Here and Hereafter – a book by Leon Denis in pdf

HereAndHereafterA reader of this blog has found Leon Denis’ book, Here and Hereafter, in pdf format.

Here is the link – Here and Hereafter.

I have just started to look at some sections of the book, but one topic, Social Problems, caught my interest. In it, he wrote, about the differences of equity between social classes and the solutions found (in his time at the beginnings of the 1900’s), which are still true today.

“Our institutions may change in form, but they can never rid us of those evils that are inherent in our imperfect nature. The happiness of man does not depend upon political changes, revolutions or any other social modifications. So long as society remains corrupt , even so will its institutions be, no matter how many changes may intervene. The only remedy lies in that moral transformation to which the higher teaching shows us the way. If man would but bestow upon this task a little of that passionate interest which he devotes to politics, if he would only pluck from his heart the root of his ailment, then would social iniquity soon cease to exist.” [Here and Hereafter, Leon Denis, p.161]

Therefore, whatever forms of government that we anticipate would bring us social nirvana, all would fail because of the current level of human nature. Until our base nature changes, whatever form of government comes upon us, it will always degenerate into a corrupt facsimile of itself.

There will always be Managers and Workers – And all should be treated with Respect

managersIn the book, Hail Christ!, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, and inspired by the spirit Emmanuel, which takes place in the years 200-250 AD, a Christian is talking about the need for equal treatment of all people. The listener asks, “How can every person be equal?” The answer given is full of insights as to how the Spiritual Realm operates and how the earth will eventually evolve;

“My son, I’m not referring to equality through violence. That would put the good and the bad, the just and the unjust on the same level. I am alluding to the need for fraternity and civility. I see life as a huge machine, whose living parts – us – should all function harmoniously. Some people are born for tasks that are very different from our own, just as there are those who see the commonworkers pathway differently than we see it. If we are aware of the fact that our spirits live on earth countless times, we change the course of our work from life to life, just as the primary school student of reading and writing ascends, little by little, to the highest degrees of education. Consequently, we cannot see how it would be possible to equalize the classes because it would be impractical. Personal effort and it consequent merit are natural boundaries between souls, here and in the hereafter. Hierarchy will always exist as the inevitable mainstay of order. Each tree produces according to its kind, and each one deserves more of less appreciation according to the quality of its production. We can perhaps achieve the necessary balance in our understanding by replacing the words ‘master’ and ‘slaves’ with ‘overseers’ and ‘workers'”. [Francisco C. Xavier, Hail Christ!, 2012, pp 200-201]

Hence, all souls are on the path to ascend, but all are not on the same level at any one point in time. Therefore, those which have superior experience and knowledge have the duty to lead those who have not yet attained the required degree. Nevertheless, all should be treated with love and respect.

Nossa-lar-lectureNotice how the explanation includes the thought that personal merit exists here and in the hereafter. This telegraphs what we already know about the Spiritual society, that it is led by a meritocracy. Spirits who are in power, are in those positions because they deserve to be.The Spirit world is guided by a Fraternal Socialist order, where all goods are provided by God and directed by his chosen servants for the benefit of all.

Which is unlike here on earth, where there is not a flawless entity in charge, but merely humans who are the politicians that run the governments which proclaim their love for the workers, but merely use their constituents ignorance to grasp onto power and wealth. Or even worse, the leaders are woefully lacking in the knowledge of how to effectively govern and thereby assist to destroy society by squandering hard built resources on impossible dreams. All the while effectively limiting the very classes they profess to love, to miss the opportunity to accumulate the valuable lessons, those appointed as ‘workers’, were put here on earth to learn.

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