulties of communicating with spirits. They speak very precise, but this preciseness doesn’t always fit the poor selection of words that form in our minds. Hence, invariably we seem to misinterpret many of their statements. I am embarrassed to admit the number of messages we received and thought we knew what they meant, only to find out later what they really were trying to say.  The fault is entirely ours.

Please keep in mind that complex ideas and communications are being transferred from a world in which thought is action and there is no time (they see objects in their entirety – beginning, present, end) to our 3D world in which everything (including our brains) is limited. Nevertheless, a small set of prophets were able to correctly identify the messages from the spirit world.

The other telling point is the use of signs. Where an action will occur only after some event has passed. Since time does not exist in the spirit world as it does in our world, exact dates are hard to pin down for spirits.

I would also like to add, that for the prophets I have seen or read, they did not overtly ask for money or donations. Although opportunities existed, they never urged people to give. Again, this is a sign of a true prophet. If they demand recompense for their services, their physic abilities will fade away. High spirits will not communicate with them.

While these wonderful mediums have to eek out a living in some manner, they certainly weren’t the stereotypical evangelist demanding money from their congregation so they may buy a private jet. On the contrary, they all exhibited humbleness in that their messages were directed through them not from them.

In summary, I do believe that a small group of people in the English-speaking world were gifted with revelations from the spirit realm. If one is looking for proof of a higher power, this is one small data point.

Prophecies Concerning the 2020 Election

In the run-up to the 2020 election, there was a vast widening of people who were predicting a Trump victory. Steve Shultz of Elijah List who hosted many prophets, such as Kat Kerr, Robin D. Bullock, and Dutch Sheets, and the program FlashPoint on the Victory Channel led by Gene Bailey, who also have hosted many prophets, Chris Yoon, and other prophets from other countries, such as Australia and India. All of these people were adamant in their conviction that Trump would win.

Then the election was held, and Trump was not declared the victor.

Yet, of all the prophets I saw or heard, none of them recanted. They all continued to believe that Trump would somehow eventually become President in a consecutive term.

As an example, Kat Kerr told us before the election that Trump would win in a landslide. Then after the election, she said that by landslide, it meant that everything would be exposed. All past corruption and bad actors would be discovered and would have nowhere to hide. To many this sounds like back peddling or making excuses. Not to me. This has the flavor or a person rediscovering what a certain word really meant. People should always keep in mind that a prophet is trying their best, but that correctly relaying what was told to them by superior spirits is a difficult task.

Then January 6th past and the Electors were ratified, declaring Biden as the elected President of the United States. Again, to a person, the prophets said that Trump would still sit as President. These people have kept the faith in the midst of unrelenting pressure. Against all misdirection by the media. The social wave of anger by the seemingly victorious side was quite depressing to see.

One constant theme from most prophets was that the US is in a Red Sea moment, where all hope is lost, all options are closed, and the army of darkness is closing in. As the Jews looked upon the army of the Pharaoh and could only think of impending death, so too are the many who voted for Trump thinking of defeat.

I shall stop my analysis here; the date is January 9th all still seems hopeless for a Trump victory. Stay tuned for Part 2, which I shall write after January 20th when the inauguration for the next President occurs.

Prophecies – Why Does the Spirit World Send Us Visions of the Future

couple-hikeWe all want to know the future. If we had our way we would get a display of the events that will occur to us every day and be secure in our knowledge of the future. But what would happen if on that screen it says at three p.m. you will die today? Your first act would be to change all of your plans, some may lie in bed waiting, and others flee to the farthest ends of the earth. Whatever the case, your normal routine and trajectory would be altered and the sequence of events that would have led to your death would have to change to in order to come to the same end or it could result in a different finish.

This is why we aren’t allowed intimate knowledge of our future. With certainty, people would opt out of the difficult lesson. For example, if I was told the stock I was planning to buy wasn’t goingmedium-crystalball to go up by 100% like I hoped, but in fact would drop by 50%, I wouldn’t buy it. But I would miss the hard experience of learning how to handle monetary loss with dignity that was assigned to me. Not walking into financial disaster would actually be worse than participating in it and deriving the valuable wisdom that I would attain. Wisdom which would assist me in my quest to become a better spirit.

To learn, to improve our character is what earth is all about. We are periodically sent to this rigorous campus, this plant of atonement, where we pay for our past wrongs and are educated in the process. If the spirit world told us the answers to the tests before we started the class, we would learn nothing.

But, like good teachers everywhere, the broad concepts and the consequences of not performing are presented up front. Desired end states are telegraphed, as well as alerting which subjects and assignments are critical.

Prophecies sent by the spirit world are no different. Some are meant to spur us on in search of the promised reward while others are meant as a warning. Each one serves a distinct purpose, which may not be apparent at first.

earth-with-handsFrom the first utterings of medicine men or women in primitive tribes to various religious figures the spirit realm has been in constant communication with the human race. Many messages may be difficult to analyze but all will leave some little nugget of truth. Either as a caution or a carrot to motivate us to work harder, more importantly there is no rule that what is said must occur. It is up to us to either stir ourselves to action or wait passively for the outcome.

Keep in mind; future events previously planned by the spirit world are malleable. While the overall target, such as moving the earth from a planet of atonement to a planet of regeneration is set, the exact method to achieve it is dynamic.

For instance, the great Brazilian medium, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier was originally tasked withChicoXavier producing fifty books of Spiritist literature written by spirits, that number increased as the spirit world gauged the impact and reach of Chico’s books. Chico was also told to lessen his workload in some areas to concentrate on psychographing books. Hence, as factors change the plan is modified. Just like in our world.

Regard prophecies as possibilities given the current trajectory of events at the present time. Heed the warnings and take constructive action to alleviate what may have been done wrong in the past and in no circumstances violate your conscience even if you think it is for the greater good. Don’t worry about apocalyptic predictions, if you have led a good life, you will be fine as you pass over to the other side, no matter what the circumstances are when you died.

You are immortal, leaving the earth is nothing more than packing your bags to go home. All you have to worry about while on earth is to stay focused on improving your spiritual side and Explore-Small-front-coverhelping others. Anything which detracts from that goal are extra bags that should be discarded.

Discover what the spirit world has planned for us in the future and how they guide us to that destination, read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined, in which I have researched Spiritist literature to present to you the answers to your questions about why you are here and where are you and the human race headed toward.

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