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The Spiritist Universe – More Layered and Complex than you Think

SpiritismThe Spiritist Universe is multidimensional. Not just our usual concept of three dimensions, plus time, but an entire other world, with intelligence that exists side by side with us. Watching and guiding all of our actions. Our science fiction and fantasy universes are nothing compared to the reality as presented in the Doctrine of Spiritism. Read More.

YouTube – Ep. 2 – Knowledge of the Spirit Universe(s)

Learn about why there is diversity in the universe and how planets do have an effect on us. There is a real basis for Astrology. Click here for the YouTube video.

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Questions we are Incapable of Answering – vlog

Questions we are Incapable of Answering. At our current state as a human on a planet of atonement, we don’t have the capacity to understand many aspects of the spirit realm. Questions such as who and what is God? Even high spirits in the heavens surrounding the earth don’t truly understand God. They tell us that a perfect spirit, such as Jesus, is capable of understanding such a supreme power. It may be difficult, but we should store away such unanswerable questions for a better time, and concentrate on improving ourselves, so one day we shall be able to comprehend the totality of the spirit realm. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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