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YouTube – Psychometry – How do Objects Retain Visions of Past Occurrences

Psychometry – How do Objects Retain Visions of Past Occurrences? Spiritism supplies the answer, as it does in so many mysterious phenomena. There are no miracles, only occurrences that we don’t understand. Learn how all thoughts and actions are captured by objects. Click here to watch the video.

The most important text in the “Gospel according to Spiritism”

reincarnation1In Ademir Xavier’s blog, Spiritist Knowledge, Ademir has written an article covering what he believes is the vital message in Allan Kardec’s book The Gospel According to Spiritism.

Here is a brief excerpt:

The text below entitled “A Point of View” was written by Kardec and represents a brilliant argumentation summarizing the consequences and the logical implications of survival. Remember, this text was written prior to 1864, well before the foundation of the “Society for Psychical Research” in London by the founding fathers of Psychic Research or the Theosophic movement. This extract of the GAS testifies the deepness of thought Kardec already had in the 3rd quarter of the XIX century as a conclusion of his own psychic research.

The clear and precise idea which can be formed of a future life provides an unshakable faith in what is to come. This faith places enormous consequences upon the moralization of Man because it completely changes the point of view as to how life on Earth is regarded. For those who place themselves by means of thought in the spiritual life, which is undefined, bodily life becomes a mere temporary stay in an ungrateful country. The vicissitudes and tribulations of this life become nothing more than incidents, which can be supported with patience as they are known to be of short duration and will be followed by a more amenable state. Death no longer has terror attached to it; it ceases to be a door opening on to nothingness and becomes a door that opens to liberation, through which the exile enters into a well-blessed mansion, and there finds peace. Knowing that the place where we find ourselves at the moment is only temporary and not definite, makes us pay less attention to the preoccupations of life, resulting in less bitterness and a more peaceful Spirit.

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YouTube – Episode 3 – Knowledge of the Spirit Universe(s)

Learn about the Spirit Universe(s), understand how we are all copies (at some level) of creatures who have inhabited the spirit universe. Click here to see the video.

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