Why must you travel through multiple lives? What are you supposed to learn?

What Happens When a Child Dies?

guardian-23Most Spiritist believe that when a child dies, the spirit returns to an adult form, so they may start over. In some of the books by Andre Luiz, there are mentions of places where spirits care for children. One would think this would be a rare occurrence, after all newly formed spirits are first reincarnated upon primitive worlds. There is an explanation to this mystery in the book <em>Between Heaven and Earth</em>, by Francisco C. Xavier, inspired by the spirit Andre Luiz. Andre Luiz is talking to his companions when they are visiting a center for spirit children and as usual, Andre is curious about such centers, he records the following conversation; Read More.

What are the Levels of Inhabited Worlds in the Universe?

renassance-womenIn the book The Gospel According to Spiritism, by Allan Kardec, in Chapter 3, there is an explanation of the different worlds that Spirits will inhabit during their long trek toward purification.

1. Primitive World – Intended for the first incarnations of the human soul. The beings that inhabit them are, to a certain extent, rudimentary. They have the human form but are devoid of any beauty. Their instincts are not tempered by any sentiment of refinement or benevolence, or by any notions of right or wrong. Brute force is the only law. With no industry or inventions, they spend life in conquest of food. Read More.

Reincarnation – To fully develop your body takes the first 7 years of your life

babyIn the book, Missionaries of the Light, inspired by Dr. Andre Luiz, psychographed by Chico Xavier, I read where the process of building your body up for full independence in your new reincarnation takes seven years. From the time of your birth to you seventh birthday, you will have a guardian spirit looking out for you. Constant attendance is the norm for children seven and under.

Andre Luiz’s mentor explains thusly;

“You are aware that the human body has its vegetative activities per se, but you may not yet know that the perispiritual body, which gives form to the cellular elements, is strongly rooted in the blood. In the fetal organization, the blood elements are a gift from the mother’s body. Soon after rebirth, a period of a different assimilation of organic energies takes place, where the reincarnated ‘self’ rehearses the consolidation of its new experiences. In this new cycle of physical life, it is only at age seven that it can begin to preside on its own over the blood formation process, which is the basic element for the equilibrium of the perispiritual body or pre-existent form. Blood, therefore, can be regarded as the divine fluid that underpins our activities on the physical plane, and through its continual flow within the physiological organism, it furnishes us with a symbol of the eternal movement of the sublime energies of the Infinite Creation.” [Missionaries of the Light, pp. 219-220]

I had read the book once before, but I had missed this detail. A child’s body is still forming to its spiritual outline until around seven years of age. Mother’s out there reading this, the cutting of the umbilical cord is just a symbol, your vital energies (love, of course is always there!) still assists your child years after their birth. What was wonderful discovery to behold.

ReincarnationBook-Small-3dIf you wish to learn all about reincarnation and how you life is planned out for you, please read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection. It will answer many questions you have about your life and the lives of those around you.

Reincarnation Stories – Real History of Spirits and their Past Lives

reincarnation10We have a section in our NorthWest Spiritism blog; Reincarnation Stories – where we find histories of past lives from people mentioned in Spiritist’s books. These fascinating short glimpses into the multiple lives of others can help us understand our own trajectory and where decisions in one life can lead to circumstances in another.  Read More.

YouTube – Can Humans Reincarnate into Animals?

Can Humans Reincarnate into Animals? Learn what Spiritism tells us about how we advance from primitive beginnings. Click here to watch the video.

Shonar – A Commanding Spirit in Heaven

The spirit Arnel recounts an amazing story of Shonar – he has been sent to earth many times to reorganize whole nations and territories after wars, deaths, and chaos had reigned supreme. Read More.

YouTube – We Remember Our Entire Past in the Womb – Prelude to Reincarnation

Did you know that we replay the highlights of our past lives while we are gestating in our mother’s womb. We do this for a reason. Click here to watch the video.

Click here to learn more about Reincarnation – read my book – The Case for Reincarnation.


Why Children and Childhood? – The answer from a Spirit

VirginMary-Jesus An anonymous spirit communicated the reason for children and childhood, which appeared in The Spiritist Review magazine of 1859. The magazine was published and edited by Allan Kardec. The message lays out why the time of childhood is important. Read More.

Types of Trials which are not due to Past Wrongs

hardshipsThere are many types of trials that we must experience. Most of our trials on earth are there to pay for our past wrongs, and teach us how the other person felt when we committed the incorrect act, one important point to remember is that besides the trials we are assigned due to our own failings, there are an additional four possible reasons for what we live through here on earth.

1. Random Events
2. Trials that we Request
3. Trials that increase our range of experiences
4. Missions

We may not know what type of lessons we are entertaining at the time, but if we analyze our attitudes and behaviors, we may deduce with high probability the broad category. Let’s start with the most common. Read More

Why you can’t just return to the spirit world

guardian-23In the book by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, Between Heaven and Earth, there are two women who left their bodies while asleep. They experience the freedom and joy of the spirit world and ask why can’t they just die today and be happy? Read More.

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